How to Tie Moccasin Slippers?

Moccasins are a trendy footwear option handcrafted for a comfy and stylish appeal. Besides being a stylish alternative, moccasins are one of the most comfortable footwear to don in a daily fashion.

But many people happen to skip this footwear due to the huge task of tying the moccasin lace. It can be pretty frustrating when your moccasin lace lies dangling, and you have to bend time and again to get them in place.

Have you ever been in such a situation? If yes, here in this guide, we will help you with three easy ways by which you can tie your moccasins.

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3 Methods on How to Tie Moccasin Slippers

Seaman’s knot

how to tie moccasin slippers

To get started with tying the seaman’s knot, try crossing the left side lace over the right side, wrap it up and pull it tightly to get the basic knot done.

Next, form bunny ears with the two ends by bending the lace on both sides in the form of a loop and bringing the bottom side of the loop together. Keep it secure and make sure that the size of loops on both sides is equivalent in size.

Hold the loops on both sides and cross them by folding the left-sided loop over the right-side loop.

Pull one side of the bunny ears through the hole that forms between the two loops and pull it. But make sure that you do not tighten it. Next, bend the right-sided loop towards the forward direction such that it forms a knot-like structure while crossing under the left loop.

Again, direct this loop inside the same hole and tighten both sides of the loop. Pull both sides of the loop in the opposite direction and secure it into a neat and tidy bow.


Boat shoe knot

how to tie moccasins

For a boat shoe knot, twist the lace to form a loop towards the surface of the shoes and compress it closer from the bottom side. But make sure that you make a loop using only half or one-third of the total lace, and the remaining part of the lace should drop down towards the side.

Now with lace that keeps dangling downwards, ties a coil-like structure over the loop that you created. The direction of the coil can be chosen as per your choice but make sure that it is secured tightly.

With the remaining part of the lace, coil it again and again over the loop until you reach the end of the lace with a short tail left. Ensure that the coils are placed precisely one on top of the previous coil.

Insert the remaining tail inside the gap towards the top side of the loop and pull it upwards on the coil to close the loop. To make sure that the coil is secure and tight, make sure to tightly tug the remaining part on the coil so that it does not tend to open or loosen.

Follow the same steps for the left side of the lace and ensure that the size on both sides remains the same to establish symmetry.


Standard knot

how to tie standard knot on moccasins

To start with a standard knot, overlap the left side lace over the right and wrap the left side lace over the right and pull it tightly to make a basic knot.

Next, pull the right-side lace about two to three inches to the top and bend it into a loop formation.

Do the same with the right side and pinch the loops together from the bottom side but do not cross it over.

Now, take the left side lace over the right while wrapping it towards the backside of the loop.

With your index finger, pull the left side loop outside from the hole created between the two side laces. While pushing the lace, the second loop will automatically be seen forming on the left side.

Now hold both the loops and draw them in an outward direction to secure the knot. By doing this, the left side loop will be directed towards the right, and the right-side loop will be pulled towards the right direction.


How Do You Keep Moccasin Slippers Tied?

Furthermore, if you wish to secure your lace and keep it tied for longer, you can consider sticking a little glue below the bow. But, make sure that the bow is exactly at the right place when you use the adhesive because it can be difficult to change the position once the glue is pasted.

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These were the three ways by which you can tie your moccasins perfectly. Do you have more such ideas? Do let us know!