Best Breathable Composite Toe Work Boots For Miliatary and Plantar Fasciitis

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Boots are significantly important in the work environment that involves working with heavy equipment.

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Most comfortable waterproof work boots with composite toe – WOLVERINE Men’s Overpass 6″ Work Boot

The cheap but valuable choice for construction works with durable design – WOLVERINE Men’s I-90 Waterproof Composite-Toe 6″ Boots

Warm composite industrial boots with EVA midsole for cold winters – Carhartt Men’s 6″ Energy CME8355 Industrial Boot

Best choice for tactical and hunting use with waterproof wedge design – KEEN Utility Men’s Cincinnati 6” Tactical Boot

Arch support steel toe boots for women with plantar fasciitis – Skechers Women’s Workshire Peril Pull on Boot

top rated composite toe work boots

You may find inconvenience when wearing non-waterproof boots when working on wet surfaces. You need to get boots that meet safety requirements to help protect your feet.

In this article, you will get to know all the details on the best composite toe boots reviews and the necessary things to consider in picking a suitable one.


Know the Basic Things About Composite Toe Boots Before Start!

1. What is a composite toe on a boot?

A composite toe is that hard bulbous-shaped part in the forefront of a boot. The composite caps are made using various materials such as fiberglass, plastic, carbon fiber, aramid, and Kevlar.

These toe caps are harder than steel toes. Additionally, they do not have the potential to cause harm to your feet. Their function is to protect the feet from heavy falling or rolling objects around your workplace.


2. How strong is a composite toe?

Composite toe is made from mixing different materials. Plastic, kevlar, carbon fiber, and fiberglass are all mixed to form a composite toe.

These materials are molded in such a way that the resultant material is as strong as steel. Composite toe caps have to be thicker and more bulbous for them to pass the same ASTM standards as steel toe caps.

ASTM standards focus on impact and compression. The impact test focuses on what happens to the toecaps when something heavy falls on them. Compression tests on the other hand focus on rolling objects and the potential risk they may cause to your feet. with these on your feet, you are guaranteed maximum safety.


3. How much weight can a composite toe boot withstand?

Composite toe boots can withstand 1.1 tons just like steel toe boots. You still don’t believe it, do you?

An experiment was done to prove that it can withstand this weight. A 4.5 tons truck ran over a composite toecap.

When the truck completely ran over the toecap, it was unturned and remained the same without even a tiny deformity. What other proof do you need? If it could handle a 4.5-ton truck, it can successively handle the heavy materials in your site.


4. Are composite toe boots OSHA-approved?

Before we answer this question, let us tell you about OSHA. This term stands for Occupational Safety And Hazard. The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which covers health standards and footwear safety of employees, is part of OSHA. This body recommends companies or consultants conduct assessments to help define the type of footwear employees have.

OSHA requires all employees to wear only those safety boots they have approved to provide the necessary safety while working.

To answer the question: are composite toe boots OSHA approved? Yes, all the composite toe boots are OSHA-approved, therefore, they are safe.


5. Is a composite toe as good as a steel toe?

Steel toe boots contain a piece of steel as the toecap. This steel helps protect against many hazards in the workplace. Steel toe caps offer more flat protection compared to composite toe caps. Furthermore, they insulate your feet against very heavy objects above the basic safety requirement.

Composite toecaps are metal-free thus have no potential to conduct electricity. Composite toe caps are light when compared to steel toe caps. The materials involved in their construction make it strong enough for the toecap to pass the safety requirements. They are good for use in areas where you have to pass through a metal detector because they do not offset the detectors.

Both composite toe and steel toe boots have their unique characteristics. They have all passed the ASTM test and have been approved to keep your feet safe at all times. The main deciding factor when it comes to choosing between steel or composite toe boots is your place of work.


6. Are composite toe boots warmer and more comfortable?

Since they are made of non-metal materials, these boots are poor conductors of heat. Steel is a good conductor of heat. It tends to lose heat during cold weather leaving your feet feeling a bit cold. Composite boots do not conduct heat. For this reason, you are very much comfortable in composite boots, as they are not affected by ambient temperatures.

Furthermore, composite toe boots are lightweight and have more room, hence more comfortable than steel boots.


What Are Composite Toe Boots Best For?

Composite toe boots are best in several places such as:

best waterproof composite toe work boots

– Hiking

Hiking involves climbing hills and walking for a long time. You need shoes that are comfortable and breathable to prevent your feet from sores and sweat. Composite hiking boot soles are made using EVA technology. Therefore, they can absorb shock and generate extra relaxation.

The non-metallic composite toe cap protects your feet completely when you knock the feet on hard rocks. Additionally, they are laced to hold the feet tightly and support the ankles.


– For construction

Composite boots for working in construction sites are made from leather while the sole is constructed from a durable rubber material. The leather material is waterproof, thus will keep your feet dry. The rubber sole absorbs shock efficiently. Furthermore, the shoe offers better insulation from heat and electricity.


– For snow walking

Snow walking composite toe boots are constructed from superior leather material and covered with waterproof material.

The water-resistant layer makes it possible for you to walk on snow and wet surfaces without fear of your feet becoming wet. Additionally, the composite boot has slip-resistant features to prevent you from falling.

The boots have large treads to increase grip on the icy surface. The boots offer better insulation since they feature temperature ratings, and others include synthetic materials like footbeds to keep the feet warm.


– For combat

These boots are lightweight, durable, and comfortable to offer your feet the best protection while in a combat situation. The sole is made from a superior rubber material, thus it is waterproof and also breathable. This helps keep your feet dry, safe, and comfortable.

They also have large treads to help you maintain stability while on any terrain. The boots offer insulation against cold. They have additional things like a footbed and Thinsulate to help keep your feet warm.


What to Consider in Choosing?

1. Where to use them

  • Hiking

Hiking involves long walks and climbing. You need composite boots that are breathable to prevent your feet from sweating. Comfortable boots with enough room space to allow your feet more space.

Additionally, consider composite boots with soles constructed using EVA technology. These rubber soles absorb shock and make your feet comfortable.


  • For construction

As a construction worker, you should consider boots that are slip-resistant to prevent you from falling. Also, the boots need to be lightweight, with rubber soles that offer the best support, and able to protect your feet against electrical and other injuries that might occur in the construction sites.


  • For concrete

When walking on concrete or standing on concrete for a long time, you need composite boots that are breathable, comfortable with soft inner soles, and waterproof to keep your feet dry. More so, select composite boots that provide your feet maximum protection from injury.


  • For tactical

When in combat you need a pair of shoes that are lightweight, comfortable, and durable. The boots should have waterproof and breathable soles. Your boots should offer the feet maximum protection and keep them dry.


2. What sorts of design do you prefer?

– What color to choose?

The color of the boots depends on the environment which you are going to use. If you are going hiking, consider brown or grey boots as they blend well with the environment. It is necessary to choose a color that you are more comfortable wearing or love.


– Pull-on or side zip style?

Pull-on or zipper boots help you put on and take off your boots with ease. These types of boots are important if you do not like tying laces every time you have to put your boots on. All the options are great. Consider selecting the one that you are more comfortable with.


– Square toe or round toe?

If you are addicted to fashion then square toe should be your best set of boots. Square boots are best for people with irregularly shaped feet. Besides, they are excellent for those with toe swelling problems. Round-toe boots are an excellent choice to use during winter.


– Western or classic?

Whether western or classic, the choice is entirely based on the trend you love. Both of these designs are best depending on the dressing you are going with. Many boots with great classic and modern designs exist in the market now. You alone know what you prefer when it comes to fashion.


3. Is it waterproof for extremely cold weather?

Safety boots are meant to protect your feet. Additionally, they should be able to keep the feet warm during extremely cold weather seasons. They should also be waterproof to keep your feet dry. There are composite boots made from leather material that has a waterproof layer, and soles made from water-resistant rubber.


4. Does it have insulated rubber?

It is in your best interest to buy boots that have rubber soles. Note that not all rubber soles are great insulators against shock. Rubber made using EVA technology is certified as an excellent insulator. Before purchasing check if the rubber sole is made using EVA technology.


5. What brands are the most worth buying?

Many brands exist in the market each having a unique feature on their products. Some of the most common brands are:

composite square toe boots

  • Carhartt

Whether you want hiking boots, construction, or combat boots, you can find the best at Carhartt. If you want reliable boots, look no further than Carhartt boots. These boots rank top of the list as the best brand in the boot industry.

  • Timberland

They are known to produce high-quality, waterproof, and affordable boots for the average citizen. These are the famous yellow boots you see everywhere.

  • Under Armour

Under Armour brand is common in the clothing industry, but it has also ventured into boot manufacture. It produces durable boots with good ankle protection and waterproof features. Their boots are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable with extra padding and classy. They are the best type to wear if you spend too much time in the heat.

  • Ariat

This brand designs its boots for more style than the work environment. They are not meant for waterproof locations. The Ariat brand combines classic style with high-quality materials to make products that stand the test of time. This brand is new in the boot industry and ranked fourth.


6. Most importantly, is it comfortable or not?

Boots should be comfortable on your feet. Your feet should be relaxed while in the boots.

How do you determine if the boots are comfortable?

Well, it is simple. Boots should be:

  • Breathable to keep your feet from sweating
  • The sole should be a good insulator against shock
  • Waterproof to keep the feet dry


7. Do you have special conditions?

Special conditions such as plantar fasciitis and flat feet need a special type of boots for you to be comfortable.

1) Plantar fasciitis

This is inflammation of a band of tissue that connects the heel bones to the toes. Stabbing pain near the heel is a symptom associated with it.

  • What features should the boots have?

Plantar fasciitis boots need special features to protect your heels.

The boots should have:

– Supportive insole

These give your foot the extra support they need. Insole ought to be contoured to match the curves of your foot for them to function effectively.

– Shock absorption

This is necessary as it distributes the pressure to the entire feet alleviating pain from the heels. The boots should provide high-level shock absorption from both the insole and the outer sole.

– Cushioning

This is important since it dictates the comfort level you experience while wearing the boots. With ample cushioning your foot is well protected.

  • What to avoid

Many features can help you alleviate pain and keep your feet healthy. Having the right boots with the aforementioned features will ensure your feet remain comfortable and free from pain whenever you work. Avoid boots that do not have the above features.


2) Flat feet

If you have flat feet, then you must know how hard it is for you to find boots that will properly support the absence of an arch.

  • What features to look for

For flat feet boot consider the following features:

– Arch support

This is the main factor in selecting boots for flat feet. A work boot for flat feet needs to have a footbed or insert that curves upwards. This molds with the foot and absorbs shock when you walk on hard surfaces.

– High insoles

A high insole is made to provide a false footrest and support the center of the foot. Ask for high insoles to help you wear your regular work boots.

– Mid-heel

Mid-sized heels adjust perfectly to provide support to your heels and maintain balance. You do not need flat heels for your already flat feet or high heels as the latter will result in unnecessary pain to your feet.

  • What to avoid

Avoid slip-on boots. Buy boots that have laces. With these, you can easily adjust them for comfort and support.


8. Is it lightweight for long walking?

If you are going for long walks such as hiking, you need boots that are light enough to let you walk without feeling too much pressure on your feet.


Best Composite Toe Boots Reviews

1. Most Comfortable: WOLVERINE Men’s Overpass 6″ Composite Toe Waterproof Work Boot

insulated composite toe boots

For the ultimate combination of comfort and performance, I would recommend the Overpass 6″ Composite Toe Waterproof Work Boot. It features a carbon max toe cap. The toe cap is lightweight and thin for a better fit. What’s more, the toe cap is contoured and designed with motion max technologies. As a result, the boot can bend and flex for maximum performance.

• Durable and waterproof materials

If you need a long-lasting composite toe boot, the Wolverine Work Boot is an ideal option. It is constructed of 100% leather and textile. Because of this, you can get it with an assurance of long-lasting durability. Also, the leather is waterproof while the shoe integrates a breathable membrane. Thus, you can expect your feet to stay cool and dry in all weather conditions.

• Flexible construction

Besides durability, this toe boot features a flexible construction. In particular, the boot highlights a flexible athletic contour welt construction. As a result, it can bend and flex at the essential points for guaranteed comfort.

• Cushioned foot bed

To enhance comfort, this boot has a cushioned foot bed. Besides the cushioned design, the foot bed is removable for easy cleaning.

• Reliable outsole

Finally, a reliable outsole is another plus. The rubber outsole offers excellent resistance to water, abrasion, chemicals, and slipping. Hence, this boot is suitable for use in job sites, especially worksites that pose some harm to the feet.

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2. The Cheap Choice: WOLVERINE Men’s I-90 Waterproof Composite-Toe 6″ Boots For Construction

double h composite toe boots

If you are on a budget but looking for the best composite toe boot, I would recommend the I-90 Composite-Toe 6″ Construction Boot. It is reasonably priced for affordability. Besides that, the boot is durably constructed. It features 100% leather construction for durability. All components of the boot can work simultaneously for comfort and support.

• Comfortable design

Bring comfort and safety closer to the foot after purchasing this construction boot. It adopts an EPX technology. Because of this, it can conserve and return the energy to fight foot fatigue. What’s more, the shoe highlights a footbed with a honeycomb heel. This design enables it to cushion and support the heel to the toe for guaranteed comfort.

• Safe to wear

The I-90 Composite-Toe 6″ Construction Boot is safe to wear. It includes an optional CarbonMax safety toe for guaranteed safety. Adding to that, it includes a slip-resistant outsole. Because of this, you do not have to worry about slipping on wet surfaces.

• Waterproof construction

Besides safety, this boot highlights a waterproof construction. The leather upper is waterproof to protect water from leaking in. Better, the boot integrates a moisture-wicking mesh. The breathable membrane allows moisture and warmth to escape for dry feet all day.

• Durable construction

Lastly, this boot highlights a durable construction. It has a high abrasion TPU SR lug outsole. The outsole is durable, thanks to the ability to last three times longer than traditional rubber. The outsole can stand up to oil, chemicals, water, and heat for guaranteed protection.

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3. For Cold Winter: Carhartt Men’s 6″ Energy Waterproof Composite Toe CME8355 Industrial Boot

waterproof composite toe work boots

Responding to the need for composite toe boots that will get you through your day is the CME8355 Industrial Boot. It adopts an insite technology, enabling it to deliver new levels of comfort. Additionally, there is an EVA midsole that rebounds and absorbs impact for user comfort.

• Rugged and durable

This boot is made of 100% leather. The oil-tanned leather is durable and designed for long-lasting performance. Adding to that, there is a rubber outsole. The outsole provides an excellent grip for reliable performance on all terrains. The rubber sole is resistant to oil and chemicals for user safety.

• Composite safety toe

What’s more, is a composite safety toe. It offers protection against compression hazards and impacts for safety in the Jobsite. The composite toe meets the ASTM F2413-18 standards for guaranteed safety.

• Tetrapod anti-fatigue technology

The CME8355 Industrial Boot adopts a tetrapod anti-fatigue technology. The tetrapod design enables it to disperse compression in different directions without the loss of shape. As a result, you do not have to worry about potential pressure hotspots.

• Waterproof and breathable

Designed to help you maintain cool and dry feet on wet conditions, this shoe highlights a breathable membrane. The membrane allows moisture and warmth to escape to help you maintain dry feet. Better still, the leather construction protects water from leaking to help you maintain dry feet.

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6. Best For Concrete: KEEN Utility Men’s Cincinnati 6” Composite Toe Waterproof Wedge Work Tactical Boot 

lightest composite toe boots

The Cincinnati is an excellent option for a 6” Composite Toe Work Boot. It combines features that enhance safety, performance, and comfort for the best performance. Besides that, the composite toe boots adopt a CleansportNXT technology. This technology enables them to break odor into sweat to eliminate an environment that could encourage growth of bacteria.

• Waterproof and breathable

If you want to maintain dry and comfortable feet, I would recommend that you wear the Cincinnati 6” Composite Toe Work Boot. It features a breathable membrane liner. The liner allows moisture and warmth to escape for cool and dry feet.

• Excellent-traction outsole

What’s more, the boots highlight a rubber outsole. The non-marking outsole can offer excellent resistance to slipping and abrasion. Because of this, you can purchase these boots as one of the best composite toe work boots for use on wet terrain.

• Supportive midsole

Another benefit of the work boots is the supportive midsole. The air-infused PU midsole is lightweight for user comfort. What’s more, there is a dual-density PolyAer PU insole. The insole integrates an aerated pillow-top cushioning for comfortable feet while walking on the jobsite.

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7. Best For Plantar Fasciitis: Skechers Women’s Workshire Peril Pull on Steel Toe Boot

comfortable composite toe boots

From Skechers’ we have the Workshire Peril Steel Toe Boot. If you are looking for a composite toe work boot that is comfortable to wear, it is one of the best options. The work boot features a relaxed fit design. Thus, you can expect it to deliver a roomy and comfortable fit.

• High-quality leather construction

This boot is constructed using durable materials. In particular, it features 100% leather to assure you of long-lasting and reliable performance. Better, the leather material doesn’t leak in water to help you maintain dry feet.

• Rubber outsole

Besides the leather construction, this boot features a rubber outsole. The outsole highlights a lug traction so that it can provide a reliable grip on wet surfaces. Better still, the rubber outsole is durable and oil-resistant for long-lasting durability and user safety.

• Customizable fit

This boot highlights a traditional lace-up closure design. The closure features sturdy metal eyelets for durability. Adopting the lace-up closure design, you can adjust the fit accordingly, and rest assured of keeping the boots in your feet despite the terrain.

• Cushioned footbed

Lastly, this boot integrates a gel-infused footbed. The footbed features memory foam cushioning to ensure that your feet are cushioned with every step that is taken. And for easy maintenance, you can remove the footbed for effortless cleaning.

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8. Best For Flat Feet: New Balance Men’s Composite Toe 989 V1 Industrial Shoe

composite steel toe boots

The V1 industrial boot is an excellent option for a composite toe boot that combines durability and safety. It features an electrical hazard protection design for user protection. The boot provides a comfortable fit that ensures your safety and comfort during light duties or industrial works.

• High-quality materials

If you need a composite toe boot that is designed for long-lasting performance, I would recommend that you get the New Balance Composite Toe 989 V1 Industrial Shoe. It is made of 50% leather and 50% synthetic. These materials enhance strength while protecting water from leaking in for reliable performance.

• Slip-resistant outsole

Besides the durable materials, this boot is an excellent choice for use in harsh environments. It features a durable and rugged rubber outsole. The outsole can provide an excellent grip on wet terrains for user safety and slip resistance.

• Comfortable midsole

Lastly, this boot highlights a Revlite midsole. The midsole can cushion each step you take to ensure user comfort. Additionally, the composite toe boot features a lace-up closure for smooth adjustment of the fit.

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9. Best Pull on: Ariat Men’s Workhog Pull-on Composite Toe Work Cowboy Boot

side zip composite toe boots

If you need a pull-on type of composite toe work boot, the Workhog Work Boot is an ideal option. It is made of 100% leather for durability. Additionally, the boot integrates a dura-tread outsole. The outsole outlasts traditional outsoles to provide superior traction on all kinds of terrain.

• Supportive work boot

This boot adopts an Advanced Torque Stability system. Because of this, it offers user stability to guarantee your safety in different working environments. Additionally, the boot is lightweight and fitted with a supportive composite shank for better balance and proper body alignment. A stability chassis is another addition. It encourages the ability to take the correct and stable steps.

• U-turn entry

What’s more, this boot integrates a U-turn entry system. This design plus the hidden flex gore allows you to wear it and take the boot off easily even with wide toe widths or high arches.

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10. Best with Side Zip: Bates Men’s Gx-8 Gore-Tex Composite Toe Side Zip Work Boot

composite toe boots for men

This is a high-quality composite toe boot. It is made of 70%leather and 30%nylon for durability and water resistance. Additionally, the boot highlights a rubber outsole that provides a maximum grip for user stability. A cushioned ethylene-vinyl acetate midsole is another addition. It cushions every step you take for all-day comfort.

• Easy to put on and remove

The Gx-8 Gore-Tex Composite Toe Work Boot is easy to wear and remove. It features a lace-up closure that allows you to adjust the fit and ensure that the boot can provide a secure fit despite the task you expose it. A nylon-side zipper is another plus for easy on and easy off.

• Breathable and moisture wicking

What’s more, this boot features a breathable Gore-Tex membrane. The membrane features a moisture-wicking lining that withdraws sweat and moisture from the feet to help you maintain dry feet. The composite toe boot is made of full grain leather coupled with ballistic nylon uppers to protect it from leaking water inside.

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11. Best Wellington: WOLVERINE Men’s I-90 Waterproof Composite-Toe Wellington Construction Western Boot

composite toe pull on work boots

The best choice for a composite toe boot that will keep your feet safe and protected is the Wellington Construction Boot. It features an ASTM F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 EH composite toe to ensure your safety. What’s more, all components of the boot work hand in hand for unrivaled comfort and support.

• Durable construction

This boot is constructed of 100% leather. Because of this, you can get it with an assurance of durability and ultimate protection from water leakage. Adding to that, there is a TPU SR lug outsole. The outsole highlights high abrasion resistance while protecting your feet from slipping on wet terrain.

• Comfortable to wear

Still, this is one of the best picks for a composite toe boot that is comfortable to wear. The boots highlight an EPX technology. The technology enables them to conserve and return energy to the feet for guaranteed comfort. Better still, there is a footbed with a honeycomb heel to absorb impacts for additional comfort.

• Waterproof membrane

The Wellington Construction Boot features a breathable membrane. The membrane facilitates the escape of heat and moisture to help you maintain cool and dry feet. Better, the leather upper is waterproof to protect water from leaking into the boot.

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12. Best Insulated: Thorogood Men’s V-Series 8″ 400g Insulated Hunting Composite Safety Toe Boot

lightweight composite toe work boots

Responding to the need for an insulated composite toe boot is the V-Series Composite Safety Toe Boot. It features a leather construction for durability. Better still, the leather is waterproof to protect water from leaking in for cool and dry feet.

• Thinsulate insulation sole

This composite toe boot has a 400g 3M Thinsulate insulation sole. Besides comfort, the sole prevents warmth from escaping. As a result, this is one of the best composite toe boots for use during the winter.

• Removable footbed

Additionally, the V-Series composite toe boot features a removable footbed. The footbed is made of single-density polyurethane to absorb shock for user comfort. Also, there is a semi-oblique composite safety toe. Because of this, you can acquire this boot when looking for a composite toe boot that will ensure user safety.

• Rubber outsole

A rubber outsole is another addition. The outsole provides an excellent grip to protect you from slipping on wet terrain. Additionally, the rubber outsole enhances durability while preventing the boots from leaking water inside.

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13. Best with Cowboy Design: ARIAT Women’s Tracey Rubber Composite Toe Work Boots

composite toe western boots

The Ariat Women’s Tracey is one of the best composite toe boots for ladies who need stylish and high-performance composite toe boots. These boots highlight a revolutionary U-Turn entry system for easy wearing and a perfect fit. Additionally, the U-turn entry system can provide a perfect fit for people with high arches.

• Durable construction

This is one of the best choices for durable composite toe work boots. These boots highlight a full-grain leather material for durability. Additionally, there is a six-row stitch pattern to enhance durability and style.

• Duratread outsole

What’s more, the work boot highlights a dura-tread outsole. The outsole features a multi-directional traction tread. The traction tread can provide an excellent grip for optimal slip-resistance on wet terrain. The outsole has a 90-degree heel. As a result, you can expect to get a generous fit for all-day user comfort.

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Why Composite Toe Cap Over Steel Toe for Workers in Construction?

square toe composite work boots

Composite toe boots are suitable to wear in construction sites because:

  • Construction sites tend to be cold at all times. Composite toe boots are better known for their great insulation against cold when compared to steel toe boots. Metals are good conductors of heat.
  • Composite toe boots are made from fiberglass, carbon fiber, plastic, and Kevlar. The resulting compound is a poor conductor of electricity. This makes composite toe boots better at providing electrical resistance compared to steel boots, which do not offer resistance.
  • Composite toe boots are lightweight whereas steel boots are heavy. When in construction sites you do not need heavy shoes as this will only make you use more energy while working.
  • Composite toe boots have the most toe box room hence more comfortable to wear on construction sites. Compared to steel toe boots, composite toe box boots have ample and large toe space.


How Do You Break in Composite Toe Boots?

Breaking in your composite toe boots means making them comfortable to wear. There are a few ways you can use to break your work boots such as:

– Wear them around the house

Wear your new work boots around the house daily for 15 minutes. Remember to wear the pair of socks you will use while working. This helps stretch out the leather material to help improve their fit.

– Use conditioner

If you have leather composite boots a conditioner will assist to soften them more quickly. This operation can be done daily until you are satisfied with the fit.

– Adjust the laces

This is another simple method if you want to start using the boots immediately. Adjust laces around areas where you feel the shoes are too tight.



Now you know about composite boots, their features, and the different brands. What are you waiting for? Hurry to your favorite shoe store and pick up those beautiful pairs to enjoy maximum safety and comfort.