Best Washable Spa Slippers for Women

Walking around in a spa should not be a nightmare for anybody, especially women.

Spa slippers often ensure that you move around with ease, providing you with comfort and safety.

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Acorn soft thong flip flop for most comfortable feeling in spa useWomen’s Spa Memory Foam Spa Slippers

Easy machine-washable white spa slippers for the hotelModlux Closed Toe Spa Slippers with Drawstring Bags

Non-skid waffle slippers with breathable open toe design for sweaty feetLuxe Home Waffle Open Toe Spa Slippers

A suitable choice for hardwood floors that you can wear as spa slippers or cleaning slippersLazy One Spa Flip Flop Slippers For Wooden Floors

Adjustable velcro slippers design for extra wide feet ladies for spa useIsotoner Women’s Indoor Outdoor Terry Spa Slippers

 spa scuff slippers

However, unless you choose the right one, you could end up disappointed.

Here are a few insights into choosing these spa slippers.


Why You Need Special Women Slippers for Spa?

There is no denying that spas tend to be relatively slippery. These wet floors require you to have non-slip slippers, giving you a firmer grip on the floor. With special spa slippers, you are confident of unrivaled safety when moving around.

Its role in enhancing your comfort is astounding. Having these spa slippers ensures that you move around without worrying about germs or bacteria. While spas are often clean, you could be susceptible at times.

These spa slippers assure you of a customized experience. Most of these spa slippers come with a logo or a specific message. As such, you could choose something that appeals to your fancies. Besides, they tend to convey a sense of luxury.

Investing in spa slippers will cushion you against any added liabilities. Remember, if a guest gets an accident while in your care, you will have to pay for their medication, which could be costly. If you are to avoid such issues, it would be best to have spa slippers that suit the environment.

Having suitable spa slippers will ensure that your spa remains clean at all times. This way, it will be easier to avoid any pathogens.


How to Pick Special Women Slippers for Spa?

Choosing the fitting spa slippers will often be a daunting process. Unless you understand what to consider, you will end up disappointed.

Usually, the following elements will always help you choose the best spa slippers.

soft women spa slippers

• Does it offer protection on the surface?

It is vital to consider spa slippers that provide you with unrivaled safety. The best spa slippers have a non-slip sole.

This sole ensures that you get a secure footing, ensuring that you do not skid over wet floors.

Velour slippers will also assure you of shorter drying periods.


• Is it comfortable?

Undoubtedly, you will want something that provides you with as much luxury and convenience as you need.

The materials used in making these spa slippers will often determine how comfortable you get in the long run.

Ensure that the material allows you enough warmth and does not irritate your skin. The most comfortable material is cotton, thanks to its enhanced breathability.


• Is it washable?

Ensure that the material chosen can be washed.

Washable spa slippers are not only sturdier and more comfortable but also more practical.

Some of the washable materials are rubber and cotton. They are relatively easy to handwash.


• Does it resist a twist?

Customizable spa slippers will always come in handy for you.

Ensure that you choose the material that can resist the twist. It will ensure that your foot remains steadfast and that you are safe at all times.

The best material for this would be cotton or leather. Suede will also suffice.


• Does it have firm middle-soles?

Unless the middle-soles are firm enough, it will be relatively hard to realize the comfort you deserve.

These firm soles ensure that your feet remain secure and fit in the slippers at all times. The best material that provides a firm middle sole would be rubber.


• Does it fit foot shape?

There is no denying that shapes vary, and you have to find one that suits your shape best. Such is the time to consider the style of the spa slippers.

You could choose from open-toe, closed-toe, and adjustable slippers.

Adjustable slippers are suitable for people with wider feet. On the other hand, open-toe slippers provide more breathability.


• Can I use it in the bathroom and the hotel?

Versatility is an integral element when selecting your spa slippers.

Most often, it would be best to choose something that provides you with the convenience you deserve. It should comfortably suit both environments.

For slippers used in hotels, here are some features you must know! Just check here.


• Price

Take the time to compare how much the spa slippers will cost. This price varies with the brand, quality, and size.


Best Women Spa Slippers Reviews

Here are the best 13 spa slippers for you to consider.

With Soft Thong Wrap: Acorn Women’s Spa Memory Foam Spa Slippers

acorn suede spa thong

Unique Arch Support

This product is suitable for anyone on a budget. It comes with memory foam that provides enough arch support. Its multi-layer cushion insole cradles the contours of your foot, providing you comfort.

Enhanced Inner Cushioning

It comes with a marshmallow-like cushion, which reduces muscle fatigue, pain, and pressure. Its open-toe style enhances breathability. Since it is a slip-on, it will be much easier to fit your foot, regardless of its size or shape.

Waterproof Sole

This product comes with a durable sole, which features an anti-skid texture at its bottom. Thanks to this, you are sure of safer and securer feet. This waterproof sole provides you with the outdoor and indoor versatility you need.

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Machine Washable: Modlux Closed Toe Spa Slippers with Drawstring Bags

elizabeth arden spa slippers

Machine Washable

If you are looking for washable spa slippers, Modlux spa slippers will provide you with excellent service.

Cotton Material

This product comes with cotton material, which provides exceptional moisture control and insulation. It is hypoallergenic, making it suitable for all skin types. Besides, it is soft enough to provide you with enhanced comfort. These spa slippers are breathable, thanks to the premium cotton material used.

Non-Slip EVA

Its non-slip EVA sole protects you against slipping and tripping on wet surfaces. This sole helps enhance comfort while walking. Its excellent and sturdy construction enhances longevity.

Cotton Insole

Its insole features cotton velvet, which takes the contours of your foot. With this comes enhanced comfort.

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Open Toe Design For Breathability: Luxe Home Waffle Open Toe Spa Slippers

cotton spa slippers

Open Design

This open-toe choice assures you of value for money, thanks to its affordability and enhanced durability.

Non-Skid EVA Sole

It comes with robust EVA soles, whose non-skid surface assures you of unrivaled protection against slips and skids. These soles help boost your comfort as well. These soles are extra-thick, ensuring that you have an easy time moving around.

Cotton Material

You will fall in love with how breathable this choice is. Its cotton materials provide you with better moisture control, ensuring that no moisture accumulates on your skin. Besides, the material is hypoallergenic, protecting you against susceptibility to any allergens.


Its flexible size makes it ideal for anyone. Whether or not you have wide feet, this option will suffice.

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Flip Flop Slippers: Lazy One Spa Flip Flop Slippers For Wooden Floors

lazy one spa slippers

Colorful Design

This choice is the best for anyone looking for flip-flops. Its simple and colorful design makes it an appealing option for most people. Apart from that, it makes a good gift.

Microfiber Straps

Its thick straps provide you with a better grip. These super-plush microfiber straps help in controlling moisture. This aspect is critical in boosting your comfort in the long run. They also ensure that you walk around with much ease.

Machine Washable

This product comes with machine washable material. Thanks to this, you will have an easy time cleaning them. Apart from that, they take a relatively short time to dry.

Non-Slip Sole

Its non-slip grip will ensure that you walk around steadily. It protects you against slipping or falling. Its role in enhancing your comfort is astounding.

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Comfortable Slide Slippers: Isotoner Women’s Indoor Outdoor Terry Spa Slippers

hotel bath slippers

Polyester Material

This product comes with 100% polyester, which is resistant to water damage. This material assures you of unmatched durability.

Synthetic Sole

Its synthetic sole can only make things much better for you. This robust construction assures you of enhanced skid resistance. Its waterproof nature allows you to use the slide slippers both indoors and outdoors.

Light and Portable Design

These slide slippers come with a lightweight design, making it easier for you to walk with them. Besides, the design is relatively timeless, assuring you of unmatched elegance. Its adjustable straps ensure that your feet fit accordingly.

Cushioned Insole

It comes with a multi-layer cushion insole, which helps add to your comfort.

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Cotton Materials: Arus Women’s Turkish Terry Cotton Cloth Spa Slippers

acorn summerweight thong slipper

Hypoallergenic material

If you are looking for affordable and cotton cloth spa slippers, this option will provide you with enough satisfaction. It is 100% cotton, providing you with enough breathability. This material is soft and friendly to your skin. Its hypoallergenic nature makes it ideal for everyone.

Sturdy construction

Its high-quality construction highlights elegance and durability. This option comes with a sturdy EVA sole, which cushions you against skidding and slipping on wet floors.

Variety of Designs and Colors

This product comes in multiple colors. This allows you to choose whatever appeals to you most. You could also consider something that matches your fashion.

Its lightweight design implies that you will have an easier time with it. Whether you are walking indoors or outdoors, the experience will be the same.

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Durable Rubber Slipper: Finleoo Shower Bathroom House Slippers

acorn women's summerweight spa thong slippers

Anti-slip Dot Sole

Its anti-slip dot signature design makes it a unique selection. This sole design ensures that you move around without necessarily worrying about slipping or skidding. It provides a firmer grip onto the floor.

Drainage Holes

It also features drainage holes, which help to dry the water much faster. These holes ensure that they eliminate any water within a relatively short time.

Unique Design

The surface of the insole has a distinctive convex dot design, which helps massage your foot. It also boosts your comfort, whether you are walking or seated.

Elastic, Premium Materials

This product is made from an elastic material, which is both lightweight and wearable. Its tactile impression makes it suitable for your feet’ shape.

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For Hotel and Portable Use: Aqueenly Women Non-slip Spa Slippers

terry spa slippers

Velvet Material

This option is suitable for hotel use. It comes with comfortable cotton velvet material, which is gentle to your feet. This material provides you with comfort and better moisture control. It ensures that your feet are dry at all times. What is more, cotton velvet is breathable, ensuring that you have an easier time in the long run.

Non-Slip Sole

Its safety levels are unrivaled, thanks to its non-slip sole. This design helps increase the friction between the slippers and the ground. For this reason, you can walk on slippery floors without too much worry.

Lightweight Design

Its design assures you of enhanced versatility. With this choice, you can use the slippers both indoors and outdoors. Besides, it is disposable.

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With Suede Material: Zizor Women’s Memory Foam Summer Spa Slippers

acorn spa wrap

Suede Material

These spa slippers are the most suitable for anyone looking forward to reliable suede slippers. It comes with a premium design, highlighting a timeless classic. Its breathable lining ensures that your feet are fresh and dry at all times.

Enhanced Padding

Its multi-layer padding assures you of a higher shock absorbency rate. The padding thickens the slippers, ensuring that you are comfortable at all times. Its comfortable softness helps keep your legs relaxed.

Non-Slip Sole

Its non-slip rubber sole helps improve traction with the floor. It ensures that you can walk on any floor, whether wet or dry. It is also machine washable, giving you an easy time.

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Most Comfortable Fluffy Slippers: MIYA Slippers for Women Open Toe Fuzzy Slippers

acorn spa slide

Fleece Material

This product comes with soft fleece, which makes it ideal for all seasons. The fuzzy luxury design highlights elegance and coziness. Notably, it is a preferable choice for family and friends. This product comes with a thoughtful design. It comes with a fuzzy lining that keeps your toes relatively warm.

Versatile Design

You can use these slippers anywhere. From the kitchen to the spa room, you are sure of enough comfort. Its high-density memory foam provides you with enough support when walking around. It has a soft plush footbed that offers excellent comfiness.

Machine and Hand Washable

These slippers are machine and hand washable. As long as you keep the water temperature at about 30 degrees, you will be good to go.

Non-Skid Sole

Its TPR sole is non-skid. This way, it is easier to avoid falling or skidding on unfavorable floors.

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For Bathroom: Wysbaoshu Massage Foam Non-Slip Unisex Slippers

ladies spa slippers

Made of EVA Material

Here is yet another option you can barely overlook. Its EVA material is friendly to the environment, making it ideal for anyone conscious of the environment. This material is lightweight and relatively durable.

Bubbled Insole

The surface of the insole comes with unique bubbles. These bubbles help provide massage to your feet, accelerating blood circulation. With these slippers, you will relax much sooner than you expect, whether or not you are walking. You can remove and adjust this insole, providing you with the convenience you so desire.

Non-Slip Sole

Its EVA sole is malleable and non-slip. These aspects help increase the friction between the shoes and the ground.

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Non-skid Waffle Design: Echoapple Waffle Open Toe White Slippers For Travel

isotoner spa slippers

Waffle Cotton Material

This product comes lined with waffle cotton, which allows your feet to breathe properly. The material makes sure that your feet do not get smelly. Besides, this material is machine washable, giving you an easy time in the long run.

Sturdy Construction

Its robust construction and premium material make it suitable for both indoors and outdoors. What is more, these slippers are hygienic and friendly to the skin. Its lightweight design makes it ideal for anyone with heavy feet. It also helps improve comfort.

Non-Slip Sole

This product comes with a non-slip sole. This sole ensures that you do not skid on wet floors.

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Terry Slippers: Caramella Bubble Women’s Flip Flop Terry Lining Slippers

best women's spa slippers

TPR Material

This product comes with TPR material in its sole, whose anti-slip nature protects you against skidding, slipping, or falling. This waterproof material makes it an ideal choice for outdoor and indoor use. While TPR is sturdy, it is relatively flexible.

Memory Foam

You will appreciate the memory foam in these slippers. They offer a softness that keeps your feet very cozy. Besides, it is dense enough to help avoid fatigue and enjoy better levels of comfort.

Machine Washable

These slippers are machine washable, giving you an easy time. All you have to do is throw them in the washing machine, and you are good to go.

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What Materials are Best for Spa Slippers?

Materials will always vary, and so will the comfort you get from the spa slippers.

Often, you must choose something that provides you with comfort, convenience, and affordability. Here are the four best options for you.

memory foam slippers for spa

• Cotton

Cotton is the best material for women’s spa slippers.

Its breathability provides you with unrivaled comfort. It is usually fluffy enough and able to provide you with enough warmth.

Cotton is also relatively friendly to the skin, assuring you of no allergic reactions.


• Rubber

Rubber is one of the best materials to use on spa slippers, thanks to its durability.

This material is often used as part of the sole. However, you can also get them as part of the top cover. Rubber is barely breathable, accumulating stench sometimes.


• Terry

Terry cloth is a product of cotton material. Spa slippers made from this material assure you of high-absorbency, making them suitable for wet areas. They are soft, and they are friendly to the skin.


• Suede

This type of leather is suitable for long-lasting spa slippers. It provides you with a relatively soft surface, giving you the best experience in the long run. Besides that, it is exceptionally lightweight.


• Fluffy

Fluffy fabric highlights a sense of elegance and class. This option is suitable for unrivaled comfort and longevity. It is also friendly to the skin, ensuring that you have an easier time in the long run.


What Types to Choose?

Various types of spa slippers suffice. When choosing a pair, you might want to consider the following options.

• Open-toe spa slippers

These open-toe spa slippers come with an open front part. It is a suitable choice for anyone looking forward to a better breathability element.

• Slide

Are you looking for more warmth? This slide option is all you need for better comfort and warmth levels. It is an ideal choice for lounging, whether post- or pre-treatment.


• Flip Flops

These are slip-on slippers that come with a Y-shaped strap. They are relatively straightforward to put on, and they are suitable for anyone with tiny feet.


• Waffle Slipper

These spa slippers have one open-ended and one closed part. The front is often closed. Mostly, this option comes with a non-slip sole, assuring you of enough safety at all times. It also assures you of enviable absorbency rates.


What Brands Are the Most Recommended?

Notable brands will always come in handy in providing you with the durability and quality you deserve. Here are the four most renowned brands you could consider.

i. Acorn

Acorn is a premium brand that provides you with top-notch women’s spa slippers. Its material is often from sheepskin, assuring you of warmth and comfort.

It comes with shearling collars that help keep your feet warm. Its memory foam enhances comfort and support at all times. However, they tend to be a little pricier.


ii. Lazy One

These slippers are fuzzy and relatively comfortable. Its top-notch quality assures you of incredible returns in the long run.

This brand offers a wide variety of slippers, meaning you will readily get something that suits you. They come with fleece and non-skid soles that enhance comfort and safety when moving around.


iii. Isotoner

If you are looking for unrivaled comfort, this is the ultimate choice. Isotoner slippers come in a variety of styles and price ranges. This option is suitable for anyone on a budget. Unfortunately, they do not provide the best arch support.

Want to know which brands provide suitable arch support? Check the article: best brands of women slippers with arch support.


iv. Elizabeth Arden

Here is yet another brand whose popularity keeps surging. It is a luxurious brand that provides various spa products, including slippers.

Its products are high-quality, assuring you of durability and comfort. This brand is associated with notable personalities, meaning it can be too pricy for most people.



In conclusion, having the best slippers in the spa helps improve your comfort and even health. As long as you get the right one, you are good to go. The insights provided above come in handy in guiding you through this process.