All About Hotel Slippers – What You Should Know As Hotel Owners and Customers?

Slippers are a kind of footwear that is light, easy to slip on and off of your feet. They are not considered important at home especially in rural areas. However, they are required for indoor hotel wear.

hotel slippers

As provided hotel amenities, they enable guests to comfortably and tidily walk around the room or to the bathroom. Hotel slippers are available in different types and your choice depends on your tastes and preferences.

There are waffle slippers, velvet slippers, non-woven slippers, flip flop slippers, just to mention a few. From the above categories, you may consider having disposable kind or non-disposable ones. Also, considering the size of your hotel that is, disposable slippers would work perfectly for a small hotel. Hotel slippers ensure your feet as customers are warm, can rest, recover, and breathe.

In this article, we are going to talk about the suitability of hotel slippers in terms of materials, soles, and logo; the production of personalized hotel slippers, disposable hotel slippers, and if hotel slippers are environmentally friendly.


For Hotel Owner:

1. How to Find Suitable Slippers for Hotel?

You are supposed to have the best high-quality hotel slippers. This is because they are the guest’s first impression and depending on how they are might sell your reputation. To get a suitable hotel slipper whether luxury or standard, you need to consider the following:

– Materials

To make the right decision when it comes to the type of fabric, you need to be true if the slippers are for multipurpose use or disposable.

There are a wide variety of materials to choose from including polyester, poly-velour, terry, and cotton and waffle fabric. Some of these materials are mixed at a different percentage to make the desired output.

Terry woven slippers are comfortable, soft, and perfect for water absorption.

Waffle slippers are unique, elegant, and the best choice for a high-class hotel.

– Slipper sole.

disposable hotel slippers

For you to make the right decision about sole you need to consider the floor. Whichever, case your slipper sole should be anti-slip.

You may consider having a cardboard sole that is cheap, suitable for areas carpeted and non-slippery; plastic soles, thermal non-slip sole, EVA sole for slippery areas, and sponge sole for luxurious usage.

– Logo

Having your hotel slippers with a personalized logo is great and revealing nowadays.

Always make sure the colors in your log do not look too weird or be similar to the slipper’s fabric. Ensure the color and the long design are guest’s heart-catching, meats hotel’s culture and in a way uplifts your hotel’s grade.

– Is it Eco-friendly

In this century eco-friendly slippers are highly preferred? You can consider slippers that are 100 percent organic and made of nature.

Having a choice of biodegradable slippers is perfect as you will leave the environment tidy. EVA soles are a bit better choice as other materials strongly pollute the surroundings.


2. How to Produce Personalized Hotel Slippers?

There are different ways out there you can use to customize your hotel slippers. You can personalize slippers to meet your taste and preferences. To produce customized slippers follow these steps;

Sole Making; to make a perfect EVA sheet you are supposed to use mixed Eva raw material and plastic material.

Sponge covering; make sure you have stacked fabric and sponge perfectly.

Cutting the sole and the fabric; before cutting the materials you are supposed to consider the size and shape of your slippers. Choose a single size between 26 to 29 cm for men and women.

Printing: you can use embroidery or printing to write the hotel name or logo on the slippers. You can do this anywhere you desire. The material you choose will determine whether to print or embroil your logo. For example, you can print your logo on terry-made slippers.

Stitch the cover, sole, and upper part together. Make sure you sew them perfectly.

lastly, package your slippers into a paper bag.

It’s important to have your slippers designed ready, whether closed-toe or open model.


3. How do You Wash Hotel Slippers?

Washing slippers is easy and takes a short time whether using hands or a washing machine. In case you are using hands follow these steps:

– Pour warm water into a medium basin or use your sink. Then add a laundry detergent and mix thoroughly using hands to create a desirable stable foam.

– Put your slippers and shake them for some time to ensure all materials are saturated. To penetrate the dirt of the inner parts you can use a cloth to scrub.

– Leave them to stay for about 10 minutes then scrub them gently.

– Rinse your slippers with clean water. Make sure you squeeze them to get rid of excess soap. Using running water is considered better.

– Squeeze your slippers in a towel to remove excess water.

– Leave them to air dry or use a blow-dryer’s warm setting.


4. Recommended Washable Hotel Slippers that Look Luxury

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For Customers:

Are Hotel Slippers Free?

Most hotels also offer some complimentary items for free for their guests.washable hotel slippers

You will find light duty pairs of slippers at two of them in every room in a hotel. The customers are supposed to wear them in their room and in some rare cases, they can carry them home.

However, if not the case you will be checked before leaving the hotel room.

Most hotels will charge you in case they are missing depending on the kind. Disposable slippers are used once therefore, once you are given you can trash them before leaving.


How to Make a Temporary Slipper at a Hotel?

Temporary slippers are easier to make, you need to ensure that all materials to be used are Eco-friendly and biodegradable. Follow these step-by-step ways to make temporary slippers;

  • Use EVA material to make the sole. This material is easy to clean, cheap, and light.
  • Use terry cloth material for covering. This is because they are moisture-proof and light-textured.
  • Cut the materials checking on your desired shape and at least 28 cm in size for all genders.
  • Stitch together the sole, upper part, and cover. Ensure you leave no opening. After perfect sewing, the slippers are ready to wear.



Nowadays, most hotels are providing free slippers to their guests. This has enabled them to come up with different designs and customization. Some hotels offering complementary items to their customers allows them to carry the slippers home. There is a high need to come up with more Eco-friendly materials for producing hotel slippers.