Best Moisture Wicking and Breathable Work Pants For Hot Weather

Whether you are working outside, or inside, the summer can subject you to intense temperatures. These temperatures get so high, out of the comfort zone of many people, and can affect productivity and make you lose focus.

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cool work trousers

In the heat, your clothes should not make you lose focus because they are too tight and uncomfortable. Having the best pants for the summer will increase your productivity and comfort, they should also be made out of durable material to withstand tough working conditions.

All work pants are not created equally, that’s why it’s necessary to know which type of pants will work best for you and your job.


What Determines the Work Pants to Be Cool in Hot Weather?

There are many varieties of work pants available, it is necessary to know what qualities make a work pant cool for hot summer days. Here are the specifications and qualities to look for when searching for a cool work pant:

cool work pants for summer

● Ventilation

The pants need to have breathable fabric. Fabrics like cotton, linen, and bamboo make good breathable pants and allow heat to escape the body. Breathable pants make good work pants as they keep the body cool as you work.


● Comfort

For many men, comfort is one of the most important attributes. For work pants, this is important as comfort is required in order to concentrate better on your work.

You want to ensure the pants fit you well and give you ample room to maneuver. The pants should allow you to move freely, sit and kneel down with ease. Work pants should also not be tight-fitting and sticking to your legs, this can cause discomfort especially when you start sweating.


● Wicking power

Wicking power is the ability of a fabric to absorb sweat from the body and dissipate the sweat. When the sweat evaporates, it carries away heat from the body and creates a cooling effect.

Cool work pants for hot weather should be designed with wicking fabrics to absorb the sweat from the working man. When you are working outside or in direct sunlight, you are bound to get sweaty and uncomfortable, wicking fabrics will allow you to stay the air dry and focus on your work.


● Flexibility

There’s nothing more bothering than working while having constricting fabric, in the intense summer heat, sweat can also lead to more discomfort. This can dampen your productivity and it is distracting.

Cool work pants should be flexible enough to allow you the maneuverability allowed to effectively do your work. Don’t be tied down because your pants don’t allow you to make certain moves.


● Lightweight

When working, you need lightweight clothes to reduce your strain. Work is tiresome and wearing heavy clothing can add to your fatigue.

Lightweight fabrics are preferred for work pants to reduce the burden the body has to bear while working. They also don’t distract you from working since in the heat of the summer, heavy fabrics act as insulators and they cause a rise of body temperature, lightweight fabrics allow heat to dissipate keeping you cool as you work.


● Work Pant Durability

Working in the summer heat can subject you to intense working conditions. You may also be working with heavy-duty machinery or moving around in all types of weird positions in the workplace.

A work pant should be made out of durable material that is built to last and capable of handling adverse working conditions. Ripstop fabrics are hard to tear and durable enough for heavy-duty work.

Work pants fabric should be strong enough to withstand extreme heat temperatures from environmental heat coupled with heat from machinery and spills from chemicals and oils.


Best Breathable Work Pants For Hot Weather Reviews

Here are some of the best work pants that you can wear on hot summer days:

1. Easy to Clean: Carhartt Men’s Ripstop Work Pant with Multiple Utility Pockets

breathable work pants for cooling


● 100% cotton.
● Relaxed seat and thigh.
● Comfortable gusseted crotch.
● Cordura lined back pockets.
● Cordura lined front ledge pockets.
● Ripstop fabric.
● Cargo pockets on the side.

These pants are built to withstand tough days at the job site. It is made from 100% pure cotton ripstop fabric making it hard to tear and rip.

The pants have added durability by lining both the front and back pockets with Cordura, this means you can carry tools and other devices you need while working.

The pants are extra tough to withstand challenging working conditions. The gusseted crotch increases comfort and easy maneuverability. The relaxed fit allows you to make pinpoint moves and allows flexibility to get the job done.

With its 100% cotton composition, the pants are highly breathable and comfortable to wear even in high heat and humidity. You can easily carry your tools in the cargo pockets, the cargo pockets have flaps and snap closures to ensure objects are secured.

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2. Most Durable: Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men’s Ranger Pant

hiking work pants to keep you cool


● 100% cotton.
● 30 inches inseam.
● Relaxed fit.
● Side cargo pockets.
● Reinforced knees.
● Hammer loop.

Whatever the site, the Wrangler men’s Ranger pants are perfect for any worker, nothing beats a perfect workday with the perfect work clothes. Its relaxed fit and Room2Move Fit allows for easy maneuverability and range of motion.

The pants are designed with comfort and durability in design, its triple-needle stitching and added reinforcement in the high wear area make the pants a go-to daily driver.

The knees are reinforced and ventilated to prevent the build-up of dust, dirt and other particles. The ventilation makes the knee area breathable and cool.

The pants are equipped with a hammer loop, leather tape measure clip, side cargo pockets and deep front and back pockets, allowing you to carry tools with ease, you don’t have to burden yourself carrying a toolbox when you can fit your essential tools in your pants.

Made out of 100% cotton, the pants are breathable and can be worn outdoors in the summer heat. You don’t have to worry about sweating while you are working.

The fabric is woven using ripstop technology, this gives the fabric extra durability and a protective layer against the elements in various workplaces. The ripstop technology also makes the fabric resistant to tear.

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3. Perform Well in Moisture-wicking: Dickies Men’s Relaxed Straight Fit Lightweight Duck Carpenter Jean

breathable cooling work pants for hot weather


● 100% cotton.
● 30 inches inseam.
● Utility pocket.
● Straight carpenter pants.

These are some of the most durable jeans, they are easily adaptable to any job site. It’s made of 100% garment-washed cotton that is lightweight and at the same time durable.

The cotton makes the pants breathable and ventilated, the breathability allows the wearer to remain dry and cool even during the hot summer days.

The pants have deep front and back pockets, a utility pocket, and a left leg hammer loop to allow you to carry tools and other portable equipment to the job site. It removes the hassle of carrying a toolbox to carry tools around.

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4. Most Breathable: TBMPOY Men’s Hiking Cargo Pants For Outdoor Climbing

mens cooling work pants for summer


● Cargo pockets.
● Zipper pockets.
● Ripstop fabric.
● Elastic waist.

Even though they are mainly used for hiking, these pants can be used at the job site. The features that make them good hiking pants also make them fit for use in an outdoor workspace.

The quick-dry and breathable nylon fabric make the pants have powerful wicking ability. This makes your body dry as the fabric absorbs your sweat, as the sweat evaporates it creates a cooling effect.

The strong wicking ability makes these pants perfect to work within a hot and humid environment.

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5. The Most Lightweight: Refire Gear Men’s Quick-Dry Summer Tactical Pants

grey work pants for cooling


● 30 inches inseam.
● Cargo pockets.
● Regular fit.
● 95% nylon plus 5% spandex.

These military pants are made with a lightweight, thin and stretchy fabric, this fabric won’t burden you with unnecessary weight as you work.

The material is breathable and absorbs sweat from the body to reduce discomfort from sweat. These pants are suitable for use in hot and humid conditions, you can wear these pants in the worksite on a sunny day and they will adapt perfectly.

With its multi-pocket design, it allows you to carry tools and other portable equipment with ease.

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6. Convertible Work Pants For Summer: Columbia Store Men’s Pants

lightweight breathable work pants


● UPF 50 fabric.
● Button closure.
● Convertible.

These pants are made from a special fabric called UPF 50, the fabric is strong enough to protect you from harmful UVA and UVA rays.

The fabric is breathable and has a strong wicking ability to keep your body dry and cool during the hot summer days. These pants are called convertible because they can be converted to shorts according to user demand.

It has zip-off legs that can be removed to change the pants into shorts. It also comes with utility pockets that can be used to carry tools on a job site.

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7. The Perfect One For Construction: Carhartt Men’s Ripstop Cargo Work Pant.

mens work pants to keep you cool


● 100% cotton.
● 30 inches inseam.
● Gusseted crotch.
● Cordura lined pockets.

These pants are durable and tough to stand up to the intense work on a construction site. A construction requires durable material that cannot tear easily, with its ripstop technology, these pants can withstand rips and tears.

Made out of 100% cotton, the pants are breathable and have good ventilation to prevent you from getting extremely hot and uncomfortable as you work.

The pants feature rugged, double-front construction plus Cordura lined front and back pockets to increase durability and reduce wear. These qualities make the pants able to withstand the extreme working conditions in a construction site.

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8. Work Shorts to Stay Cool: Magcomsen Men’s Cargo Shorts.

cargo and hiking work pants


● Zipper pockets.
● Nylon material blended with spandex.
● Elastic closure.

These shorts are made out of 85% nylon and 13% spandex, this makes the shorts lightweight and stretchy. This means that it allows for easy maneuverability and doesn’t burden you with unnecessary weight.

The materials are strong and durable, able to withstand tears and rips making them great to use while working. The material also blocks UV rays giving you protection from harmful sun rays as you are working outdoors.

The UV protection also allows the fabric to maintain its color and resist fading. It features an elastic waist for ultimate comfort when you are working.

Multiple pockets allow you to carry tools and portable devices easily as you work. The pockets have zippers for convenience to secure objects in your pocket.

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9. The Work Jeans For Work and Casual Wear: Dickies Men’s Relaxed Fit Straight-Leg Duck Carpenter Jeans

cooling pants for work


● 100% cotton.
● Button closure.
● Deep pockets.

These jeans are built to withstand the toughest working conditions. They are comfortable and sit slightly below the waist, with a roomy seat and thigh.

The pockets are designed to be deep to enable you to fit tools and other portable devices in your pockets, with a hammer loop on the left leg, which makes it easy to carry tools around the workplace.

Made out of 100% cotton, the jean pants are breathable and are comfortable to wear during hot days of the summer season.

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To Think of Those Factors on Choosing Cool Outdoor Work Pants

There are various considerations to take into account when looking for cool outdoor work pants. These qualities will make you determine which type of pants are best suited for you and your working conditions. Here are the factors:

stay cool work pants

1. Material

The material used to make the work pants is important. There are various fabrics that are optimal for different working conditions. The fabric should be light and at the same time strong enough for work.

The best fabrics for hot humid weather include cotton, canvas, linen, and bamboo. Other than the fabric, the pants should not be lined to allow for room for air to circulate.

Heavy fabrics like jeans and wool can burden you with weight and can contribute to an increase in body temperatures. It’s best to avoid them.


2. Level Of Sweat Wicking

If you are working outdoors and prone to sweating, it is advisable to look for sweat-wicking pants.

Sweat-wicking work pants absorb sweat from your body leaving you dry. When the sweat evaporates, it carries away heat from your body creating a cooling effect.

Good outdoor working pants should have strong wicking capabilities to absorb sweat that is caused by summer heat.

The pants will keep you cool and allow you to concentrate on your work.


3. Number Of Pockets.

Depending on your work, having more pockets on your pants is a must-have. Some jobs require carrying of tools, more pockets allow for greater tool carrying capacity.

Some pants come with utility pockets that are attached to the pants or cargo pockets that are patches sewn on the pants.

Cargo pockets come with accordion folds with closure snaps, buttons, or velcro for added storage potential. Extra pockets allow versatility and can directly impact your work.


4. Easy Fitting.

Work pants should not be tight-fitting and at the same time extremely baggy. A good work pant is a balance of a tight fit with enough room to allow ventilation and breathability.

  • A standard-fit one generally fits straight on the hips, legs, and bottoms.
  • A slim fit is a bit tighter with less fabric.
  • A relaxed fit is loose on the hips and bottoms.

You can check with your favorite pants or with your designer to ensure you match the size chart that is provided by the manufacturer.


5. Brands Worth Trying.

There are specific brands that manufacture cool pants for working in the summer or in high-heat areas.

  • You may look into trying Carhartt’s men’s work pants with tough cotton ripstop fabric, this makes them light and durable for an intense workplace.
  • The Wrangler Riggs work pants have a relaxed fit designed for comfort and functionality, they allow easy maneuverability for days.
  • You can also check out Dickies lightweight carpenter pants, they are lightweight with utility pockets and a left leg hammer loop.



What fabrics are the coolest in summer?

The coolest fabric to wear during the summer of cotton.

Cotton is highly breathable and makes durable fabrics. Work pants made from 100% cotton are preferred in high heat conditions as it keeps the body cool and it absorbs sweat.


Is it OK to wear jeans in hot weather?

It is not advisable to wear jeans to work on a sunny summer day.

Jeans are compact and not breathable, this will make your body temperatures rise and make you sweat, it also has low wicking power.

If you are looking to wear jeans, you can look for jeans that are blended with cotton to make them breathable.



If you are looking for pants that you can wear during the summer, these are the best choices to choose from in the market. The different fabrics allow your body to breathe and stay dry as you work relieving the discomfort brought about by sweat.

Due to their functionality in the workplace, the fabrics are durable and hard to rip or tear. You can work stress-free and concentrate on your work when you wear any of the pants listed above.