Best Women’s Shearling Cozy Scuff Slippers

Are Scuff slippers the best slipper type?

I understand there are multiple styles of slippers in the market and of course, every consumer has their preference-based, on their comfort and style option. Well, scuff slippers are slippers made with a backless style.

For a quick pick? Check the recommended scuff slippers for ladies here:

Most comfortable: Jessica Simpson Women’s Comfy Faux Fur House Slipper

Comes with indoor and outdoor sole for the house and outdoor use: Jessica Simpson Women’s Suede Slipper

An anti-skid outsole that you can use for slippery conditions like tile floors: ULTRAIDEAS Women’s Cozy Memory Foam Slippers

Come with breathable material to control sweaty feet: Dearfoams Women’s Bailey Plush Furry Scuff Slipper

Delicated quilted sock slippers that you can use for hot summer: Dearfoams Women’s Terry Scuff Slipper

clark women scuff slippers

So, even if the slippers have an enclosed toe design, slipping them on and off is easy and comfortable for all.

In this article, we are going to provide detailed information regarding the scuff slippers, why they are better than some designs, and the top best models in the market.


Benefits of Scuff Slippers Over Clog Slipper

Scuff slippers are made with a completely open back which makes them easy to slip on and off. They are called scuff slippers because they make a sound when walking due to the open back section. The scuff slippers may have either an open or closed-toe design depending on the brand or model.

On the other hand, clog slippers are made with a back strap for securing the slippers on the feet. Therefore, they are not as easy to slip on as with the scuff slippers. In this case, the scuff slippers are the perfect slipper for home use as they are flexible when wearing and taking off.


When Are Scuff Slippers Used?

The scuff slippers are perfect for people who need slippers they can easily slip in when accessing various areas indoors.

The slippers have an open back section so you don’t need to strain when wearing them. Just slip in your feet and start to walk. You can wear the scuff slippers when cooking, accessing the bathroom at night or when relaxing on the balcony.

Scuff slippers eliminate the need to wear socks indoors, and some have a warm design to keep the feet warm during the winter seasons.


How to Pick the Best Women’s Scuff Slippers?

clark women's knit scuff slipper mule

1. For winter or summer use?

Seasons play a huge role when choosing the type of slippers to buy.

For winter seasons, choose slippers made with wool/ fur lining and insoles to keep the feet insulated from cold. Also, scuff slippers with enclosed frontals are great for the cold seasons for maximum warmth.

On the other hand, the summer seasons are exceptionally hot, and thus, the slippers should promote good airflow. Choose slippers made with thin cotton lining to facilitate good airflow.

Also, consider the slippers made with the knit top design as it allows good breathability to the feet. Slipper with open toes may work for summer days as well.

2. What materials to choose from?

If you need scuff slippers to protect your feet from cold and promote feet breathability fully, shearling materials are perfect. These slippers are made with natural sheepskin with the fur intact to keep the feet warm. They have a high absorbent level to prevent sweat accumulation on the feet.

Shearling fibers are naturally breathable to keep the feet cool during the summer seasons. The available Landin on the sheepskin fibers acts as anti-bacterial to prevent feet odor even when you sweat, which is a plus.


3. Is it cozy and comfortable to use?

Choose slippers that have padding in the interior for your comfort and provide the right support.

The scuff slippers made with memory foam padding are quite comfortable and cozy even when walking in rough areas. Also, consider the models made with fur lining for that extra comfort.


4. For indoor or for indoor-outdoor both?

In most cases, the materials and the soles design of the slippers determine where to wear them. For example, the slippers made with a thin sole and extra fluffiness are only recommendable for indoors wearing for easy maintenance.

But still, make sure the soles have an anti-slip design for your safety when walking on slippery surfaces.

But, if you need slippers to wear outdoors, ensure they have a thick sole and the soles are anti-slip.

Choose warm slippers but avoid the models made with extra fluffiness for easy cleaning.

Also, consider the slippers made with thick paddings for support when walking on multiple surfaces outdoors.


5. Do you need arch support for plantar fasciitis?

If you experience foot pain, fatigue after wearing shoes for long, or have plantar fasciitis, it is safe to choose scuff slippers that offer arch support.

Such slippers have a more elongate shaft to provide the right foot support, plus thick padding on the footbed and midsole.


6. Is it washable?

In this case, the scuff slippers’ materials are made to determine if they are washable or not. Some slippers are compatible with machine washers. Such materials include; cotton, fur, and wool.

But, some materials like suede may require special cleanings like spot cleaning or brushing. The bottom line is to choose slippers that are easy to clean.


7. Closed-toe or open-toe?

If you need slippers that provide maximum warmth, mainly in freezing seasons, a closed-toe style is a great choice.

But to ensure breathability during the summer season, or if you need slippers that allow good airflow, consider a pair made of open-toe style.


Best Women’s Scuff Slippers Reviews

1. Most Comfortable: Jessica Simpson Women’s Comfy Faux Fur House Slipper

dearfoam scuff slippers with grey colors

You will never complain about cold feet while indoors with these Jessica symptoms scuff slippers. The slippers are made with warm and fluffy materials that insulate your feet to keep them warm. They are also quite light so, you can wear them for an entire day even if you are just chilling in the house.

Memory foam padding

Although technically these scuff slippers are meant for indoor wear, be sure that they are comfortable too. The insoles are made with a thick memory foam padding for that extra support and comfort when walking.

Have anti-slip soles

Another outstanding feature of these scuff slippers is the anti-slip soles. So, you can walk on any surface without worrying about your feet tripping since the slippers have anti-skid soles.

Easy to clean

Although these slippers are made with fluffy materials, cleaning them is pretty much easy. Just toss them in your machine washer and you will be good to go.

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2. Comes with Indoor and Outdoor Sole: Jessica Simpson Women’s Suede Plush Slip-on Scuff House Slipper

arch support women scuff slippers

These are classic and versatile slippers you can rock while in the house or if you want to step out for a takeaway. The slippers are made with thick soles for comfort when walking on different surfaces mainly outdoors.


It is not usual to find comfortable scuff slippers that you can rock both indoors and outdoors. The slippers are perfect for different weather since they are warm and breathable. The thick soles ensure you can walk from different areas and are light for comfort as well. The slippers have anti slid soles for safety when walking outdoors.

Multiple color options

You can buy a few pieces of the slippers in varying colors since they are made in different colors to choose from.


These slippers are made of genuine suede that is soft and comfortable to your skin. Also, they have a fluffy interior that adds warmth to the feet as well.

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3. Anti-skid: ULTRAIDEAS Women’s Cozy Memory Foam Slippers

best womens scuff slippers

This is another pair of scuff slippers designed for indoor and outdoor wear. Nonetheless, these slippers are quite comfortable to ensure the wearer is comfortable and safe as well.

Non-skid rubber soles

One of the reasons these slippers are recommendable for outdoor areas is the rubber anti-skid soles that guarantee safety when walking on different surfaces.

Super soft and comfortable

These slippers greatly snuggle on the feet while ensuring your feet are comfortable throughout. The innersoles are made of memory foam padding that adds great cushioning for your feet comfort. The lining is made of wool plush fleece that keeps the feet warm while ensuring good breathability in hot seasons.

Easy to maintain

The slippers are easy to maintain as they are washable in a machine washer.

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4. Soft Suede Materials: Koolaburra by UGG Women’s Milo Scuff Slipper

comfortable women scuff slippers

Not only are these slippers comfortable to wear but they are made with premium materials that guarantee durability.

Are durable

The shoes are made of cow suede that is quite durable while the interior has wool fluff lining to keep the feet warm even during the winter seasons.

Round toe style

The slippers are constructed with a round toe box that ensures the toes are well spread for your comfort.

Easy to slip on and off

The slippers are easy to wear thanks to the open-back design.

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5. Suitable For Sweaty Feet: Dearfoams Women’s Bailey Plush Furry Scuff Slipper

flat scuff slippers

Dearfoam slippers come in different colors so you can select the perfect color that matches your indoor wear. They are warm and comfortable, so they will suit you during the cold seasons.

Comes in varying colors and sizing

These slippers from Dearfoam come in different colors and sizes so you can select your preferred colors and size. The sizes range from small to large and you can get them in six different colors.


The top part of the slippers is made of plush faux fur upper that is cozy to the feet while allowing breathability to prevent heat build-up.

Have rubber outer soles

The slippers are made with rubber materials with anti-slid materials such that you can wear them while indoors or outdoors.

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6. Slip Resistant For Indoor and Outdoor: IZOD Women’s Memory Foam Slippers

warm scuff slippers for women

Not only do these slippers keep the feet warm in cold seasons, but they also come in different sizes for perfect fitting for everyone. The open design at the back ensures the slippers easily slip on and off.

Beautiful and comfortable design

The top parts of the slippers are made with beautiful and smooth microfiber materials that give the slippers a classic beautiful finish. The interior parts of the slippers are made of soft plush materials to ensure the feet are safe from the cold.

Anti-skid rubber soles

The soles of these slippers are made with rubber soles infused with anti-skid features to safeguard the slippers from slipping off when walking on wet surfaces. So, even if you need to walk outdoors with slippers, rest assured your safety is guaranteed.

Total comfortable

These slippers are quite comfortable since they have fur plush on the interior for your comfort and safety.

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7. Breathable Design: Dearfoams Women’s Terry Scuff with Quilted Sock Slipper

women winter scuff slippers

If you have feet pain or experience fatigue from wearing shoes for long hours, these scuff slippers will work perfectly for you. They have a longer shaft that provides support and comfort to your feet.

Machine washable

These slippers are quite easy to clean since they are compatible with the machine washer.

Features Df adapt top

The top sections of the slippers have Df adapt that promotes the free flow of air for breathability. Although the slippers insulate the feet, they also allow free flow of air for breathability purposes.

Synthetic soles

The slippers are made with synthetic thick soles for convenient walking on different surfaces even outdoors.

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Is UGG Women Scuff Slippers Worth Buying?

women's daybreak scuffs

UGG brand is best known for making the most comfortable seasonal and all seasons slippers. So, for that extra comfort and safety of your feet in all seasons, I believe Ugg women scuff slippers are worth investing in.

Their slippers are made of quality materials so durability is a guarantee. You can get different styles of scuff slippers suitable for indoor, outdoor, or both areas.


Is Suede Slipper A Good Choice?

Suede slippers are classic and warm but, when it comes to maintenance, these slippers need a bit of care.

First off, suede slippers cannot be washed, only need spot cleaning or brushing with a suede brush. The materials may hence, limit you to places you can wear the slippers. For example, you cannot wear them in dusty areas.


What Other Brands You Can Rely On?


This is a household name best known for making classic and comfortable types of slippers. What stands out from this brand is the memory foam infusion that ensures the slippers are comfortable for all.


This brand makes the best in-house scuff slippers that are cozy, warm, and durable too. Their slippers are easy to maintain as they can be washed in a washing machine.



Scuff slippers are the most comfortable slippers for indoor and outdoor. They are easy to wear and take off plus suit different weather climates. Scuff slippers are made in varying styles to suit both men and women. The above reviewed seven models are perfect for women and suit various seasons.