How to Tie Ballet Slippers?

While ballerinas are some of the most adorable professional dancers in the world, one of the things that add to their elegance is the ballet slippers.

Ballet slippers have some elegance and air of refinement about them. They are even desired and in turn accessible to those who don’t dance.

Whether you are a ballet newbie or a curious aficionado, this quick guide walks you through how to effectively tie your ballet shoe.

how to tie ballet slippers

How to Tie Ballet Slippers?

●Maintain a small flex while keeping your feet flat on the floor.

This technique helps the ribbon of the ballet slippers to properly hold your leg and also prevents blood supply to your feet from getting cut off from your feet.

●Lay one ribbon flat on the floor while you hold the other ribbon in your hand.

●Wrap the inside ribbon (ribbon you hold in your hand) across the front of your ankle, around the ankle, and behind the heel. Hold it slightly above the inside of the ankle. This inside ribbon should be wrapped longer than the other ribbon

●Then take the outside ribbon (ribbon laid flat on the floor) and wrap across the front of the foot around the inside of the ankle, around the heel, all the way around to cross over the front of the foot again, and come to a halt above the inside of the ankle bone.

●Make a double knot with the ends of both ribbons. After you’ve completed the double knot, leave around 4-5 centimeters of ribbon as a tail.

●Now wrap the tails of the ribbons around the ankle and tuck them in the ribbons to give it a tidy and clean look.


How Do You Keep Ballet Slippers Tied?

Ballerina performances involve a lot of complex and sophisticated movements which require the ballet shoe to be tied in an effective way to keep them from coming off easily during such intense activity. Here are a few tips on how to keep it effectively tied up.

●While following the above instructions, It is important to pull the ribbons tight enough (not too tight that it causes you pain though) to keep the shoe in place.

●Some tie the ribbons together in a bow structure. This is one of the main reasons why ballet slippers might come off easily during intense performances. It is important to tie the ribbons together in a double knot rather than a bow to prevent this problem.


How Do You Tie Toddler Ballet Slippers?

Tying a ballet slipper for a toddler is not entirely different from tying it for an adult. There are just a few things to make sure of while tying the ballet slippers.

●Ensure you tie the ribbons or drawstrings (depending on what the slippers come in) in a double knot and cut about an inch from the knot. Tuck the tails of the ribbons inside the slippers to prevent your toddler from pulling on them.

●Ensure ribbons are not tied in a shoelace-like bow. This can cause the ribbons to be pulled off easily and can in turn distract the class and cause time-wasting since the teachers will have to re-tie them.


How Do You Wear Ballet Slippers?

When wearing ballet slippers, they must fit properly to prevent you from tripping over your fit while practicing ballet techniques.

●Ensure a Snug Fit

It is important to ensure you have a snug fit of the shoe that is comfortable but not too loose that it can come off easily. It shouldn’t be too tight however to avoid movement restrictions.

●Ensure the Elastic is in place

Ballet slippers contain elastics that pull up the fabric over the arch of your foot. This ensures the slippers fit snugly to your foot, especially when pulling your foot up.

●Tie and Cut Ribbon or Drawstring Properly

Tie the ribbons or drawstring in a knot (not a bow) and tuck in the tail nicely to prevent distraction from any extra fabric hanging out the shoe.



Proper tying of ballet slippers is an art you must know if you own one. It not only adds to the elegance of a ballerina but also enhances their mastery of sophisticated ballet moves while ensuring safety.