Most Comfy Slippers for Pregnant Ladies Reviews

While being pregnant is a great and exciting time, it bears within itself great challenges with discomfort appearing amongst the most prevalent.

With weight changes during pregnancy, it is quite expected that women will have their feet swell and ache due to the extra pressure on their feet as they walk.

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Most comfortable fur-lined women slippers for winter – UGG Women’s Coquette Slippers

Wide slippers with arch support designed for pregnant ladies with swollen and flat feet – Vionic Women’s Indulge Gemma Slipper

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Easy-cleaning washable slippers with anti-slip design – Ofoot Women’s Washable Anti-slip Slippers


The best gift a woman can offer herself is some comfortable footwear.

This article will offer you information that will aid you in choosing the best slippers for pregnant ladies.


Why are Slippers So Important for Pregnant Ladies?

most comfortable slippers for pregnant ladies

At no single moment should the need for the right footwear be undermined during pregnancy. Notably, slippers make a great companion for women when it comes to footwear during their pregnancy.

One of the key reasons why slippers make one of the best footwear during pregnancy is the comfort that comes with wearing them.

  • Slippers offer a suitable downgrade from your office heels to some comfortable footwear to take you through the pregnancy period. On a similar note, slippers are quite an upgrade to walking barefoot something that pregnant ladies are warned about.

Slippers are also important during pregnancy since they help pregnant women prevent some of the common health issues that might result from poor footwear choices.

While some of the women may have their feet feel itchy or their skin burning, a bad choice of footwear may go beyond this. Some of the common issues that slippers help avoid for pregnant women include;

    • Heel Pain

This results from pressure on the plantar fascia after the heel’s arched portion is flattened due to a weight increase.

    • Varicose Veins

This results from the slow blood flow or circulation due to some tight footwear.

    • Sprain

Also called trauma to the ligament, this results from changes in the pelvic region which makes a pregnant woman’s ligaments more prone to traumas.


What Types of Slippers are the Best for Pregnant Ladies?

The best types of slippers for pregnant women will always be those which offer comfort and ease of use for women during their pregnancy period. Following this, the following are the types of slippers best for pregnant ladies.

Slippers with a slip-on design

For pregnant women, the slip-on design slippers offer a great choice of footwear. This is all thanks to their ease of wearing. After all, no pregnant woman wishes to struggle with wearing any footwear especially when the baby bump is quite big.

Slippers with great supportive features

More than a third of the women will always choose slippers that offer extra support for their body during pregnancy. Any slippers with arch support make a perfect choice for most pregnant women. Podiatrists also recommend such slippers for pregnant women thanks to their help in avoiding stress on the heel.


How to Pick the Best Slippers for Pregnant Ladies?

Choosing the perfect slippers for a [pregnant woman can be a daunting task. However, the following tips offer the best buying guide for the best slippers for pregnant ladies. Consider each of the factors listed below.


#1- Think of a Fitting and Roomy Slippers

During the pregnancy period, more often than not, women will have their feet swell. This means that a woman will in most cases trash shoes in her rack during this period. When choosing the perfect slippers for pregnant women, think size!

Choose not only a fitting but also roomy slippers. This allows for the swelling and waning back of the foot during different times of the day. This calls for the purchase of slippers half, or an inch bigger than your normal size.

#2- Prioritize Support

The pregnancy period marks one of the most delicate periods of a woman. Therefore, there is a need to have some slippers that can help a woman with supporting her weight at all times.

This is to give the feet adequate relaxation hence alleviating pressure from the woman’s feet. Additionally, supportive slippers help pregnant women with swollen feet and heel pain too.

#3- Ease of Wearing

One of the common mistakes while purchasing slippers is choosing slippers that might have the pregnant lady struggle with fitting them on their feet.

Especially for women in their last three months of their pregnancy, the ease of wearing slippers will matter greatly.

The more the ease of wearing slippers, the better they remain as a perfect choice for a pregnant woman.

#4- Breathability

Consider having some breathable slippers for pregnant women.

Notably, breathable slippers add on the comfort while wearing hence providing the pregnant woman with less fatigue from footwear.

#5- Arch Support

To some pregnant women arch support is essential during their pregnancy period.

Slippers with arch support provide extra support for women relieving them of back, knee, and joint pains. Notably, a low broad arch makes the best support not only for your feet but also the entire body.


Best Slippers for Pregnant Ladies Reviews:

#1.  Best For Winter – UGG Women’s Coquette Slippers with Leather Insole

best wide feet slippers during pregant

Why Choosing It:

  • They are water-resistant
  • Warm and cozy
  • Soft slippers
  • They have sturdy soles

When it comes to comfort, UGG offers some of the best slippers for pregnant ladies.

With the slippers made of sheepskin suede, shearling, and rubber, they remain to be incredibly soft, durable, and water-resistant.

The slippers have a great amount of space between the heel and its back hence making them perfect for pregnant women's feet conditions.


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#2. Best For Flat Feet - Vionic Women’s Indulge Gemma Slipper with Adjustable Hoop-and-loop

warm mule slippers for outdoor use

Why Choosing It:

  • An adjustable strap provides a perfect fit
  • The EVA midsole boosts arch support
  • The soles are sturdy and protective
  • A variety of color to choose from

The Vionic brand makes some of the best slippers for pregnant ladies. Notably, their Women’s Gemma Slippers makes one of the most sought after slippers thanks to their cute and fluffy look

. Made of fabric and a rubber sole, the slipper has a simple but elegant design. With these slippers' orthaheel technology you can trust them to support natural alignment hence relieving your knee, foot, and back pain.

Adding to some arch support is the slipper’s textile-covered EVA midsole which is one of a kind. Its TPR outsole offers the slippers a sturdy and protective design making it’s a durable choice.


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#3. Best For Spa - Women’s Memory Gridding Velvet Slippers For Indoor and Outdoor

indoor outdoor slippers for swollen feet

Why Choosing It:

  • It's easy to wear
  • Durable thanks to the hard rubber
  • Easy to maintain
  • Its moisture-wicking thanks to the plush terry insole

If you are looking for a simple model among the best slippers for pregnant women, then the Women’s Memory Gridding Velvet Slippers have got you covered.

With its soft insole and high-density memory foam, the slippers offer your feet some soothing effect that yields much-needed comfort.

Unlike some shoes in this list, this slipper is easy to care for having it be machine washable. Its lightweight also makes it a perfect slipper for pregnant women.


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#4. Best with Orthotic Support - Vionic Pregnant Slippers with Adjustable Strap for Swollen Feet

waterproof slippers for wet floors

Why Choosing It:

  • Warm and cozy
  • Has an adjustable strap
  • Offer some arch support

Yet another slipper from Vionic, the Women’s Indulge Sadie Slipper makes an innovative slipper for pregnant women’s comfort.

The slipper is cozy, thanks to the soft textile and lining it is made of. Coming with an adjustable strap, the Vionic Women’s Indulge Sadie Slipper provides the much-needed fit and feel.

The slippers guarantee a protective and sturdy design thanks to its TPR textile-made outsole. With its EVA footbed, it offers the perfect arch support a pregnant lady would require.


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#5. Best with Slippery-resistant - Jessica Simpson Memory Foam Slippers with Comfortable Fur

women comfortable slippers with faux fur

Why Choosing It:

  • Safe to walk on floors thanks to the anti-skid sole
  • Shoes come in varying colors

With fuzzy slippers taking over Instagram feeds, the Jessica Simpson Women’s Slipper Anti-Skid slipper has not been left behind.

Not only is the slipper a popular name in the market, but also among the best slippers for pregnant ladies. Its thick memory foam is responsible for is the comforting footbed.

Unique about these slippers is their anti-skid sole which makes them one of the best slippers to use on some floors. Pregnant women can rarely trip on these Jessica Simpson slippers.


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#6. Best Easy-cleaning - Ofoot Women’s Washable Anti-slip Slippers For Pregnant Ladies

memory foam valuable slippers for winter

Why Choosing It:

  • Hand or machine washable
  • Comes in various colors and sizes
  • They are breathable
  • Cheap but offer value for your money

Ofoot also makes it to the list of slippers brands that offer the best slippers for pregnant ladies. Notably, it is 100% cotton making it optimally comfortable for pregnant women.

Its breathable cotton knit fabrics offer a sleek design that one would love for a cheap pair of slippers.

Like most of the slippers in this list, it has a memory foam insole with arch support hence guaranteed comfort for pregnant women.


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#7. Most Comfortable - RockDove Women’s Two-Tone Memory Slipper

comfortable winter slippers for pregnant women

Why Choosing It:

  • The slippers are breathable
  • Embedded with arch support
  • Has a versatile TPR outsole

If you are looking for the perfect waterproof and cheap best slippers for pregnant ladies, then RockDove Women’s Two-Tone Memory Slipper might have saved you the agony of searching.

The slippers are easy to wear with a slip-on style with an open back. Its memory foam insole makes them comfortable for pregnant women.

Even better is their breathable nature, thanks to the waffle knit upper cotton and spandex material.


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#8. Best For Everyday Wear - Jessica Simpson Marshmallow Pregnant Memory Foam Slippers

best indoor slippers with warm insole

Why Choosing It:

  • Have anti-slip design hence great to use on the floor
  • Offer great warmth
  • Not only do they come in different colors but also styles
  • They are light hence perfect for walking for pregnant ladies

Yet another product of the Jessica Simpson brand, the Jessica Simpson Marshmallow Slipper Memory makes one of the best slippers for pregnant ladies thanks to its comfortable design.

The slipper makes a perfect indoor partner for pregnant women. Notably, these slippers are warm thanks to their crafting using faux fur materials.

Their open-back design also makes them easy to wear hence a perfect choice for pregnant women in their last three months.


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#9. Best For Outdoor - UGG Women’s Tasman Slipper with Foam Footbed

indoor outdoor fashionable slippers for pregnant ladies

Why Choosing It:

  • Comfortable for all sizes including people with wide feet
  • Warm enough thanks to the sheep fur lining
  • Can be used outdoors

The UGG Women’s Tasman Slipper is a perfect companion for your pregnancy thanks to its magnificent features. Notably, the slipper is quite comfortable thanks to its lightweight design.

While some of the slippers in this list cannot be used for outdoor purposes, the UGG Women’s Tasman Slipper makes the perfect slipper for your outdoor activities such as walking, getting to the groceries, etc.

Even better is the slipper’s dried fur lining which makes it warm that you do not need to wear socks. Its EVA outer sole helps cushion your feet in every step while its support arch offers support for your feet and body at large ensuring extra comfort for pregnant women.


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Do and Don't on Wearing Slippers for Pregnant Ladies

Wearing slippers as a pregnant lady is not enough. There is a myriad of dos and don’ts that you need to observe while wearing slippers to ensure they offer maximum comfort and value during your pregnancy moment.


  • Consider wearing the slippers for relaxation

Slippers are undeniably comfortable. The more comfortable you are during your pregnancy, the better the experience.

Either in the bedroom or in the living room, wear the slipper for maximum comfort.

  • Spend on quality

While there are many slippers at a different cost, consider choosing the quality ones. Quality slippers might come at a cost, and so does your comfort during pregnancy. A better investment will hardly disappoint.


  • Avoid wearing slippers with wet feet

The great mistake that many pregnant women do is to wear their slippers with wet feet. Try to dry off your feet before wearing the slippers. This might save you bad odor and discomfort while wearing the slippers.

  • Don’t wear slippers to work

While slippers may be comfortable, they might not make the best footwear for your office needs. It is advisable that one goes for comfortable shoes while in the outdoors and heading to the office for extra safety. Some flat shoes would work in this case.



While there are many options for slippers to wear, not all make the perfect choice for pregnant women. The above listed are some of the best slippers for pregnant ladies in 2020. Make your choice from the list above, as per your preference since all of them have passed the basic requirements for the perfect slippers for a pregnant woman.

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