How to Wash Minnetonka Slippers?

It is quite a puzzle for many people whether cleaning Minnetonka slippers is recommendable. And yes, it is highly recommended to wash your pair of Minnetonka slippers to keep them in mint condition as well as to kill such micro-organisms as bacteria and germs that your slippers could have collected from surfaces.

This article will give a brief but precise step-by-step guide on how to wash Minnetonka slippers, the tools and materials required steps to follow, and tips worth attention throughout the process.

care your minnetonka slippers

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Tools that Are Needed

Baby shampoo or any other mild detergent

  • Cool water
  • Toothbrush
  • Suede brush
  • Minnetonka suede
  • Leather cleaner
  • A clean and dry rag
  • A washing machine or water sink
  • Tissue paper


How to Wash Minnetonka Slippers?

how to get smell out of minnetonka slippers

1. Use your toothbrush or suede brush to loosen dirt and debris in the event that your slippers have a tough dirt spot.

2. Apply some amount of leather cleaner and Minnetonka suede to a moist, tender rag, soft bristle brush, or sponge.

3. Apply the leather cleaner and Minnetonka suede in a smooth and even manner on the surface of your slippers.

4. Rinse your brush, and use it to brush the surface with cold, clean water.

5. Using a clean, dry rag, wipe away any excess dirt or moisture.

6. Air your slippers to dry.


Tips to Care Your Minnetonka Slippers

how to clean minnetonka slippers

1. Remember to brush the surfaces of your slippers gently to avoid tearing them since they have a soft texture that can be described as velvety.

2. To obtain an immaculate, uniform look, make all the brush strokes in the same direction.

3. It is only necessary o use a toothbrush or suede brush when your slippers have a tough dirt spot. A tender cloth is sufficient in any undemanding situation (with no hard dirt spots).

4. To allow for uniform drying after cleaning, be sure to cover your slippers with tissue paper.

5. Be sure to clean your Minnetonka slippers whenever they become visibly dirty or start having an odor.

6. To avoid wear and tear, clean your Minnetonka slippers only when necessary. In regular cases, it is recommended that you clean them once a month.

7. You can eliminate odor from your Minnetonka slippers by way of neutralization. Sprinkle some baking soda or foot powder to neutralize the odor. Be sure to vacuum the slippers after sprinkling either of the powders to remove all white footprints from the floors of the slippers.

8. You can also stuff your slippers with newspapers to eliminate a bad smell.

9. Avoid cleaning your Minnetonka slippers in the washing machine as much as you can. In the event that you find the need to wash them in the washing machine, do so on a gentle cycle.



Indeed, cleaning Minnetonka slippers is quite an uncomplicated process. However, a lot of care should be taken to ensure the durability of your slippers.

Be sure to regard drying your Minnetonka slippers since it is an essential part of the cleaning process. Avoid as much as you can to dry them in direct sunlight. Be sure to use the best quality products such as suedes and suede brushes to secure your slippers’ durability. We wish you good luck and all the best!