How To Clean Sheepskin Slippers?

If there is one mistake that most owners of sheepskin slippers make, it is to think these slippers are similar to regular slippers. Hence, they took the route of maintaining their sheepskin slippers the wrong way by putting them in a washing machine, which ruined their slippers.

What does this mean?

It means sheepskin slippers can not be washed; else, they won’t last. Meanwhile, this does not imply sheepskin slippers can not be made clean when dirty. There are specific procedures you must take to maintain your sheepskin slippers to last. We will enlighten you on the best ways to maintain your sheep wool slippers without damaging them.

how to clean sheepskin slippers

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How To Clean Sheepskin Slippers?

Cleaning sheepskin slippers is beyond having a neat result but a neat result that does not damage their quality. This, however, does not mean they must be cleaned with special machines.

Tools needed

Cleaning sheepskin slippers does not involve any complicated but simple and easy-to-find tools. The primary tools you need to clean your sheepskin slippers are a sponge or brush designed for suede, wool detergent, and a bucket of cold water. Hence, you should not use any random sponge or brush to maintain the quality of your sheepskin slippers.

Cleaning Your Sheepskin Slippers

Firstly, do not make use of a washing machine to clean your sheepskin slippers to make them last. Instead, they should be washed by hand.

How do you wash your sheepskin slippers by hand?

You will make use of a bucket containing cold water and a wool detergent. The first step in cleaning your sheepskin slippers by hand involves dipping them in the bucket of cold water. Add a spoon of wool detergent to the water, and leave the slippers in the water for at least five minutes (soaking process).

After five minutes, clean the sheepskin slippers with the suede-designed sponge or brush. Once you are done cleaning them with the sponge, rinse them in cold water, wipe the slippers and dry them naturally by placing them in a cool place.

Furthermore, it is, however, not necessary you only clean your sheepskin slippers by hand. You can also make use of sheepskin cleaning sprays that are resistant to water and stain. All you have to do is wipe the slippers with a damp cloth or brush to make your sheepskin slippers look new again.


How To Clean The Inside Of The Sheepskin Slippers?

sheepskin slippers cleaning

It is easier to clean the exterior areas of your sheepskin slippers by hand or by using sheepskin sprays that are water-resistant and stain-resistant.

Meanwhile, it is a different ballgame when it comes to keeping the inside of your sheepskin slippers clean. You will also need to carry out a specific cleaning technique to clean the internal part of your slippers if you are the type that prefers wearing them without socks.

Wearing these sheepskin slippers without socks often makes them packed and dirty. Avoidance to clean them in this condition will prevent the slippers from lasting long. To clean the inside part of your sheepskin slippers without sacrificing their quality, you need to make use of a sheepskin shampoo. But how?

The application of the shampoo to clean the inside of the sheepskin slippers is easier with a soft cloth or fabric. It will allow you to dip your hand inside the slippers with ease and give you access to all the corners of the slippers. Meanwhile, it is advisable to apply only a little shampoo because it will be difficult to rinse the slippers thoroughly.

After applying the shampoo inside the sheepskin slippers with a soft fabric, soak it in water (warm water) for some minutes before rinsing the slippers. It is, however, not easy to remove the entire shampoo; hence, you will need to repeat the process a few times. After the rinsing process, you should air-dry your slippers. You can, however, make use of a hairdryer to speed up the drying process. The hairdryer should be at a distance to forestall the overheating of your sheepskin slippers.


What You Should Note When Cleaning Sheepskin Slippers?

The one thing you should note when cleaning your sheepskin slippers is to avoid using a washing machine to keep them neat. Secondly, you should not sundry slippers and avoid using artificial machines, like heaters, to maintain their quality.


How To Clean Smelly Sheepskin Slippers?

Wearing sheepskin slippers without socks often makes them smell bad. Many people wear their slippers without socks and find it hard to eliminate the smell that comes out of them. If you are in this shoe, you should not worry anymore because there are various techniques designed to deodorize your smelly sheepskin slippers. These techniques will also protect such smells from happening again. These deodorizing techniques include the following:

● The Use Of Baking Soda

Applying baking soda in your sheepskin slippers for twenty-four hours will eliminate the smell your slippers produce. How does this work? Since odor and smell are mostly basic with a high level of pH. Baking soda is also basic; hence, it reduces the pH level of the odor and neutralizes it.

● Using The Mixture Of Baking Soda And Cornflour

It would be best if you vigorously shook this mixture in your sheepskin slippers to ensure it reaches every corner of the slippers to deodorize your slippers effectively.

● Using Charcoal Briquettes

This method functions by absorbing the odor your slippers produce.

● Use Of Alcohol

The rubbing of alcohol on every corner of your sheepskin slippers with a cotton ball is an effective way of deodorizing your slippers. Meanwhile, do not apply too much alcohol to prevent your slippers from having an alcohol smell.

● The Use Of Vinegar

There are a few odors that are of pH value higher than seven and can not be eliminated by using baking soda. The use of vinegar is, however, an excellent option for eliminating this type of odor. All you have to do is boil the vinegar in water and make use of a soft fabric to apply the solution inside your slippers. Once this is done, you will no longer be bothered by the bad smell your slippers had earlier.


Can You Dry Clean Sheepskin Slippers, And How?

Yes! You can dry your sheepskin slippers after cleaning them. Meanwhile, it must be done naturally with cool air rather than exposing them to sunlight to maintain their quality.


How Do You Refresh Sheepskin Slippers?

You may refresh your sheepskin slippers to make them look brand new again by washing them properly. Meanwhile, the most effective way involves the use of stain-resistant and waterproof sprays to wipe the exterior part with a suede sponge or brush.


How To Maintain Sheepskin Slippers?

There are various steps to take to maintain the quality of your sheepskin slippers and make them last longer. These steps include the following:

● The application of a protective coating that is primarily designed for suede to the outer area of your slippers.

● Avoid making use of a strong cleaning agent or detergent to keep your slippers neat.

● Never clean your sheepskin slippers with a washing machine.



Cleaning your sheepskin slippers is beyond keeping them neat but ensuring they maintain their premium quality. To do this, you must follow the various techniques discussed earlier. Finally, cultivate the habit of cleaning your sheepskin slippers to eliminate or prevent them from smelling ultimately.