Best Men’s Slippers for Sore Feet

We all have entered into a new world where we now have to work from home.

When working in your house you do not need shoes or slippers, right? You will find yourself walking bare feet around the house.

Tell you what? Your feet are not used to this kind of living, as a result,-the fat tissue on the feet may diminish at a fast rate.

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causes of sore feet

Continuous walking on hard floors will lead to foot-related problems such as plantar fasciitis, joint pains, and fractures. You need slippers to provide sufficient support and comfort your feet need.

In this article, expect to find out more about:

  • The best slippers for your sore feet
  • Causes of sore feet
  • How to select the best slippers for increased comfort

Do you suffer from sore feet and do not know what pair of slippers to choose? If yes, then this article is meant for you. Keep on reading, pal.


What Are Common Causes of Men’s Sore Feet?

The feet suffer abuse daily when you walk, run, climb, or dance. Foot problems can result from several factors. Diabetes, improper shoes are some of the common causes of sore feet.

– Improper shoes

Wearing shoes that are too narrow or tight will result in great problems for your feet. Blisters form from too much strain and sweating of the feet. Bunions can also develop when too much pressure is applied on the feet from wearing shoes that do not fit.

– Fungal infection

Exposure to fungus when in the gym and public shower where people walk barefoot may result in Athlete’s foot. Putting on shoes that are enclosed will lead to the growth of the fungus since they are known to thrive in damp and warm areas.

– Diabetes

High sugar levels can damage the nerves in the feet causing sore feet. Other factors such as smoking and alcoholism can worsen the damage caused.


Common Feet Sore You May Suffering Now

i. Plantar fasciitis

causes of Plantar fasciitis

This is the main cause of heel pain.

  • Cause

. It is caused by irritation of the plantar fascia on the bottom of the feet. This ligament is responsible for supporting the arches.

  • Features slippers should have

Consider the following features to help alleviate plantar fasciitis:

– Supportive insole

The midsole should support your arches and heels perfectly to make your feet comfortable. Consider purchasing slippers with a removable insole, so that you can replace them with orthotic inserts for maximum comfort.

– Cushioning

Thick padded foam provides sufficient cushioning enough to absorb shock and reduce the pressure applied on the foot.

– Heel caps

The best shoe to help with plantar fasciitis should have heel caps to provide maximum comfort and prevent the plantar fascia ligaments from overstretching.

  • What to avoid

Avoid slippers that lack heel caps, thick cushioning, as these will stretch your ligaments leading to pain that is unnecessary.


ii. Achilles tendonitis

This is an injury on the Achilles tendon. A band that connects the calf muscles at the lower leg to the heel bone.

causes of Achilles tendonitis

  • Causes

It results from an intensive strain of the Achilles tendon. It is common in runners when they increase their running speed and in people who only participate in sports only once a week.

  • Features slippers should have

– Adjustable straps

Slippers should be able to be adjusted to customize fit making you more comfortable to avoid straining the tendons.

– Arch support

Slippers that provide good arch support will help reduce the tension in the Achilles tendon. The shoes should be able to support your heels to reduce pressure on them.

– Flexibility

Flexibility allows you to move around normally with ease without too much pressure on the heels. Rubber slippers are very flexible and provide good cushioning.

  • What to avoid

Avoid those slippers that do not have the aforementioned features.


iii. Arthritis

Arthritis is the swelling and tenderness experienced in the joint areas.

causes of Arthritis

  • Causes

Arthritis is caused by uric acid crystals, which form when there is too much uric acid in the blood. Additionally, other underlying diseases can cause it. It is characterized by swellings, stiffness, pain, and reduced range of motion.

  • Features slippers should have

– Sole

The slippers should be made from a rubber material that is light for extra comfort and cushioned to absorb shock. This helps reduce the pressure exerted on the feet and the resultant pain that arises.

– Cushioned insole

The inner sole ought to be padded with thick foam material for extra cushioning to provide maximum comfort. It should also be able to mold to the contours of your feet. This helps reduce pain in your feet.

– Inner lining

Inners lining should be made with a soft thick material to keep your feet warm and moisture-free for increased comfort.

  • What to avoid

Avoid slippers that are not well cushioned, as this will increase the pain you feel. Also avoid those with rubber soles that have less tread as this might pose a safety risk.


iv. Metatarsalgia/ball of foot pain

This pain occurs in the region just before the toe areas.

causes of Metatarsalgia

  • Causes

It is associated with wearing very tight footwear. Also being in your work boots for long hours will result in this pain. Being overweight also contributes to the ball of foot pain since excessive pressure is applied to the ball of your feet.

  • Features slippers should have

– Adjustable straps

Slippers with adjustable straps play a great role in reducing ball of foot pain. These slippers can be adjusted to fit the shape of your foot to reduce the pressure applied on the ball of the foot.

– Insoles

Consider slippers with removable insoles for you to be able to replace them with orthotic soles to help restore biomechanical balance. This will help support your arches and metatarsal bones.

– Sole

Since the condition arises when pressure is applied to the forefoot areas, having rubber sole slippers will help improve cushioning, provide support, and balance. Additionally, the sole should be completely flat to help distribute pressure evenly throughout the feet.

  • What to avoid

Slippers that are too tight without room for adjustment and non-replaceable insoles should be avoided.


v. Blisters

These are raised fluid-filled pockets. It is a common occurrence that should not raise an alarm.

causes of Blisters

  • Causes

Blisters appear after walking or running for a long time, mostly when the feet become sweaty or are in tight shoes.

  • Features slippers should have

– Material

Materials used in construction slippers should be lightweight and breathable to keep the feet dry throughout.

– Cushioning

Thick padded foam material should be used to construct the midsole to increase the comfort level. Also, they should be fitted with moisture-wicking features to keep the feet dry.

  • What to avoid

Avoid slippers made from thick leather material without adequate thick lining that guarantees moisture absorption.

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Best Men’s Slippers For Sore Feet Review:

1. Best For Plantar Fasciitis: Oofos Recovery Slipper Sandal

cool slipper sandals for heel pain

Wearing these slippers around the house will do your feet a great deal of favor. The foam in Oofos is made using Oofos Recovery Technology. It can absorb more impact than the normal slippers giving your feet the comfort they desire. It assists in reducing strain on the feet, knees, and lower back.

Additionally, it has higher arch support, which may serve well for persons with flat feet. Washing is not much of a hassle as these sandals are machine washable.

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2. Best For Sweaty Feet: Skechers Go Max-Athletic Mesh Breathable Slippers

mens slippers for sore feet

Skechers Go Max-Athletic shoes for men are cheap simple designed shoes, which can be a perfect choice if you are on a tight budget.

The shoe is manufactured from textile material, thus very easy to wash and air-dry. Moreover, it features a synthetic sole making it lightweight and flexible.

Its design is Skecher Performance technology with Goga Max technology insole, thus provides your feet the cushioning it needs.

The midsole and outsole cushioning provide high-level cushioning and support when you walk. The upper mesh fabric is very much breathable. These shoes also feature a padded collar and soft inner lining.

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3. Best For Achilles Tendonitis: isotoner Men’s Zenz Knit Slippers

knit material mens slippers for sore feet

If you are never left behind with the latest technology then Zenz slippers are made for you. These slip-on men’s shoes will offer you the comfort you need.

Their soles are made with Everywear foam technology. The foam used in making this shoe is lightweight hence the shoe feels like wearing socks, but it makes your feet very much comfortable.

These shoes are good for both indoor and outdoor activities. Zenz provides your lifetime arch support.

More so, the sole is waterproof keeping your feet completely dry. Cleaning is easy since they are machine washable.

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4. Best For Metatarsalgia: Orthorfeet Asheville Slippers For Foot Pain Relief

mens slippers for cold weather

This pair is great for people suffering from plantar fasciitis and flat feet problems. They have been designed to make you super comfortable. Its design features a removable insole that can be replaced with an orthotic insole.

The upper part is made from high-quality leather material, thus waterproof. The inner lining is fitted with synthetic wool fabric for extra cushioning and support.

The sole is made from durable rubber, hence it is slip-resistant, waterproof, and has better traction. The shoe comes with a strap to adjust it to fitness.

These shoes are super comfortable and supportive for individuals with diabetic or arthritic feet.

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5. Best For Blister: Deer Stag Slippers

black slippers for sore feet

These men’s slippers have a rubber sole with good traction and a firm grip. It can be used around the house or walking outside to collect your mails.

The upper part is made of soft canvas, hence should not be used around water because they are not waterproof to keep you completely dry.

The buttery faux-shearling inner lining makes your feet feel very comfortable. It makes you feel like you are walking on the clouds.

It has better shock absorption, unlike most slippers, thanks to its S.U.P.R.O Sock technology. Therefore, it provides better cushioning to your heels. The insole can be removed and replaced with your orthotic ones to suffice your needs.

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6. Best For Outdoors: Hanes’s Slippers with Memory Foam For Narrow Feet

mens slippers for outdoor use

These shoes are slip-on closed-back shoes. They will serve you both indoors and outdoors. The slippers boast a thick memory foam and easily mold to the shape of your feet to provide a custom fit for optimum comfort.

Wow… these shoes are made with Hanes Fresh IQ advance odor protection technology. Therefore, your feet will be fresh whenever you decide to use these shoes. Isn’t that great? Their sole is tough enough to provide you sufficient grip to prevent you from slipping whether you are indoor or outdoor.

Hanes machines are machine washable, so you do not have to worry about your shoes getting dirty.

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7. Best For Indoors and Outdoors: Canvas House Slippers with Velvet Lining

comfortable mens slippers for sore feet

This pair is super comfortable with flat feet, plantar fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, and Ball of foot pain. The orthotic insoles feature contoured arch support with a deep heel cap to align the feet to help in reducing foot pain and control foot motion.

They are good pain and stress relievers leaving your feet feeling comfortable. The design is top-notch as its upper part is made using weathered canvas material.

The outsole is made of rubber material with great traction and a firm grip to the ground. You are guaranteed support and stability when using these slippers.

Lastly, the inner lining is a breathable, moisture-wicking velvet material, thus your feet will be dry and fresh all day.

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8. Best For Arthritis: RockDove Warm Two-Tone Slippers

soft memory foam mens slippers

RockDove slippers are made purely from cotton material, thus you are assured of quality feet comfort upon purchase. It is easy to put on these slippers and they have a heel collar to prevent your feet from slipping off.

The upper part is waffle knitted, thus very breathable keeping your feet free from dry and odorless. The memory foam midsole molds the shape of your feet making you very comfortable.

The rubber sole is durable with enough tread to support you whenever you walk, whether on tiles or wooden floors. Caring for your slippers is no hassle since they are machine washable.

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9. Best For Wide Feet: Adidas Alpha Bounce Sports Slippers Sandals

high arch slipper sandals for plantar fasciitis

If you love Adidas products, then the brand has the best slippers for your sore feet. These slippers are mainly made of rubber material.

It is easy to adjust the slippers to give your feet a customized fit as they have three adjustable straps. The footbed offers excellent cushioning and comfort.

The rubber sole provides you superb support, stability, and comfort. To remove dirty from these slippers you can either hand wash or throw them inside a washing machine.

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How to Pick Feet-Friendly Slippers for Men with Sore Feet?

You can find many slippers in the market such that you get confused when it comes to picking the best. Consider these features the next time you go shopping:

mens slippers for sore feet

– Arch support

The slippers need to have proper arch support. Without this, the joints and back suffer from added pressure and strain. This will result in problems such as knee, ankle, and back pain. Lack of arch support also makes you prone to injuries during training.


– Comfortable

Comfort is the number one thing you are looking for, right? The slippers you buy should make you extra comfortable. Consider slippers with thick padded cushioning, thick inner linings, and a durable rubber sole for shock absorption and support.


– Materials

Materials used in construction will dictate the comfort level you experience when wearing your slippers. Soft leather material is breathable and comfortable. Sole should be made of rubber sole as it proves to be the best shock absorber and provides extra cushioning.


– Lightweight

Slippers should be lightweight to allow normal movement around the house. For normal movements consider slippers that are flexible as this reduces the pressure applied on your feet.


– Adjustable

Consider slippers that have adjustable Velcro to accommodate wider feet. You feel very much comfortable when in the right kind of slippers.


Will Acupressure Massage Slippers Help?

Yes, acupressure massage slippers will help relieve foot pains. These slippers target nerve endings and as a result, you will have better blood circulation and relaxed nerves.

Wear acupressure slippers with socks during the first days to let your feet adjust to the amount of pressure being applied. You can begin by wearing them only 5 minutes a day then slowly advance to using them for 15 minutes a day.


How to Relieve Sore Feet For Men in Daily Life?

These simple methods can help you out to relieve sore feet:

– A warm foot bath

This can be just what your feet need to alleviate the pain. Add Epsom salt to the water. This will reduce the sores and swellings on your feet.

– Stretch regularly

Stretching improves blood circulation in the feet, prevents cramping, and promotes flexibility.

– Do walking exercises

This simple task is meant to keep your feet strong and healthy to avoid foot pain.

– Get a foot massage

Acquire the services of a professional to help stretch your feet to make them more healthy.


Do and Don’ts in Daily Life If You Have Sore Feet


  • Wear the correct slippers we have discussed to alleviate sore feet problems. Follow these best practices to keep your feet healthy and free from sores.


  • Avoid walking barefoot as this exerts too much pressure on your feet, which will result in problems. Also, when in public places such as the gym avoid sharing slippers as you might contact the athlete’s foot which is common among folks.
  • Do not use tight shoes, these will not only cause your feet to sweat and release bad odor but also cause blisters.



Now, I believe that you can walk confidently into that store at the end of the street and pick the best men’s slippers to help relieve your feet from sores. These slippers will give you the comfort you have been longing for.