How to Wash ll Bean Slippers?

Wearing the ll bean slippers is mainly done within the house or the home compound. It is necessary to clean the shoes since they will always get dirty. Washing these slippers will ensure they give service for a long time while protecting them from damage.

methods to clean II bean slippers

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Requirements of Washing the ll Bean Slippers

The following are the essentials that will make cleaning the ll bean slippers easy. They include;

  • Baking soda
  • Soft brush
  • Detergent and water
  • Piece of fabric clothing


Cleaning the ll Beans Slippers

Hand washing is the best method to apply while cleaning the ll bean slippers. The technique ensures that the ll bean slippers are not damaged in any case. The following is the cleaning process and essential tips to consider while cleaning the ll bean slippers.

how to clean II bean slippers

Step one

The first step involves sprinkling baking soda on the ll bean slippers. The slippers are then kept for the whole night to make the cleaning process easy. The ll bean slippers will absorb any extra liquid, sweat, and foul odor.

The slippers should be cleaned the next day immediately after applying baking soda to them.

Step two

The second step involves cleaning the slippers. Use cold water, detergent, and a soft brush to clean the outer surface of the slippers. Alternatively, use a piece of cloth can be used in place of a soft brush. Add a fair amount of detergent in cold water and dampen the ll bean slippers into this water. Use the brush to clean the outer part of the slippers. After cleaning, rinse the slippers thoroughly.

Avoid using hot water or warm water since it can damage the slippers. Course brush will damage and destroy the soft leather of the slippers; hence avoiding it since it is not good.

Step three

The third step involves dying the soft leather with a moisture cloth. Add some detergent to the fabric to ensure that the soft outer leather is cleaned thoroughly. Ensure that no stains are left by doing this exercise evenly.

Use detergent and a soft cloth to clean the inner part of the shoes. For the deep stains, use a soft brush and baking soda to remove them completely.

Step four

The fourth step involves removing any soap left out during the cleaning process. Rinse the slippers with clean water to avoid any water rings from forming on the soft leather. Also, ensure the inner part of the ll bean slippers is clean.

Step five

The fifth step involves drying the slippers away from hot heat sources. Allow the slippers to dry in average temperatures such that the outer part of the slippers will not destroy. Therefore, avoid drying the slippers in direct sunlight. Use dry clothes inside the ll bean slippers to ensure that the shape of the slippers is retained.

Avoiding high temperatures will safeguard the slippers; hence, they should dry in favorable temperatures. It is such that the temperature should not be too high.



To conclude, cleaning ll bean slippers is an essential task that should be done on the slippers, especially after they get dirty. Doing this will help protect them from damage and ensure they always look good at any given time. It is always essential to clean the slippers the second day after sprinkling baking soda.