Best Men and Women Work Jackets For Extremely Cold

Once the brutal chilly months roll in, the only thing you’ll need is a work jacket you can trust. Your flannel shirt alone won’t surely help winter jackets for construction workers

Therefore, now is the time to layer up with the best jacket, especially if you’re an outdoor worker. The work jacket is your best friend to keep you warm in the cold winter.

But which work jacket should go purchase? What are the features you be looking for in your work jacket? Those are some of the problems that you’ll encounter, but in this article, your work has been made a breeze. Here are some of the things you should have learned once you’re done reading the article;

  • Features of the best jacket for construction and engineered workers
  • How to choose the best work jacket
  • Tips for working outside in cold weather as electricians and constructions
  • Reviews of the top 15 work jackets


Let the Work Jacket Keeps You Warm in Cold Winter

Heavy-duty design for construction worker or electricians for work outside – Caterpillar Men’s Heavy Insulated Parka Work Jackets

Safe high-vis reflective jacket with waterproof designPyramex RJ3210X3 Hi-Vis Lime Bomber Jackets

Warm cotton heated work jackets for extremely cold weather – WenVen Military Casual Stand Collar Jacket

Softshell jackets meet your demand for workwear and everyday wearMen’s Columbia Ascender Soft-shell Front-zip Jacket

Cheap price but with high valuable designed jackets for outdoor work

Amazon Essentials Men’s Water-Resistant Softshell Jacket

Sleeveless design for women at construction work – Cherokee Women’s Warm-Up Solid Scrub Jacket

The warmest design with hooded for women working outside in winter – Wantdo Winter Thicken Cotton Jacket


What Features Should Jacket Have For Construction and Engineered Workers?

best winter coat for working outsideOne thing for sure, there’s a plethora of work jackets in the market that will fit various needs. Depending on the work you do, you’ll definitely get a jacket that will fit your needs. Usually, different jobs have various needs in terms of workwear.

For instance, the type of jacket that you could prefer to use in your office won’t be the best fit for your friend on the construction site.

Therefore, if you’re an engineered or a construction worker, here are some of the features that you should look out for in a jacket;

Can it resist rain or heat?

It’s a no-brainer that as an outdoor worker, your jacket should be able to resist water. For instance, it should have a water-repellent treatment (DWR coating), or have a GORE-TEX outer shell.

  • Water Resistant: Can the jacket keep out minimal precipitation for minimal periods?
  • Waterproof: Can it keep precipitation for an extended period?

Nylon material is the best option when it comes to your jacket being waterproof and avoids soaking wet out there.


Does it have high insulation?

Usually, with cold-weather jackets, two types of insulation apply; down and synthetic. Whether it’s from polyesters or plumage, they both help to retain your heat and hence keeping you warm.


Is it lightweight?

You’re a worker, right? Therefore, having a heavy jacket will only make your work even more difficult. Choose a lightweight jacket that won’t add more weight to your body and make you tired fast.


Does it have high visibility?

A more visible jacket reduces any incidents of accidents on the site. One is able to see a fellow worker. Moreover, the jacket is required to be a reflective one to help keep off the heat from the body.


How to Choose the Best Work Jacket?

Winter is here! And with freezing temperatures the last thing you want is to be ready to take on the cold with a jacket. Here are some of the things to consider;

best mens outdoor work jackets

Is it suitable for workwear?

The first thing that should be in mind when choosing your work jacket is whether it’s suitable for you to wear at work. You may want to ask yourself whether it will fit your work conditions. It will be irrelevant going with a construction jacket into an office environment.


What material available for extreme cold?

It’s all about material. The material used to make the jacket is the one that will determine the level of warmth. Therefore, you should check the label for the type of material used. However, for extreme cold conditions, consider the following materials;


It’s arguably one of the best as it’s lightweight but durable. Its air pockets provide natural insulation to the jacket. It’s also water-resistant.


It might be famous for breeziness in the summer, but once made thick it can hold the winter elements. If you have an allergy to fabric like fleece, then it’s the best option. It’s soft and breathable.


It’s the best stable fabric to think about during winter. It’s functional, comfortable, and durable. The air pockets help to provide warmth. Its versatility makes it stand out.


Consider the Style

Another factor to consider when choosing a jacket is the style.

Style depends on what you like and your self-appearance. Some folks like going old-school with the cowboy style, some like jackets with logos. Others like going with Japanese styles or even sleeveless jackets.

Ideally, the common styles are cowboy, Japanese, sleeveless, quilted, vintage, and with logo. Whatever you choose should fit your needs.


What brands to choose?

As there are several types of jackets in the market, so are the types of brands. For instance, the Dickies have a light padded boy with two hand pockets as well as a pencil pocket located in the upper arm.

Another brand type is the Carharrt which takes a more burly style with four patch pockets and other features such as a button-down flap and rivets.


Do you need a big and tall size?

It’s a no-brainer that you’ll have to consider the size of the jacket. The size of the jacket depends on your body size. You can’t buy one too big for your body or too small that it won’t fit.


Best Men and Women Work Jacket For Extreme Cold Reviews

Given the number of work jackets available in the market, choosing the best can be an overwhelming task. However, to make the work easier and straightforward for you, here are the top-rated work jackets;

Best Work Jackets For Men

Heavy-Duty One For Construction: Caterpillar Men’s Heavy Insulated Parka Work Jackets

best workwear waterproof jacket

Just like their boots, the caterpillar rarely disappoints. The heavy-insulated parka is the right jacket if you’re searching for ultra-warm workwear.

Its outer shell is made of polyester that most individuals literally prefer as compared to the firm cotton duck.

The jacket features extremely heavy-weight, quilted insulation. Moreover, it’s not only wind-proof but also water-resistant.

The jacket comes with an excellent detachable hood as well as a drop tail that provides coverage beyond the waist.

Also, it features several pockets both from the inside and out, meaning you have enough storage space.

Regarding safety, it has reflective webbing on the back as well as the front to cater to the low-light conditions. You won’t worry about the jacket fitting your body as it will just fit thanks to the adjustable drawcords as well as cord locks at the bottom sides and the waist.

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Safe Reflective Jacket: Pyramex RJ3210X3 Hi-Vis Lime Bomber Jackets

best canvas work jacket

Are you looking for the best reflective work jacket? Then you should look no further as the Pyramex RJ3210X3 Hi-Vis Lime is the perfect fit. What makes it the best is the fact that it’s made from weatherproof polyester shells together with quilted lining. Moreover, it features a weatherproof elastic band at its waist as well as the wrists.

Another significant feature that will make you fall in love with this model is the 2-inch silver reflective material that it contains. They are the main distinguishing characteristic of this model, making it stand out.

Also, it contains a concealed hood that comes as an added advantage during rainy or windy periods. Besides, it features a zipper front closure that you can fully utilize to keep maximum warmth.

It features a total of 5 pockets: 1 inside and 4 on the outside, meaning you have enough storage space. Interestingly, it features an extra cell phone chest pocket.

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Warm Cotton Heated Material For Winter: WenVen Military Casual Stand Collar Jacket

best waterproof work coat

Are you looking for a cotton military-style jacket? The WenVen cotton jacket is arguably one of the best military-style jackets on the market. It’s purely made of thick cotton fabric as well as 100% polyester lining.

It has a stand collar style that’s suitable for anti-wind as well as heat retention. The collar is a zipper and strengthened by snaps. To ensure that you get optimal wind repellent functionality, the front-zipper can be fully closed. Moreover, the zippers are smooth for easy use.

Fitting and your freedom of movement are catered for thanks to the adjustable cuffs. It also features multiple pockets for optimal storage.

Another significant feature is the fact that it’s suitable for your everyday outfit with the option of being able to shift seasons. It’s also machine washable.

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Soft Shell Jacket: Men’s Columbia Ascender Soft-shell Front-zip Jacket

good work jackets

Get prepaid for anything that comes your way with the all-around Columbia men’s Ascender soft-shell jacket. The jacket is water and wind-resistant thanks to its durable fabric that can take almost any condition.

The jacket will also fit almost anybody as it has a drawcord with an adjustable hem as well as cuff tabs, meaning it will fit your body almost perfectly.

It has a zippered chest as well as hand pockets to ensure that you have extra space for storage of small and loose items.

The model is multi-purpose and will offer resistance against wind and water thanks to the durable shell. The jacket is also very lightweight that you won’t have to worry about a lot of weight hanging around your body.

It’s one of those jackets that you can opt for any other outdoor event thanks to its adjustable features. Washing of the jacket is also a breeze as it is machine washable. The model is not only known as soft-shell for anything, but it provides an unmatched level of comfort once you wear it.

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The Most Valuable For Outdoor Work: Amazon Essentials Men’s Water-Resistant Softshell Jacket

best heated jacket for work

There’s nobody who can resist the offer of getting something spectacular at a reduced price. That’s exactly what this type of jacket presents; an absolute killer jacket at an affordable price. In fact, it’s within the range of almost everyone looking for the best jacket.

The model lining is pure polyester, meaning that you’ll be getting value for your money from the product in the long-run. Secondly, it features a zipper closure to ensure that your body is kept warm all the time even in extremely cold conditions.

It’s also lightweight and thanks to the water-resistant outer shell, your phones will be safely kept in the pockets. The full-zip front and the stand-up collar ensure that warmth is assured, while the adjustable cuffs ensure that the jacket fits the body perfectly.

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Japanese Style Winter Coat: Wantdo Cotton Classic Military Jacket with Double Collar

best winter jackets for construction workers

Do you love Japanese styles of workwear? Perhaps you do, right?

Now, sometimes style is in-born and nobody can change it. Fortunately, for you, this is the model you must be thinking about; the Wantdo men’s cotton jacket.

It’s a military type of jacket that has durable stand collar chores. The body lining is pure polyester. The general material is very soft, skin-friendly, breathable, and extremely comfortable.

The jacket is multi-purpose as it’s perfect for hiking, daily casual workwear, climbing, fishing, traveling, sightseeing, photography, and camping. Literally, it can be worn for almost all occasions.

It features multi-functional pockets, whereby two are on the outside (each side) for storage of your items, such as the phone, and the other is inside for private storage. The model is also machine washable, but you can still wash with the hand if you won’t mind. It’s also very durable and lightweight.

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Soft Flannel Material: Carhartt Duck Flannel Lined Active Jacket

best winter construction jacket

In most cases, getting your brand type right can be the game-changer. When it comes to working jackets, Carhartt is arguably the best and the Men’s Duck Active Quilted Flannel lined jacket comes out on top.

The jacket is not only the best to work with, but also very comfortable as well easy to live in every day. The jacket is a combination of the famous traditional tough outer-shell and the ultra-warm inner lining of quilted-flannel, therefore, making it an excellent winter jacket.

It features an inbuilt hood with a drawstring from additional warmth during cold conditions. Also, it has 4 pockets that include an inside chest pocket with a zip-close. Therefore, you’ll have the safest place of storing your essentials.

Moreover, with the Carhartt style, the jacket is clean, simple, and functional. Its cuffed wrists, as well as cuffed waist, helps to keep you warm.

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Insulated Waterproof Jackets for Workwear: Ergodyne GloWear 8384 High Visibility Reflective Jacket

best work coat for cold weather

The model is one of the best options that you can trust to provide you the maximum warmth during winter. The reason being, it features 160g insulation, which means that the sleeves, as well as the body, are lined with the 160g thermal quilted insulation that you can count on for warmth without extra bulk.

Also, it features type R class 3 – 2-inch reflective material that’s a significant feature during the night.

It has several accessories and pockets that will serve as a storage place for your items. For instance, it has a phone chest pocket, dual-mic tabs that are great for clipping radios, and dual-slot pen pockets on the arm.

The jacket is also wind and water-resistant, meaning you’re getting a quality product for the value of your money. It comes with an inset hood with a drawstring as well as stoppers.

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Quilted Jackets: Men’s Red Kap Slash Pocket Durable Jackets For Working Outside

best carhartt work jacket

Are you looking for a jacket that can handle all your work environments? The red kap men’s slash pocket work jacket is the best alternative.

It offers extreme comfort thanks to its styled modern waist that provides the inset slash pockets as well as quilted lining that adds to your warmth as well as comfort.

The jacket is also durable thanks to the fact that it’s made from a cotton-blend shell as well as purely polyester lining. Moreover, it has a topstitched collar featuring sewn-in stays, a utility pocket on your left sleeve, and a solid brass zipper.

With a zipper closure and the jacket being a machine, there’s nothing to worry about this model. It’s literally workwear done right.

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Vintage Style Jackets For Work and Everyday Wear: Dickies Insulated Eisenhower Jacket

warm work jacket mens

Durability is one of the factors to look out for when searching for your best work jacket. Fortunately, the men’s insulated front-zip jacket from Dickies will surely deliver the hard-working style.

It has one of the best classic looks and provides lightweight warmth. The interior pocket is hidden and together with the exterior pockets, they create a lot of space for storing your accessories.

It will surely have a generous fit across your chest and shoulders with a light feel that will make it your favorite choice every day. The jacket features adjustable tabs at the waistband as well as a durable brass zipper front closure.

The jacket is water-resistant and water repellent, featuring 2 slash front welt pockets. It’s also machine washable so you don’t have to worry about dirt.

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Lightweight Jacket Vest: Carhartt Sandstone Arctic Quilt Medium Vest

best jacket for working outside in winter

There’s no denying that products from the Carhartt brand are up a notch. Therefore, the men’s Sandstone vest arctic quilt-lined V01 is undoubtedly one of the best to consider. The jacket features an extra layer made of 12-ounce and hence will provide extreme warmth.

The model features a nylon lining that’s quilted to the arctic-weight-polyester insulation for extra warmth. Moreover, the brass center-front zipper that has an inside storm flap also increases your warmth.

Storage has been catered for thanks to the two lower-front pockets and an inside pocket with a hook-and-loop closure. The drop tail only adds coverage to the model to ensure that you get maximum warmth during the cold winter.

Washing is also a breeze as the model is machine washable. It’s also wind and water-resistant for all-weather conditions.

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Sleeveless Design: Carhartt Defender Midweight Utility Jacket

best winter coats for working outside

You love the sleeveless style, right? The storm defender Midweight hooded jacket is the one you’ve been dreaming about. Just like the name suggests, it’s purely a defender indeed as it will defend you from the harshness of the cold winter.

Moreover, waterproof protection has been taken to another level with this model. Therefore, for waterproof-breathable outerwear, there’s no reason to look any further.

The waterproof zipper, the hood, and the sealed seams keep even the coldest weather from taking heat away from your body. It features a nylon taffeta sleeve lining that makes it very easy to get it on and off.

It’s made from breathability technology that helps to stop water from getting in but allows sweat to get out. It also has elastic as well as hook-and-loop adjustable cuffs. The drop tail hem only helps to add coverage. The jacket is sleeveless and machine washable.

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Lightweight Insulated Jackets: Helly Hansen Men’s Insulated Jacket with Zipper Closure

best warm work jacket

Sometimes you need a jacket that will serve you on and off your work site. The Helly Hansen workwear jacket is a lightweight model that will offer protection against chilly weather.

The jacket is insulated throughout and offers improved coverage thanks to the longer back as well as a chin guard. The jacket also ensures that you get a personal fit as it features an adjustable hood and cuffs.

The hidden zippers and the front pockets give you enough space for your essentials; you can also clip the ID card into the inside loop. It’s made from 100% polyester to ensure durability and comfort.

Moreover, it features no shoulder seams, it has reflective elements, a storm flap, a chin guard, and a detachable hood. It’s also machine washable.

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Best Work Jackets For Women

Sleeveless Design For Women: Cherokee Women’s Warm-Up Solid Scrub Jacket

best cold weather work coat

Women haven’t been left behind; here’s your favorite workwear. The Cherokee warm-up solid scrub jacket is tailored for women with a touch of stretch. The jacket has two patch pockets with the right side pocket layered with an ID loop as well as a sectional pocket.

Also, it features knit cuffs, princess seams, and a jewel neck, making it one of the best options for any nurse’s wardrobe. Moreover, it has a missy relaxed fit that matches the modern classic style.

The jacket is made that it can fit almost anybody as it has a venter back length of 27 inches. It’s made of cotton, spandex, and polyester to ensure it’s durable. Washing is a walk in the park thanks to the fact that it’s machine washable.

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The Warmest For Extreme Cold: Wantdo Winter Thicken Cotton Jacket

best mens work jackets

It can sometimes get extremely cold out there, and you might be caught with your light jacket almost not helping you. That should not happen as you have the best option now at your fingertips; the Wantdo winter thicken cotton jacket for men.

It’s made from water-repellent shell encryption as well as 440g hand plug insulation to ensure it provides enough warmth as well as comfort.

It also has a removable hood with a drawcord for added warmth. Moreover, it has comfortable ribbed elastic cuffs as well as a hem that prevents cold air from getting inside. Besides, they help to provide a personalized fit.

It’s a heavy-duty jacket that can be used in various environments; workout, office, and several other casual occasions. The jacket is also machine washable to ease your washing experience.

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Tips for Working Outdoors in Cold Weather As Electricians and Constructions

best cold weather work coat

Are you a constructor or an electrician? How much do you enjoy working in those cold conditions?

Perhaps, you hate working in such conditions. However, it’s time to change your perception and start liking such conditions. It goes beyond just wearing your work jacket.

But how?

Here are some of the tips to help you prosper with your work in cold weather conditions;

Multiple Layers;

Bundling up could be an easy means to prevent heat loss injuries, but it’s possible when you wear multiple layers of clothing.

A single fleece liner can help to reduce bulk and retain heat, but it increases excessive sweating that can lead to hydration.

Therefore, you should choose your inner layer that helps to wick sweat away by simply having two removable layers.


Insulated Jackets;

The best jacket is usually warm, waterproof, and woven to prevent exposure to wind. All zippers and buckles should close completely.

The jacket should be reflective or otherwise wear a high-visibility cover on top.


Warm Socks;

Sometimes people prefer one-thick socks, but instead having two pairs of cotton socks can help to change and help keep your feet warm.

Moreover, it helps to prevent hypothermia, trench foot, or nerve damage.


Gloves with Grips;

Your fingers will probably even fail to react when exposed to too much cold. Therefore you can have gloves to insulate the fingers, but you should ensure that they don’t compromise your grip. Gloves with fully-tipped rubber grips usually work the best.



There’s more to just “hats” and it means that every worker should have snugly-fitting wool caps to fit under the hard hats to help reduce heat loss.

Moreover, the caps should cover ears as well as have additional optional face protection for excessive cold or strong winds.


Insulated Boots;

Safety should never be an option. Therefore, like an electrician or constructor, you should ensure that you have well-fitting and waterproof boots with hard soles.

Remember that traction is greatly reduced on wet ladders and icy platforms, and hence you should ensure that the boots you wear have proper cleats or traction.


Reinforce the Significance of Self-Care;

As a worker, you should learn when to back off. It’s not assured that things will always get smooth all the time.

As much as you might be equipped with all the necessary gear to counter the cold, it may get to the point where you might fail to contain the cold. Therefore, it’s at such points that one should learn to back off.

Besides, you should learn to be well-nourished to avoid instances such as dehydration.


Plan Ahead;

It’s also important to plan ahead by having an emergency kit just in case of anything. Moreover, there should be a safety alarm system to inform individuals whenever necessary action is required.

There’re several tips that you can employ when working outside in a cold-weather environment, but as a quality-check, one should learn how to identify cold weather health conditions earlier.