Best Women’s Portable Folding Travel Slippers

Many times, you have had to remove your shoes when in the plane, ship, or camp vans since your feet are hurting.

The type of shoes you wear matters a lot. They dictate how much you are going to enjoy that trip. For this reason, you need the best traveling companion, apart from your better half that is.

Read on to find the best slippers for your feet.

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Most durable leather travel slippers with arch support for flat feet – Haflinger Leather Clog Slippers

Most disposable portable hotel slippers that you can pack in bags easily in travelingJuvale Foldable Travel Slippers

Foldable grey slippers with open toe design that comes with pouch – Comfysail Foldable Slippers

Arch support open toe slipper sandals designed for sweaty feet or plantar fasciitis – Easy Spirit Traciee2 Open Toe Slipper Sandals

The most lightweight foldable warm slippers that you can use in winter traveling – Snoozies Cozy Slippers


Travel Slippers vs. House Slippers

Similarities Lie inhow to choose travel slippers on the go

  • Both are designed to cushion your feet when walking.
  • They are both made from soft material either leather or cloth fabric to ensure the comfort of your foot. These materials should be breathable enough to maintain the freshness and dryness of your feet.
  • In both the sole is made from a durable material mostly rubber, which offers good traction making it safe for you to walk.
  • Both slippers are designed to protect your feet from contracting foot-related diseases and bacterial infections.

Then Comes the Differences:

Generally, there are no many differences between them.

  • Travel slippers can be used in the house but house slippers cannot be used when traveling. Traveling involves walking along beaches, hard rocks, and wet surfaces, which is not meant for some home slippers that have little traction when walking in such extreme environments.
  • Another difference is the ease of wearing and removing. Generally, house slippers are easier to wear and remove compared to travel slippers.


Why Do Women Need Travel Slippers?

Slippers should not be left out in your traveling kit. You need them to:

  • Protect your feet against bacterial infections. Such as athlete’s foot and other fungal infections.


  • Slippers make your feet comfortable when traveling. You do not have to walk in your socks when on the plane simply because the shoes make you uncomfortable.


  • Slippers ensure your feet are well cushioned against shock when walking on rough surfaces. It also protects your foot from objects on the ground that might result in foot injuries.


  • Slippers increase your stability and balance. Good quality slippers are meant to provide good arch support and relieve stress from your foot, which may decrease your balance and stability. An unsupported arch will lead to pain and discomfort which you do not need when traveling. The trip is made to be stress-free, right?


  • Slippers help to relieve your swelling feet and improve blood circulation. Many individuals suffer from swollen feet when they sit for a long time during travels or just from a medical condition such as diabetes. Having supportive slippers with you when traveling can help improve blood circulation to your feet and relieve you from foot swelling.


  • Worry no more about foot pains during travel. Traveling slippers are designed to support your feet and reduce cases of foot pain and discomfort, making it easy for you to enjoy your trip.


How to Choose Best Women’s Travel Slippers?

Picking the best product in a sea of products is not always an easy task, you can attest to that. You need the best slippers for traveling but they are so many leaving you even more confused than when you walked into the store. Below are a few things to take into account:

lightweight travel slippers on the go

– Does it come with a pouch?

Go for that pair of slippers that comes with a pouch for carrying. This will allow you to carry all your much-needed accessories without worry about space for extra slippers.

Additionally, the pouch is lightweight, thus you can have it on your lap and wear the slippers when you board the ship without having to stand to remove them from your bag.


– What are reliable brands?

Many brands are making slippers. Here are a few brands that might interest you.

portable women travel slippers

i. Isotoner

These slippers have the best arch support. If you need arch support, Isotoner slippers should be your go-to slippers.

ii. Snoozie

This brand produces the best slippers in terms of warmth and coziness. During the night or winter when the weather is super cold, these slippers will provide you the warmth and comfort you need.

iii. Easy Spirit

This brand makes slippers for low-impact walks. The brand focuses on luxury and comfort.

iv. Final verdict

Both these three brands are best in offering your feet the comfort level they so much need. In this list, Isotoner ranks first, Snoozie is second and Easy Spirit completes the list.


– Is it foldable for easy packing?

Another factor to consider is foldability. You don’t need to carry very huge bags when traveling for just a weekend out. That’s why foldability is important.

Consider travel slippers boasting a foldable design, that allows you to fold the slippers in a small and compact design to allow easy storage and portability.


– Does it have a leather clog?

Consider buying leather clogs during your next shopping. With leather clogs, you are assured of good arch support, perfect stability, and balance. The slippers are also good in absorbing sweat and odor leaving your feet fresh, dry, and clean.

Additionally, leather clogs are designed with a rounded, closed-toe front providing enough room for your toes. This reduces pressure on your toes. If you suffer bunions, these slippers are super comfortable for your feet.


Best Women’s Travel Slippers Reviews

1. Best with Arch Support: Haflinger Leather Clog Slippers

isotoner travel slippers

  • Foldability: (0/5 )          
  • Lightweight: (3/5 )      
  • Indoor-outdoor compatibility: (5/5) 

Haflinger leather clog slippers feature a classic rough wool design that makes them attractive and fashionable. It is very simple and easy to use, all you have to do is slide your feet in. And, taking them off? Just kick your feet and they are off then you can jump straight into the pool.

The slippers have a small hip at the back to keep them on your feet. The sole is made from a durable, water-resistant rubber sole, thus can be used outdoors without having to change shoes.

The slippers also ensure your feet remain warm without getting sweaty. They are super helpful during the winter season.

More so, the slippers are breathable, provide good arch support, and are anti-slip. You can use them when indoors. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, they will help make your feet comfortable.

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2. Best Disposable: Juvale Foldable Travel Slippers with Non-slip Design

best women's travel slippers

  • Foldability: (5/5 )          
  • Lightweight: (5/5 )      
  • Indoor-outdoor compatibility: (0/5) 

These slippers are foldable. They can fit into tiny pockets in your travel bag. These slippers come in a pair (24). They come in a variety of colors with white as the most common.

They are disposable after use. They are perfect for spas, hotels, and guesthouses, nail salons, and even at home. The upper part is made of white fleece cloth. It is lightweight and breathable, thus your feet will remain dry and fresh all through.

They also feature a 5mm EVA sole, meaning they are slip-resistant. When in these you have the balance and stability you need when walking on those slippery hotel floors.

The inner sole is well cushioned to provide your feet the comfort they need. The slippers are open at the back making them easy to use. Fleece cloth is not water-resistant, thus should not be used in wet locations.

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3. Best with Pouch: Comfysail Foldable Slippers with Open Toe Design

snoozies travel slippers with pouch

  • Foldability: (4/5 )          
  • Lightweight: (5/5 )      
  • Indoor-outdoor compatibility: (2/5) 

Are you in search of a pair of comfy slippers, easy to use, and a store to take on your next trip to the Caribbean? Well, Comfysail has just what you need. This pair is foldable and portable. Besides, it comes with its carrier bag. You do not need to worry about space. This pair can be used in hotels, homes, sanitary areas, spa, and travel.

Worry less about your sweaty feet. When walking in these your feet remain perfectly dry, fresh, and clean. They are made from cotton material all around. The slippers are very breathable and absorb any moisture that might form on your feet.

Best still, they feature an extra-thick EVA sole, which will make your feet very much comfortable. When the slippers become dirty, just throw them in the washing machine as they are machine washable. Make that trip memorable with Comfysail foldable slippers.

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4. Best For Plantar Fasciitis: Easy Spirit Traciee2 Open Toe Slipper Sandals

ladies travel slippers

  • Foldability: (0/5 )          
  • Lightweight: (3/5 )      
  • Indoor-outdoor compatibility: (5/5) 

For your trip from the hotel to the beach or local market, Easy Spirit Traciee2 will provide your feet the comfort they need. The lightweight mesh and microsuede upper part, which feature Lyra stretch technology, thus it will ensure your feet remain completely dry.

They are well permeated to allow moisture to evaporate into the environment. Also, the slippers are open at both ends and a bit on the sides, so your feet will not sweat no matter how hot the place is. Better still, it has an inner fabric lining to add to its breathability.

The cushy, padded footbed cushions your feet from shock and makes them extra comfortable. The thick rubber sole is not only durable but also is well-treaded.

It provides good traction and it is also anti-slip and waterproof. You are safe when walking in this pair of slippers. It is easy to wear and take off as it has a low heel lip. If you have flat feet and you are looking for the best slippers to use during your travel, then Easy Spirit Traciee2 is the product for you.

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5. Most Lightweight: Snoozies Cozy Slippers Flat on the Go

womens travel slippers

  • Foldability: (5/5 )          
  • Lightweight: (5/5 )      
  • Indoor-outdoor compatibility: (3/5) 

Snoozies are comfortable, lightweight, and portable, slipper-like footwear to use when you travel. They are made of soft fleece-like material. The slippers are warm and cozy. You do not need to wear socks when using them since they feel like wearing heavy socks.

You feel like walking in socks only. For those who get uncomfortable when traveling to a point of removing your shoes, Snoozie slippers will not disappoint your feet.

What happens when you walk out of your seat when in your camping van, and the driver puts on some emergency breaks?

The rubber sole is anti-slip, so you will remain standing in case of any mishap. Snoozie slippers are machine washable making maintenance not much of a hassle.

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6. Most Breathable: Haflinger Alaska Lightweight Slippers with Synthetic Sole

women travel slipper

  • Foldability: (0/5 )          
  • Lightweight: (5/5 )      
  • Indoor-outdoor compatibility: (5/5) 

Haflinger brand has been in the market for over 15 years delivering you quality slippers. Their slippers are comfy, warm, and cozy. What else would you need after a long and tiring day? The Haflinger Alaska is made of 100% textile material. The slipper is well-knitted all around to provide you the comfort you need on your feet when watching wildebeests crossing the Mara River in Kenya.

It is very much breathable from top to bottom. Also, the material has good moisture-wicking properties, thus your feet will remain dry and clean every time you decide to wear these slippers. The sole is synthetic and it will provide you the support you need. It is thick enough to cushion your feet. Haflinger Alaska slippers will treat your feet to the best.

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7. Best with Moisture Wicking: Isotoner Ballerina Women Slippers with Rubber Sole

ladies travel slippers

  • Foldability: (5/5 )          
  • Lightweight: (5/5 )      
  • Indoor-outdoor compatibility: (4.5/5) 

The Isotoner Ballerina slipper is great for traveling, home-stays, and even going out. The upper part is knitted in a perfect way to provide your feet greater warmth and relaxation. The footbed makes your feet extra comfortable.

It has moisture-wicking properties. As a result, your feet will remain dry and fresh. The upper part composes a mixture of spandex to allow it to stretch to the length of your foot.

These travel shoes are lightweight, flexible, and portable. Just fold them and put them in their carrying pouch, which comes along with it. The footbed is well padded to cushion your feet.

The rubber sole is durable and provides good traction on any terrain you decide to walk on. These shoes can be on your feet all day long without making your feet uncomfortable. These pairs are also machine washable hence maintenance is easy.

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Can I Use Travel Slippers at Home?

Yes, you can.

As we discussed earlier, the major difference between travel slippers and house slippers is usage. And compared to house slippers, travel slippers are easier to fold up and store. This means travel slippers can be used at home.



Now that you have all you need to know about traveling slippers, what is holding you from getting the best ones for your next trip? You want your feet to be comfortable when traveling, get yourself the best travel slippers.