Cotton Socks VS Polyester Socks – Pros & Cons

Are polyester socks superior to cotton? This is a question a lot of people ask especially people with feet issues like excessive sweating. Both of these materials are quite famous for making breathable and warm clothes.

Also, they may work for socks, but some materials are not recommendable for certain people. Here is all information you need to learn about the cotton and polyester materials.

cotton vs polyester socks


 Pros and Cons of Cotton Socks 

  • Cotton has a soft texture

Cotton is one of the softest feeling materials in the whole world. This material is perfect for making comfortable clothes one of the reasons it is recommendable for kids’ clothes.

So, the cotton materials give your feet a soft feeling when combined with the right materials when it comes to socks and comfort to your feet. So, cotton socks are the most comfortable socks compared to polyester textures.

  • Do not fade easily

The cotton material holds color quite well and for a long time than some materials.

The cotton fibers do not quickly fade even after prolonged exposure to weather climates or even cleaning.

So, cotton socks tend to stay clean and new for a longer time.

  • Are breathable

Cotton materials are quite breathable than polyester.

The cotton socks, especially those made with predominantly cotton fibers, are comfortable to the skin. They allow the free flow of air to prevent the feet from sweating too much.

  • Are comfortable for sensitive skins

Cotton is one of the most recommendable materials for people with sensitive skins since it does not cause any irritation even when worn next to the skin.

So, if you have sensitive feet, cotton socks will be the best choice for you.

Cotton fabrics are absorbent and breathable, which leaves the feet feeling comfortable and fresh.

  • Expensive

If you compare the price of cotton socks to polyester models, cotton is quite expensive.

  • Not suitable for sweaty feet

The cotton materials are quite warm and are absorbent, which causes the feet to feel too much heat resulting in discomfort.

pros and cons of cotton socks

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 Pros and Cons of Polyester Socks 

  • Are durable

In terms of durability, polyester socks are super durable if you follow the right maintenance terms.

First off, polyester does not absorb any moisture, which makes cleaning to be fast and easy.

The socks dry up quickly to prevent extended exposure to high UV rays. So, polyester socks will last you for a long time, even longer than cotton socks.

  • Dries up quickly

The fact that polyester socks do not have absorbent technology, they in return take lesser time to dry up when cleaned.

They are also more recommendable for people with sweaty feet as they don’t insulate or cause too much wetness accumulation around your feet.

Thus, they help to keep the feet dry throughout.

  • Do not fade easily

Even if cotton socks do not fade quickly, polyester, on the other hand, is more fade resistant.

This is because polyester materials absorb dye speedily and retain it more than other materials. Besides, they don’t absorb moisture like sweat or water makes them keep the colors for longer than cotton fabrics.

  • Not safe for the environment

Polyester is not a safe material when disposed to the environment. This is because these materials take a longer time to decompose compared to materials like cotton.

Such materials can be harmful to the land animals or even water animals when disposed to the waters.

  • Polyester is not breathable

As said earlier, polyester materials are not recommendable for making summer clothes or shirts for people who sweat a lot.

The lack of breathable structure causes the body or feet to sweat even more due to heat accumulation.

  • Does not absorb

This feature may work for people with sweaty feet since the lack of absorbent materials ensures to keep the feet dry for long hours.

However, the non-absorbent design of the material causes some discomfort to the feet. Removing stain from the polyester fabric is quite difficult compared to cotton.

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Is Polyester Good Material for Socks?

polyester socks vs cotton socks

The decision of whether the polyester materials are suitable for socks to depend on the user.

First off, this is a perfect material for making socks for people with sweaty feet. This is because the polyester materials are lightweight, warm, and do not take long to dry out. This, in return, helps to keep your sweaty feet dry and comfortable for long.

The lack of absorbent design plays a role in keeping your feet dry since the feet moisture does not accumulate on the feet. This material holds color for a long time, and it is durable. This material may not fit in the category of people looking for absorbent socks since they don’t absorb moisture. It is not a safe material for the environment because it does not easily break down when disposed of.

 Final verdict:  If you are looking for comfortable and easy to clean dry socks that will keep your feet dry at a budget, polyester socks are the best stocks to consider buying.

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Polyester Socks Vs Cotton Socks

Polyester Socks Vs Cotton Socks

What features make polyester the best for making socks?

  • Polyester socks are relatively light in weight
  • Polyester is suitable for wicking away moisture
  • Polyester socks do not take long to dry after cleaning
  • Polyester socks are warm and do not fade easily
  • Polyester socks are durable

What features make cotton socks the best?

  • Cotton socks are great in absorbing wetness
  • They have a breathable design to allow airflow
  • Cotton socks are comfortable and warm to the skin

Which is the best?

Personal preference and health will help you determine the right socks materials for your daily wear.

For those who need socks that do not absorb wetness and keep the feet dry for long, polyester materials are the best option.

But, if you are looking for socks that will absorb moisture, allow breathability, and keep feet warm and toasty, cotton socks are the best choice.

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Which Breathes Better Cotton or Polyester?

Cotton is a better breather material since it has large molecules that allow the free flow of air. So, if you need socks that will enable breathability around your feet, choose cotton socks.

are cotton socks better than polyester

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Does Polyester Make Your Feet Stink?


As long you clean your socks accordingly, and you don’t wear one pair too many times before changing, polyester socks are the best choice of socks.

The polyester material has wicking properties whereby the materials prevent moisture from accumulating in one place for quick drying.

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Cotton and polyester are excellent materials for making socks, but the choice between the two materials differs depending on the user. If you need socks to keep you warm, allow breathability and softness to the skin, cotton socks are the best choices. But, if you need socks that will keep your feet dry throughout and are light in weight, polyester socks are the best option.