Where Are Floopi Slippers Made?

Choosing the most suitable home shoe is beyond its design—the quality of the home shoe matters. The quality will determine whether or not the home shoe will be comfortable to wear indoor and outdoor, durable, and features a non-slip property. Only a few types and brands of home shoes meet this premium standard. Floopi slippers effortlessly top the list.

Floopi—the brand behind Floopi slippers—is located in Brooklyn, New York. They make use of high-quality materials to produce various home shoes that people can wear both indoors and outdoors. If you are still wondering why Floopi slippers are ideal home shoes, don’t skip a line in this article.

where are floopi slippers made

What Materials Do Floopi Slippers Use?

Floopi slippers comprise two main parts, the outer layer, footbed, and a sole (insole and outsole). These parts are built with different materials that collectively work together to make the slippers durable and comfortable to wear.

The outer layers are often made of microfibre. The footbed is often made of a padded memory foam ideal for the user’s foot. A flexible thermoplastic and firm center seam rubber sole is what a Floopi sole is made of, which is resistant to slip and wear. The anti-slip feature of the outsole will protect you from accidental falls.


Floopi Slippers Types

Moccasin slippers
Open Toe Slippers
Flip Flops

Moccasin slippers

Moccasin slippers, as the name suggests, are slippers with moccasin designs. They look similar to an actual moccasin shoe that is often made of leather with a soft foam and rubber outsole. The outsole of a moccasin slippers feature comes with great friction; hence, working on slippery floors or stairs won’t be dangerous.

Floopi Women’s Memory Foam Moccasin Slipper

moccasin slippers

This Floopi slippers product belongs to the “moccasin slippers” category. It is popular for the comfort it provides to your foot. This comfort stems from the soft faux fur lining and outsole’s memory foam material it features. It also features a sturdy and flexible rubber sole that is slip-resistant, which makes walking on any surface (slippery) easier and more comfortable. Lastly, the moccasin design of these Floopi slippers makes them ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

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Open Toe Slippers

Open-toe slippers are designed to expose the toes when worn. They are comfortable to wear both indoors and outdoors. The arch support they feature does stabilize your feet and align them. Most of them often come with an adjustability feature, such as hook and loop, while some have a criss-cross band design. Lastly, the comfort open toe slippers offer to the feet is a result of the soft and plush fabric used for their footbed.

Floopi Soft Criss Cross Open Toe Slippers

floopi slippers

Floopi slides slippers are open-toe slippers with a criss-cross band with multi-layer memory foam-regular foam and high-density foam—for support and comfort. It also features an insole with quilted terry stitch and lining. The outsole of these open toe slippers is made of high-quality rubber with durable and anti-slip properties. In addition to this, the outer material is made of microfibre, and it contributes to the durability of these open-toe slippers.

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Flip Flops

Flip flops, which are sometimes called slides or sliders, are a unique kind of light sandal often worn as footwear casually. They feature a toe thong often known as a strap with Y-shape. The Y-shape strap is designed to pass between the first two toes. It then moves around the foot, the sides of the foot, to be precise.

Floopi Women’s Summer Thong Sandals

floopi thong slippers for sale

This Floopi flip flop sandal features a feminine design. The design comes in various colors that complement the aesthetics of the flip flops. The comfort they provide stems from their heel support and EVA footbed features. The outsole of this flip flop is made of EVA rubber (wavy tread) with an anti-slip property that makes it an ideal option for indoor and outdoor use.

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How Much Does It Cost To Buy Floopi Slippers?

Floopi slippers are of different types, so it is about their prices—they vary according to their types. Also, the price of a particular type of Floopi slippers varies but in a specific range.

  • The cost of moccasin slippers ranges from $21 to $36
  • The cost of open toe slippers ranges from $28 to $35
  • The cost of flip flops ranges from $18.00 – to $36.00


Can Floopi Slippers Be Washed?

This is one of the most asked questions by every Floopi slippers user. The answer is yes! Floopi slippers can be washed. The washing of Floopi slippers involves using a washing machine set to cold and a suitable laundry detergent.



Floopi slippers are made in Brooklyn, New York, United States of America. They make various types of slippers, but they are all ideal for indoor and outdoor use, although most people prefer moccasin slippers due to their shoe-like form. But the three types of Floopi slippers are popular for providing comfort and support to the feet.