How to Wash Sorel Slippers?

When the temperature drops down, all you need is a good pair of sorel slippers to keep your feet warm, cosy and protected.

After quality and design, the thing that sets sore slippers apart is they are super easy to clean. With regular and proper cleaning, you can have squeaky clean slippers ready to wear every time.

Unlike other slipper types, the special material composition of sorel slippers keeps them in good shape even after numerous washes if they are taken care of properly.

how to wash sorel slippers

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How to Wash Sorel Slippers?

Put simply, washing sorel slippers is pretty easy and fun if you follow the steps in order as mentioned below.

1. Make a mixture of water and phosphate-based solutions in a 1/4 ratio.
2. Next, soak the slippers first in hot water for a few minutes and then rinse deeply into the mixture.
3. Scrub the slippers with a soft-bristled brush to remove all dust and debris.
4. Let it stay for a few minutes there, and then leave the slippers to air dry overnight.


How to Clean the Outside Of Sorel Slippers?

When cleaning the outside of sorel slippers, you need to pay extra care and attention to ensure you’re doing it the right way. Mostly, sorel slippers are made of suede, soft leather, wool, and other flexible materials to make cleaning an absolute breeze.

  • Use a wet cloth to wipe the spots and blotches.
  • With a mild detergent, you can rub the tough stains by scrubbing with a brush.
  • Once done, stuff dry paper towels into the close-heel sorel slippers to absorb all the moisture.
  • Cleaning Sorel Slippers With Salt and Grease.
  • Salt has been proven to be one of the best traditional methods to thoroughly clean Sorel slippers without chemicals.


All you have to do is:

1. Make a mixture of salt and water in an approximate 1:4 ratio.
2. Rinse the slippers thoroughly into the mixture for some time and then leave them in hot water for a couple of hours.
3. Once it has been deep-cleaned, let the slippers air-dry overnight and spray any deodorant to keep the slippers from getting oily stains during use.


How to Clean the Liner?

To keep up with demands, the majority of sorel slippers come with liners that often get dirty due to outside exposure. Because of this, cleaning them deeply is equally essential to make the slippers look fresh and clean.

Since outside liners are sensitive, cleaning them manually is the best option to maintain their shine and shape.

To clean the liner, all you need to do is:

1. Detach the liner from the sorel slippers.
2. Soak the liners in a mixture of water and soft detergent.
3. Let the liner sit in the mixture for a few minutes and then massage with any brush.
4. Take the liners out and use a dry cloth towel to wipe the wetness on the liner.
5. Lastly, leave the liners to air-dry overnight, spray any good deodorant and attach them back to the sorel slippers.


Can I Put Sorel Slippers in the Washing Machine?

how to clean slippers

Although you can machine wash your sorel slippers, cleaning them manually is the best way to maintain their shape and shine for many upcoming years.


How Do You Get the Smell Out of Sorel Slippers?

Because of soft material composition, Sorel slippers are mainly used as in-house or bathroom slippers. As a result, they often get dirty and stinky and call for regular cleaning from time to time.

To remove the odour from the smelly slippers, soak them in a mixture of baking soda and water for a few hours. Next, leave them to dry overnight to oxidise unwanted particles into the air. Lastly, spray any pleasant-smelling deodorant inside the slippers for the next use.


How Do You Dry Sorel Boots?

If you’re not short on time and need proper drying, it’s best to leave your sorel boots for air-dry overnight. Although using a dryer is common to dry boots is common, it’s not the most promising option for sorel boots as it may leave them in bad condition after drying.


Do Sorel Boots Need to Be Treated, And How?

Depending on the condition of Sorel boots, you can treat sorel boots with proper care and attention to keep them squeaky clean, fresh and in good condition for years.

To avoid this hassle, consider buying pre-treated sorel boots from any reliable manufacturer so they can last for many more years to come.



Cleaning your sorel slippers is the only way to make them look good, fresh, and beautiful for many more years to come. Since most sorel slippers are waterproof, cleaning them with these methods won’t give you a hard time. If cleaned the right way, your sorrel slippers can stand the test of time and last much longer than average.

If you do have much time for cleaning, a wipe of damp cloth after every ease is enough to keep the clean the mess of the surface right away. Whichever method you use to clean the slippers, try to be as gentle as possible, especially when scrubbing the spots with the brush. While there is no harm in washing sorrel slippers, many people are afraid to dip the footwear in water and choose to wipe over washing.

After cleaning, a good rule of thumb is to stuff dry paper towels or newspaper in the slippers to sustain their original shape and absorb the dampness in the sorrel slippers.

When you’re all set to clean your sorrel slippers, choose the best cleaning methods with products or ingredients available in your house.