How to Trim Mustache? – What to Do and What to Avoid?

In the past, there was no iconic man that would leave his home without bearing a mustache. Then, as time grew, the importance of grooming a mustache faded away. Recently, this trend has resurrected again, and wearing a mustache emits manliness.

Although if you do not maintain well, they can come out extremely shabby. Whether you want to follow the trend or love mustache, you must know how to trim and care for your newfound passion.

how to groom your moustache

Mustache Style Fashion Trend

In the mustache fashion trend, there are countless styles that one can go with. Because the styles are unnumbered, there are also inappropriate types you can find all over the internet too.

Beard professionals believe mustaches need more than just simple lip service, and after spending some time searching over the internet, we concluded introducing you guys to over 17 styles of mustache grooming.

As we move on with this, you know we categorized these 17 types of mustache styles into individually 3 groups – which are natural mustache, handlebar mustaches, and hybrid mustache types. With that said, let’s look at the categories and types of mustache styles under them.


Natural Style Mustache

These are the easiest type of styles one can keep. They don’t require the use of special equipment and styling aids, and they can grow fast.

Below are examples of this type of style;

Chevron Mustache

how to trim mustache

This is the most perfect example of a typical mustache. It shapes in form of the upper lip and it looks like an upside-down V too. We don’t know who gave this mustache its name, but it might have been probably gotten if you flipped the chevron corporation logo upside down. This mustache looks just like it.


Lampshade Mustache

how to shape your mustache

Looking just like a lampshade, this style of natural mustache gets its name from the trapezoid shape. We often refer to this style as a cop mustache because it is one of the few styles accepted by servicemen and the military. The lampshade does not extend wider than the edge of the top lip.


Walrus Mustache

how do i trim my mustache

Just as the name implies, the walrus style gets its name because it looks like walrus whiskers. This is a natural style of mustache that covers the top lip and sometimes also covers the bottom lips. Not everyone can grow this type of stache, only men with a long terminal length of hair, which is because of their DNA.


Pencil Mustache

how to trim mustache with scissors

This style of mustache was most prominent from the 1930s to the 1940s. It looked sexy, devilish, and dreamy. Owning this style of mustache may make you appear like a perv, although some celebrities like Brad Pitt have pulled it off.


Parted Pencil Mustache

how to trim my mustache

Just like the pencil mustache, the parted pencil style is only different because of the hard-line which parts either side of the mustache. To achieve this, just use a trimmer to create some space between your left and right side of your pencil mustache.


Painter’s Brush Mustache

how to properly trim a mustache

This style of mustache integrates the thickness level of the chevron mustache without the downward angle. Also, like the lampshade style, it is made not to be wider than the mouth.


Toothbrush Mustache

how to groom a handlebar mustache

They shave this style of a mustache on both parts of sides so it doesn’t surpass the width of your nose. They were two people in history who wore this mustache for almost half of their life. One was Charlie Chaplin and you know who else? Adolph Hitler.


Handlebar Style Mustache

These types of mustaches need mustache wax to pull off a style that looks like bicycle handles. The handlebar first came to the limelight in the early 2010s when hipsters can’t get enough of it.

Handlebar Mustache

how to trim your moustache

This mustache style is impressive because it is thick with handles and grows long. The mustache is waxed, and the tip of it is very pointy. It also curls over the cheeks, up towards the face.


Petite Handlebar Mustache

how to shape up mustache

Known as the smaller version of the normal handlebar mustache, this style of mustache is much shorter and the pointy tips don’t pass the corner of the mouth. I recommend it for people who want to grow the handlebar mustache, but the length of their hair growth doesn’t allow them to.


The English Mustache

how to trim handlebar moustache

Just as the name implies, the English mustache is English – it is aristocratic and unique. This mostly looks like the normal handlebar, but the point tips are not curly at all. They are rather stretched and shaped to a normal point.


Hungarian Mustache

how to trim mustache with beard

Permit me to say that this style of mustache is a thing of legends. Styled from a mixture of walrus and handlebar, this mustache is so big that it has to sit on the lower cheeks. Most of the legends wore this style, from Seth Bullock to Wyatt Earp, although it wasn’t known as the Hungarian Stache.


Dali Mustache

how to groom a mustache

Known to be famously worn by Salvador Dali, this Spanish painter, the Dali stache depicts one of the most extreme types of a handlebar mustache. They shape this style in a slim pencil form, which is waxed to form a very pointy end. most Dali styles are groomed upwards, and this takes the shape of the horns of texas longhorn.


The Fu Mustache

how to trim moustache with scissors

Just like the Dali mustache, the fu mustache only has two notable differences. There is a wide space between the left and the right side of the mustache, and they style the pointy edges to face downwards instead of going upwards like the Dali mustache. Kung fu masters wore the fu mustache, just as the name implies.


Hybrid Style Mustache

Hybrid mustaches are a combination of beard and mustaches. Most of the staches we have talked about highlight mostly the hair above the lip, but hybrid mustaches also include some beards to style them.

The Horseshoe Mustache

how to trim moustache with trimmer

This type of mustache always screams American. They famously grew it in the southern part of the country. This style of mustache connects the two vertical strips of cheek hair groomed parallel to the mouth. It is thick, and it also extends to the jawline.


The Zappa

how to trim a military mustache

Brought to the spotlight by frank Zappa, this style of mustache is just like the horseshoe mustache but the shortened version of it. The originator also added a bit of spice to it by adding a soul patch to make it look more attractive.


The imperial mustache

how to trim a handlebar moustache

Mostly confused to be the Hungarian or the handlebar mustache, the imperial mustache uses the upper cheek hair to create a much wider handle. The cheek hair is connected with the mustache hair and then it is styled upwards. Unlike the other two styles mentioned above, the imperial mustache does not have a pointy edge.


The Beardstache

how to trim a thin mustache

This type of mustache isn’t a style of mustache but a beard that can be worn with any of the other styles of mustaches we discussed above. The beard stache is a combo of both a styled mustache and a stubble that spans from few days to weeks. Most styles think that this is one of the best types of mustaches one can wear in 2021. The combo is badass.


10 Steps on How to Trim Mustache Easily

Step 1: Let the Mustache grow

The first thing you have to do if you want to trim your mustache to any style is you have to let it grow out first. Most people don’t have the patience to grow their facial hair, let alone allow the hair to form above their upper lip.

Step 2: Find the right tools

When trimming your mustache, you need to have the right tools to get your facial hair to your taste. Whether it’s a trimmer, scissors, mirror, comb, beard oil, or mustache shaving tool, always finding the right tools will guarantee you an excellent look.

Step 3: Use a facial hair comb

Using a comb to trim your facial hair is mandatory. If you aren’t grooming your hair, you might get a different result.

Step 4: Pick the right comb

Cheap combs are a big issue because they are made with plastics. They have rough edges and your hair is more likely to suffer when combing. Match your hair with the right comb, professionals advise you use a wider comb for a thicker mustache and slimmer combs for a thin mustache.

Step 5: Select the right mustache for your face

Grooming your mustache can be very exciting but just like your hairstyle is a part of you, the type of mustache you groom also becomes your identity. So how do you do this?

Step 6: Round or Square face shape

These types of faces look a lot wider than the rest so try to grow and trim your mustache so it looks longer.

Step 7: Triangular or Rectangular face shape

These types of faces are much slimmer so style a mustache that is much thinner to compliment the shape of the head.

Step 8: Make sure it’s Dry

When trimming your mustache, always do it when the hair is dry so you don’t over trim it. When hair is wet, it seems to appear longer than it is, so doing it dry will guarantee that you don’t spoil your style.

Step 9: Make sure your mustache is even

Now that you have trimmed your mustache, it is advisable to have a second look to know if your hairs are even. Use a comb and run it through in a downward motion.

Step 10: Maintain your mustache

Trimming your mustache isn’t the hardest part, the most difficult is maintaining it. Take your time using beard oil and mustache wax to keep your facial hair in place while occasionally regulating the length.


What You Should Avoid in Growing and Trimming Mustache?

There are some essential errors you need to avoid while growing a mustache. Some of these are the mistakes men make in the process.

Expecting too much

Facial hair grows very slowly. On an average speed, it can take facial hair about a month to get ½” longer. It may take about 2-3 months before you can get one that can be styled to your choice. But trust me, it will be worth the wait.

Trimming it wrong

A good mustache is made up of an unequal length of hair. You need to be trimming the ones directly under your lip while also allowing the one close to your nose to grow out. Trying using scissors for this so you avoid removing many hairs using a trimmer.

Not using any products

Your mustache needs to be maintained using products that can nourish it. Utility balm and beard oil are ideal for keeping your mustache awesome and smelling nice.


The Necessary Products You Will Need in Trimming and Styling Your Mustache

Trimming scissors

Trimming scissors is good and more simple than trimmers. Sometimes you can use it to get the part of your face that is difficult to get to using electric trimmers.

Utility balm

Utility Balm acts as both perfume and lotion for the skin around your mustache. It also helps control wayward hairs while keeping your mustache clean.

Pocket comb

Using a comb while trimming your mustache is very essential for it to look good. The comb helps remove debris keeping the mustache and beards away from dirt. It is also essential for styling.

Mustache wax

If you are growing certain types of mustache, you need to make use of wax during styling. The wax helps hold the hairs together while providing it with this amazing point.


A shaving or an electric trimmer is important for trimming your beards. This makes it easy to style your beards without having much hassle.



A mustache has always commanded a certain level of respect, regarding the time and effort spent to groom and trim it. If you are ready to go with one, you can’t go wrong with any of the styles listed above. If you discover it isn’t for you, you can always shave it off or go with a full beard.