Top 10 Best Women’s Slippers For Foot Pain Reviews

Most people diagnosed with foot problems such as arthritis or edema are recommended by doctors to wear slippers.

These are unique slippers designed for people with foot pain and long-term foot problems like arthritis.

The best women’s slippers for foot pain are made lightweight to ensure there are no distractions when walking and reduce feet bulkiness.

Get the most comfortable women slippers for various foot pain relief!

Orthopedic slippers with arch support designed for women with plantar fasciitis – Orthofeet Women Slippers with Leather Material

Wide slippers with adjustable velcro for extra wide and diabetic foot – Orthofeet Proven Heel and Foot Pain Relief Slippers

Easy slip on and off slippers with soft lining to use in cold winters – HomeTop Women’s Tender Slippers

Open-toe slippers with all black design for women with sore toeSOLLBEAM Fuzzy House Slippers

High top cozy slippers effectively relieve heel and ankle pain – ULTRAIDEAS Women’s Wool Warm Slippers


These slippers are exceptionally comfortable to wear for a long since they have breathable materials and are warm to accommodate all weather and seasons.

The foot pain relieving slippers are designed in different sizes and styles to fit men and women.

In this case, if you are a woman and you need reliable and durable slippers for foot pain, we got your back!

In this article, we will review the top ten best women’s slippers for foot pain.


Why Do Women Need Slipper for Foot Pain?

The slippers help to keep the feet and toes comfortable while indoors. This is because most slippers are crafted with warm materials essential for keeping the feet toasty and cozy.

Slippers are made in a lightweight design, which helps the feet to relax while indoors, especially after a long and tiring day at work.


Can Slippers Cause Foot Pain?

This is possible, especially if you wear flat slippers. Flat shoes push the feet ligaments to work extra to support the arch and other feet muscles when walking. Hence, this results in sharp pains developing on various parts of the feet.


Causes of Women Foot Pain

  • Feet injuries on the bones, nerves, or ligaments
  • Long term diseases like arthritis or diabetes
  • Damage of the nerves of the feet may also result in sharp pains


Want to know what are the exact reasons for your foot pain? You may want to check our article on: Shop your suitable shoes based on your foot conditions!


Best Women’s Slippers for Foot Pain Reviews

1. Best For Orthopedic – Orthofeet Women Slippers For Foot Pain Relief with Leather Material

best slippers for women with foot pain


  • Warm lining
  • Beautiful finish
  • Open back for easy putting on and off
  • Recommendable for relieving multiple feet problems


  •  Only two colors available

To guarantee these slippers’ reliability in supporting people with feet problems, they are sold with 60 days test period that guarantees a full refund. The shoes are recommendable for people with orthopedic issues or if you tend to develop muscle pains after wearing shoes for too long.

Heals multiple feet issues

If you experience any feet problems like plantar fasciitis, heel pain foot, and pain neuropathy; these are the best shoes to invest in since they help relieve the problems

Extended width

You don’t need to deal with tedious or feet blisters caused for wearing tight shoes as these slippers are crafted with a broader design. The design also makes them the best choice for people with wide feet.

Large toe box

The shoes have a large toe box design, so your feet and toes can relax when walking in them.


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2. Best For Diabetic – Orthofeet Proven Heel and Foot Pain Relief Slippers For Women with Arch Support

lightweight slippers for women with foot pain


  • Come with a warranty
  • Have thick and warm cushioning
  • Adjustable for comfortable fitting
  • Thick and anti-slip


  • These shoes are not affordable for all people as they retail at a high price

If you are looking for slippers that provide the best arch support, get these shoes from Orthofeet asap! The shoes are comfortable to wear even when going out as they also have a beautiful design and color.

Orthopedic shoes

These shoes are recommendable for orthopedic relief since they are comfortable, and the soles are flexible for easy walking. To prove this, the slippers come with 60 days money refund.

Lightweight shoes

These shoes are crafted in a lightweight style to make sure you don’t feel any bulkiness on your feet when walking

Orthopedic insoles

The insoles are crafted with thick cushioning to ensure your footbeds are comfortable. The shoes also have anatomical support for the arch section.


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3. Best Slip On – HomeTop Women’s Comfy  Memory Foam Tender Slippers For Indoors

best women's slippers for foot pain


  • Come in varying colors
  • The knit materials on the top ensure breathability, especially for people with sweaty feet
  • Come with a warranty
  • Comfortable to walk on various surfaces


  • These slippers are designed in smaller sizes

These are super comfortable and feet-friendly designed slippers for wearing while indoors. The slippers have unique knit materials on the upper side essential for retaining the warmth, and rubber soles for excellent traction.

Faux fur lining

These slippers are comfortable to wear indoors and during the winter season since the faux fur helps to retain heat to keep the feet warm

No money risk warranty

These slippers come with a full money refund if they do not meet the described features

Comfortable to wear

The slippers have a wide-open back design, so slipping them on and off is easy and fast.


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4. Best with Multiple Colors – Vionic Women’s Gemma Mule Slipper For Plantar Fasciitis

women's slippers for arch support


  • Provide feet support
  • Comfortable for indoor and outdoor areas
  • Comfortable and gentle to the feet
  • Have quality rubber soles


  • These slippers are quite expensive

These slippers have raised soles such that you can wear them both indoors and outdoors. The lightweight crafting makes them perfect for people with foot pain since they don’t add any bulkiness to your feet when walking

Have feet motion support

These shoes keep your feet comfortable and safe for every step you take when walking.

Rubber sole

The slippers have thick rubber soles that are good to walk on different surfaces, including outdoors.

Adjustable fitting

These slippers have the hook loop closure style, and it is adjustable so you can get the right fitting.


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5. Best with Adjustable Strap – Vionic Women’s Indulge Sadie Mule Slipper For Wide Feet

best slippers for women with foot pain


  • Relatively light in weight
  • Slip-on design for easily off
  • Have quality material construction
  • Come in different styles


  • Do not have thick cushioning

These slippers are fit for people with orthopedic problems since they are comfortable on their feet. The shoes have velcro for adjusting the fitting to make sure your feet are comfortable and relaxed.

Podiatrist-designed footbed

This style plus the flat design on the footbed ensures the feet are fully supported for every step you make when walking in these slippers while promoting your stability.

Textured outsole

The slippers’ outer parts have texture EVA foam material that provides comfort and keeps the feet warm as well.

Velcro closure style

These shoes have adjustable velcro on the upper section to ensure you have a good fit, whether you have slim or wide feet.


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6. Best For Indoor and Outdoor – SOLLBEAM Fuzzy House Slippers with Arch Support Orthotic For Toe Pain Relief

slippers for women with foot pain


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable to put on and off
  • Suitable for all people with feet problems
  • The fitting of the slippers is adjustable


  • The fur materials make the slippers silky

Get long-lasting support and foot pain relief with these slippers. They are ideal for women since they come in different bright and beautiful colors.

Premium material design

The slippers are made with fur materials that are soft to the feet and ensure to keep the feet warm.

Easy to clean

In case of spillage or dirt, just put the slippers in the machine washer as they are compatible

Have deep heel cup

The slippers have this design essential for supporting the heel when you walk for long-distance, or if you are involved in vigorous activities


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7. Most Comfortable – LongBay Women’s Furry Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers with Adjustable Velcro

adjustable women slippers for foot pain


  • Super warm
  • Breathable materials
  • Safe for multiple feet problems
  • Anti-slip


  • The shoes do not have an arch structure; hence, they are not safe for supporting the arch

If you have diabetes, edema, or even arthritis, these are the best shoes to buy for indoor use. The shoes are light in weight for convenient walking around and are furry to keep the feet warm even when you step on cold grounds.

High-density 80D memory foam

These shoes have thick and high-density memory foam cushioning to secure the feet from impacts when you walk on hard surfaces.

Anti-slip design

These shoes are safe for all, including older adults, as the rubber soles have an anti-slip design for easy walking on different types of floors.

Easy to put on

The upper parts of the shoes have the hook and loop closure, which is also adjustable for good fitting.


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8. Best Anti-Slip For Floors – ULTRAIDEAS Women’s Cozy Memory Foam Wool Warm Slippers For Tired Feet

slip on slippers for women with foot pain


  • Come in four different colors
  • Have a warm lining
  • Suitable to wear indoors and outdoors
  • Comfortable to maintain by cleaning


  • Lacks sole support

These shoes have a blend of cotton knitted upper part and fleece woolen-like materials on the inside to keep the feet warm and comfortable even in cold seasons. The shoes have quality materials such that you can wear them when going on outdoors too.

Multiple layers of cushion

The shoes’ footbeds have thick memory foam paddings that act as a shock absorbent and ensure the feet are comfortable, especially when walking on rough areas outdoors.

Super warm

The lining of these shoes is made with fluff and soft materials to keep the feet warm and comfortable even in cold times.

Durable and anti-slip soles

The soles of the shoes have an anti-slip design for safety when you wear them indoors


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9. Best with Machine Washable – Jessica Simpson Women’s Comfy Faux Fur House Slipper

women's slippers for foot pain with memory foam


  • Keep feet warm
  • Have a synthetic outer sole that is durable
  • Can be cleaned with hands and machines
  • Comfortable to walk in


  • These slippers may not suit people with wide feet since they are made in a narrow design

One essential factor worth noting about these shoes is that they are made in a narrow design, and thus you may have to buy a size larger for proper fitting.

Soft and warm lining

The shoes have fluffy fur lining essential for insulating heat to keep the feet warm

Thick memory foam padding

You can walk on different surfaces with these shoes while indoors since the thick memory foam acts as a shock absorbent to secure the footbed.

Machine washable

These shoes are compatible with a machine washer for quick and efficient cleaning


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10. Best For Narrow Feet – HomeTop Women’s Warm Cotton Memory Foam Slippers For Achy Feet

women's slippers with memory foam


  • Comfortable to wear for long
  • Lightweight
  • Various color shades
  • Suitable for sweaty feet


  • These shoes are made in small sizes and may not work for wide or long feet.

These beautiful shoes are comfortable to wear while indoors since they are light in weight. Also, the design and the featherweight make them an excellent choice for people suffering from foot pains.


These indoor slippers are made with rubber and leather materials that are comfortable and durable

Suitable for sweaty feet

The lining of the slippers have high wicking design to absorb any wetness on the feet to keep you dry throughout

Comes with warranty

The shoes are made with quality materials and come with a money refund warranty for quality assurance.


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How to Choose the Best Women’s Slippers for Foot Pain?

women slippers for foot pain

Consider the weight of slippers

If you have foot pain, the last thing you need is shoes that will add bulkiness to your feet when walking. Therefore, make sure the slippers that you choose are light.


Choose warm slippers

Slippers that have warm materials are safe and suitable for people with foot pain since the warmth helps the feet muscles to relax and helps to keep the feet comfortable as well.


The size

The size is another crucial thing to note when buying slippers for foot pain. The feet need to be as comfortable as possible, making sure to choose the slippers that provide good fitting. Meaning avoiding slippers that are too tight as they may aggravate the foot pain. If you are not sure about the right size of slippers to buy, measure your feet’ length and width, then use the measurements to buy the slippers.



If you need slippers that relax your feet and eliminate any foot pains, these are the top ten best slippers to buy. The slippers are comfortable to the feet, and some are recommendable for women with foot problems such as diabetes, edema, or arthritis.