How to Wash Fuzzy Socks?

Fuzzy socks are a special kind of socks in that they are incredibly soft, thereby making them comfortable socks to put on. This is down to the fact that they are made from materials like polyester and spandex blend.

To maintain the properties that make them comfortable and in turn keep you cozy, one needs to be able to care for them and wash them with appropriate substances and in an appropriate way.

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Should You Use Fabric Softener On Fuzzy Socks?

While fabric softener is a useful way of maintaining the softness of your fuzzy socks and also keeping it free of wrinkles, its use isn’t recommended. Fabric softeners have been known to deposit wax coatings on your fabrics and these coatings can, in turn, destroy your socks.

They are also not good if you are prone to foot odors as they can make foot odors difficult to get rid of by trapping them in your socks.


How To Wash Fuzzy Socks Without Ruining It?

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● You can make use of a washing machine with some detergent and you can as well do it manually with your hands. It is recommended to wash them manually as that is more effective at getting rid of dirt trapped in the socks.

● It is advisable to separate fuzzy socks from other clothes and wash them separately. This prolongs the lifespan of the socks and also keeps the socks in optimal condition.

● While washing, it is important to turn them inside out to get rid of dirt trapped on the surface of the socks that come in contact with one’s leg.

● To dry these socks, air-drying socks is the finest method for drying them. Never put your fuzzy socks in the dryer or force the process. When drying your socks, stay away from direct heat or sunshine.


How To Care For Fuzzy Socks?

There are a few things you can do to make your Fuzzy socks last longer and keep you comfortable, and cozy for years to come. They include;

● Washing your fuzzy socks with your hands

This is the best method to wash your fuzzy socks. It not only makes sure to get rid of dirt from your socks faster, but it allows for better handling of the socks. If you only use a washing machine, however, wash with care in cold water and under low settings.

● Keep them away from your pets

It’s best if you keep your fuzzy socks away from your pets like dogs and cats anytime they’re not on your feet for them not chew on them and destroy them in the process.

● Wear your fuzzy socks mainly indoors

This is to prevent these socks from harsh surfaces outdoors and thereby keep them in optimal conditions.


How To Make Fuzzy Socks Soft Again?

how to clean fuzzy socks

As discussed above, fabric softeners are generally not advisable to soften your socks and make them fluffy. What can be used instead is vinegar.

● Add half a cup of white vinegar to water or the detergent chamber of the washing machine to wash your socks and other clothes.
● Air-dry the socks on a dry rack instead of drying them in a dryer.


Can You Tumble Dry Fuzzy Socks?

It is not advisable to tumble dry your fuzzy socks because they can lose their soft texture as a result. It is best to air dry them.


Do You Wash Fuzzy Socks Inside Out?

It is recommended to wash your fuzzy socks inside out as it helps to reach the inner surfaces that are in contact with your skin and also to get rid of excess water while rinsing.



The way you treat and care for your fuzzy socks determines how long they will last. It also determines how comfortable it will make you feel when you put them on. It is important to wash and care for them appropriately to make them soft and comfy as usual.