Vans Sizing Chart – Do Vans Run Big or Small?

Vans shoes have been in existence for over half a century now, and for this reason, they have preferred footwear for many.

When it comes to size, the majority of the van’s styles fit true to the size making the entire sizing process easier.

These shoes are available in both half and full sizes except for the UK 11 and above. For a better insight into vans sizing, the following have been discussed;

  • How does van sizing run?
  • Popular styles of vans shoe and their size fitting.


How Vans Sizing Run?

Vans shoe can run small or big depending on your actual size, but chances for this are minimal. When your actual shoe size is in between, it is advisable to take a size up rather than a downsize.

So, when ordering ensure you consider a ½ size up to avoid ordering a very small size that can make you uncomfortable.

European sizes are often slightly smaller compared to the US sizes. In case the upsize that you selected doesn’t fit you well it’s good to go for shoe fitting.

If you have wide feet and need Vans shoes for your outfit, don’t worry. Vans shoes come in wide sizes with different colors, you just have to pick your favorite. Although the normal size is common, wider Vans are equally available and can be easily ordered online. Amazingly, to a majority Vans are true to size, only a slight difference can be felt depending on the style.


Popular Styles of Vans Shoes and Their Sizes

Vans slip-on shoes

how to wear Vans slip on shoes

This is the common shoe that is often associated with the van brand. It is casual wear but can be worn for some jobs such as food preparation.

Vans slip-on shoes have a low profile with sturdy canvas uppers, dual elastic goring for easier wearing and taking off, and a hard sole that is durable and makes you comfortable while walking on hard surfaces.

An interesting thing about this kind of shoe is that it will last long enough despite wearing them daily. The slip-on van shoe fits true to size giving you the comfort you need while going about your activities.

How do Vans slip-on shes fit?

If you try wearing a half size down, you will be having problems because they can be too short. Slip-Ons have different designs and colors offering a variety to choose from.


Vans old skool low shoes

how to wear with Vans old Skool shoes

This has been casual wear for years now and can be worn with the majority of the casual outfit.

Old skool Vans have an iconic signature wavy side stripe, laces with a padded tongue giving you the necessary comfort. Other features include a removable insole that is arguably built well to avoid feeling flat, and a vulcanite sole making them durable.

With all these features wearing this shoe, comfort is guaranteed since they provide greater impact support. Old skool Vans usually fit true to size and are comfortable to walk with since they perfectly fit below the ankle.

How do Vans old skool low shoes fit?

However, old skool can run a little big for some, so it’s wiser to go a half size down when ordering this shoe.

Being among the earliest Vans, its low-top design makes it easy to wear besides the comfort other skate shoes don’t offer.


Vans Sk8-Hi shoes

how to wear with Vans Sk8-Hi shoes

This shoe is equally a stake shoe that can be worn casually. Sk8-Hi shoes go above the ankle but still gives a great experience. Just like the old skool Vans, sk8 hi has a signature wavy side stripe that gives them a good look.

This kind of shoe has laces, a padded tongue, and a vulcanite rubber sole. Vulcanite sole is crucial since it helps reduce the impact of the body to the ground as much as it makes your shoe last long.

Sk8-Hi has been made in such a way that it snug fits without your ankle or toe hurting while walking. Different designs and colors are available for this style, you only need to select.

How do Vans Sk8-Hi shoes fit?

Fitting for sk8 hi shoe is easier since they are true to size. When you need a pair, just order your actual size and you will have shoes that don’t run small or big.


Vans men’s Atwood low shoes

how to wear with Vans men's atwood low shoes

This can work both as a stake or casual wear. A low men’s Atwood shoe perfectly fits the ankle and is easier to move around with.

This shoe has laces, a padded tongue, and a hard sole. Removable underlays are also crucial in ensuring that you get all the comfort you need. The flat shape of the sole makes them more attractive and fashionable hence ideal for any character that chooses to wear them.

There are various colors and designs for this style, just for you to decide your favorite.

How do Vans men’s Atwood low shoes fit?

Men’s Atwood van is true to size like other van styles. This means they accurately fit your feet provided you don’t size up or down your shoe size.


Vans Authentic Core Classics shoes

how to wear Vans authentic core classics

They are low-top casual shoes. They have a vulcanized rubber sole that is able to impact support and enable you to walk on hard surfaces.

Authentic Core classics have laces, a tongue, and appear to be light hence can be worn for hikes. There are many colors and designs for authentic core classic shoes to choose from, this fulfills most customers’ needs.

Authentic Core looks great when worn in or not and can match with almost all the outfits nicely.

How do Vans authentic core classics shoes fit?

In case you want to fit this van, everything is simple because they are true to the size. Measuring your feet to know your size won’t be necessary if you know your size.


After getting all the knowledge on 5 major series of Vans shoes and their size range, if you want to know what to wear with Vans shoes and how to wear them in style. Please check our previous article: 20 Ideas on How to Style Socks with Vans.


Vans Size Chart

For Adults

US Men’s Size US Women’s Size UK Size European Size
9 10.5 8 42
9.5 11 8.5 42.5
10 11.5 9 43
10.5 12 9.5 44
11 12.5 10 44.5
11.5 13 10.5 45
12 13.5 11 46
12.5 14 12 47
13 14.5 13 48
13.5 15 14 49
14 15.5 15 50


For Youth

US Size UK Size European Size
10.5 10 27
11 10.5 27.5
11.5 11 28
12 11.5 29
12.5 12 30
13 13.5 30.5
13.5 1 31
1 13.5 31.5
1.5 1 32
2 1.5 32.5
2.5 2 33
3 2.5 34
3.5 3 34.5
4 3.5 35


For Toddlers

US Size UK Size European Size
4 3.5 19
4.5 4 20
5 4.5 21
5.5 5 21.5
6 5.5 22
6.5 6 22.5
7 6.5 23.5
7.5 7 24
8 7.5 24.5
8.5 8 25
9 8.5 25.5
9.5 9 26
10 9.5 26.5


For Infants

US Size UK Size European Size
1 0.5 16
2 1.5 17
3 2.5 18
4 3.5 19



In short, Vans are the best casual footwear and offer dependable performance. With the Vans, expect a snug fit that will allow you to walk comfortably. In case you haven’t had any experience with any van’s style, please do. Both women and men can enjoy the Vans shoe experience since any gender can wear it. Vans are such a simple shoe but still turn out to be the best.