How To Shrink Slippers?

Most of the best pairs of shoes and slippers people find at the store are larger than their feet. Hence, they often leave the store sad or settle for less; either way, they won’t get the satisfaction they seek. As time went by, techniques have been developed to make your oversized or larger slippers fit perfectly by shrinking them.

Therefore even if the process of finding slippers of your exact size is close to impossible, you no longer have to worry because there are ways to shrink those slippers to smaller sizes that will fit perfectly. Let’s dive in to discuss the best ways to make that happen in a jiffy.

steps to shrink slippers


How To Shrink Slippers?

There are three different methods you can implement to shrink your shoe, irrespective of the amount of space you find around your toes and behind your feet. These methods are not complex, and they do not require any technical instrument. Instead, they are straightforward methods that involve the use of tools or instruments you already have at home. Without further ado, the three methods of shrinking your oversized shoes include the following:

  • Blow Dryer Method
  • Cushion Method
  • Dryer Method


Blow Dryer Method

The blow dryer method of shrinking large shoes is solely for shoes made of leather. The shrinking items you need to make this happen are water (in a water spray bottle) and a trusty blow dryer.

Once you get these shrinking items, spray water on your shoe using a water spray bottle, but do not soak your shoes in the process of spraying them with water.

Lastly, dry your wet shoe with your blow dryer (should be set at medium) until the shoe is completely dry. Try the shoe on when completely dry, and repeat the process if you notice that your shoe is still loose.


Cushion Method

It is difficult to shrink your sneakers, boots, and pumps with a blow dryer because you may not get the exact result you need. But with cushions, your problem with large or long shoes will be solved.

How do you use a cushion?

You can attach a sole to the back of your long shoe, especially when your toes have too much room. You can also put a sole at the top of your shoe, but it will be best if you use a full foot sole to make your shoe fits perfectly.


Dryer Method

Leather shoes require a little water spray before drying them, but it is different from canvas shoes.

Canvas shoes need to be soaked before drying. Once your shoes have been soaked, place them in a dryer for about 10 to 15 minutes. The exposure of your canvas shoes to heat will cause them to shrink to a smaller size that will perfectly fit your feet.


Can You Shrink Rubber Slippers, And How?

Yes! Rubber slippers can be shrunk via various methods depending on the size of the slippers and the required shrinkage you need. You can use hot water, boiling water, or a hairdryer to shrink rubber slippers.

But one of the best ways to shrink your rubber slippers is to place them in hot water for a few minutes. The heat makes the rubber material shrink, and the water helps prevent the cracking of your slippers.


Will Slippers Shrink In The Dryer?

Yes! Your slippers will readily shrink when exposed to the heat from a dryer. Meanwhile, for your slippers to shrink in the dryer, they must be moist or soaked with water.



Finding slippers that perfectly fit your feet is a challenging task, especially when searching for attractive slippers. The slippers are either larger or longer.

Meanwhile, with the shrinking methods discussed above, you will no longer have to worry about your long slippers because you can now transform them into slippers that perfectly fit.