Sock Sizes

There is nothing more distracting than having cold feet, you cannot get peace to perform daily activities. For this reason, come socks that are important. Despite warming and getting your feet comfortable, these fluffy garments absorb sweat while preventing your barefoot from rubbing shoes off bare feet.

However, their size matters a lot. Just getting the wrong size can bind your toes if small or cause pinching and blisters if loose. Below, we will discuss in-depth about socks. Who wears them and frequently asked questions when it comes to socks size.

Let’s dive in.

Sock Size Chart

Category Sock Size US Women Shoe Size Us Men Shoe Size
S 4-6.5 4-7.5
M 9-11 4-7.5 6-8.5
L 10-13 8-12.5 10.5-13
XL 14+ 13+ 14+

What Are the Different Sizes of Socks?

plus size thigh high socks

There is a wide range of socks in the market with each designed to provide a technical advantage and uniquely fit and feel like a crucial attire. Socks should be manufactured to fit and snug on your leg to prevent bunching and pinching and reducing the risk of blisters.

Below will discuss a guide on different sizes of socks. However, if you are in between the sizes it is advisable to go for a bigger size for maximum comfort.

These different sizes may differ from different standards including the US, Euro, and the UK. The standard US sock size for adult men and women, the shoe size varies.

For instance, there are small, medium, large, and x-large sizes.

    • For a small size that corresponds to women’s shoe size 4-6.5, medium sock size corresponds to women’s shoe size 4- 7.5, and men’s shoe size 6 – 8.5.
    • A large socks size that is 10-13 corresponds to shoe size 8 – 12.5 for women and 10.5 -13 for men.
    • For extra-large socks size, 14 plus cover 13+ a woman goes to 14+ shoe size.
    • According to the youth, they were a small sock size where they wear they wear for Y1 to Y5.

Sock Size to Shoe Size Conversion

It is paramount to know how to convert the sock size to shoe size to get the perfect fit for your legs.

For women, sock size 9-11 fits about 5-10 shoe size, and sock size 11-13 fits approximately men’s shoe size 8-13.

These sizings are mostly corresponding to the small and large sizes of the companies with gender-neutralizing sizing.

It is critical to get information on conversions of sock size to shoe size as it gets you to know how to buy fitting socks based on the size of your shoe.


How to Determine Sock Size?

When you get to the store to buy that attractive pair of socks, the measurements, numbers, and letter might get the better of you leaving you wondering what they are.

plus size socks

In the US, how long your foot inches are labeled as numerical sock size.

For instance, when you find the size of a sock labeled as 8-12.5 does not mean that it’s a shoe size, rather it means how long your foot is in terms of inches.

Thus, for a woman who has shoe size 9 ranges to about 10-13 inches feet length which would help to find fit socks for their shoes.

Fortunately, most brands have their sizing ranging with their alphabetical order (S, M, L, and XL), that is small, medium, large and extra-large.

There is a sock size chart that shows the sock size in their correspondence to the shoe size where you can refer at any given time.


What If I Need Plus Size Socks?

-For men

To men who wear a shoe size larger than the normal have a special collection that is referred to as king-size socks.

The sock’s size ranges from 12 to around 16 depending on the brand.

For the plus-size socks, ensure that you check the size details to be sure that the style will fit.


-For women

For women who wear larger sizes of socks than the recommended size 10, it is advisable to try men’s socks.

This is because there isn’t much difference between men’s and women’s socks only that the men’s socks have larger feet.


-For kids

A kid who is below 1 year and below should wear the sizes worn by toddlers.

The toddlers should wear the one for girls and boys while to boys and girls should start wearing that for women’s socks.


Kids’ Sock Sizes Chart

Ages Sock Sizes
Newborn – 1 year 1-4
1-4 years 4-7
5-10 years 8-13


Kids’ Sock Sizes Explained By Ages

It is universally clear how confusing to the parents and the caregivers the sizes of socks. The brand has several distinctions, as the kids grow at a high rate.

kids sock size chart

-For babies

This category only covers the newborn up to 1 year. These little munchkins grow and change every day. Therefore, buy the kids’ size from sock size one way up according to your kid, however, if you are not sure go bigger. When the babies outgrow the socks use them as pet socks, for decorations, etc.


-For toddler

These socks sizes cover for kids at the ages of 1 to 4 years. They wear toddlers’ socks sizes 4 to 7. It is critical to note that when shopping for these socks, the toddlers are fast-growing.

Therefore, move ahead and buy the kids sock size 8 and above.


-For boys and girls

These sock sizes are meant for 5 to 10-year-old children who usually wear shoe sizes of 8-13 for kids and to adults it goes to 3.

By the times they get to ten, their shoe sizes have grown to fit into women’s socks.


Youth Socks Size Chart

Sock Size Youth Shoe Size
Youth Small 4T-7T
Youth Medium 7T-10T
Youth Large 10T-2
Youth Extra Large 1-5


What Are Suitable Sizes for Pre-teenagers or Teenagers?

When you are shopping for socks for a ten-year-old or pre-teen years, it’s advisable to skip right to the women’s socks. The reason behind this is they have a large selection whereby they can fit them perfectly.

If these socks might not be a perfect fit, they will soon grow into them. Unfortunately, boys in the middle school years do not have feet large enough like that of men. Therefore, the teen is advised to venture into women’s style which is a great choice.

On to the sock size secret, the simpler, the pattern means the stretcher the sock. The complicated pattern would mean that the different patter will be quilted together hence limiting stretching.

Thus, when choosing the socks for teens try ones with fewer patterns to wear for a while. Most teens are messy and are likely to do certain activities in or with their socks.

At times, they will try to make sock puppets or just like some small size socks making socks and end up making holes in them.

Therefore, it is better to have a skill on how to darn a sock saving you a lot of money.



1. Should the sock be tight or loose?

Just like shoes where you cannot wear too tight nor loose, so are socks. When buying that pair, avoid overly tight or loose socks.

The ill-fit socks that are tight might end up binding the toes while too loose might lead you to have harmful wrinkles or pinching the skin thus causing you blisters. Always go for the proper socks fit.


2. Do sock sizes matter?

Correct, the sock size does matter. You not only wear the correct sock size for comfort but also for longevity.

While you wear a big sock size it might cause blisters to your feet while a small size causes swelling, varicose veins, etc. However, the right size will have the fit elasticity that will support your socks up unlike small ones that will wear it out quickly.


3. How do you fit socks?

Before buying the sock, ensure that you get to know the correct foot length which gives reference to shoe size.

To get the best fit of your socks, as an adult, measure 10 percent smaller than the actual leg or foot circumference.

This corresponds to 1” or 2.5 cm. And, 1/2″ or 1.3 centimeters shorter than the actual foot length.


4. Why are socks one size fits all?

A socks one size fits all describe one product that would fit in all sizes. The concept is that all the socks are made with a stretchy knit that can easily adapt to any size of a foot.

However, those sock sizes that are made with special sizes happen to have better quality while using less synthetic fiber. That one-size socks.


5. Can socks be too small?

The sizes of socks differ for a reason. Therefore, the inability to wear the right size will cause problems for you.

That is, having a small size can constrict your feet and it might not have the ability to wick away sweat as it should.

Besides, your toes will not move properly within the shapes which also makes them not breathe properly. Also, having a too big sock size would cause friction thus causing blisters. Make sure to choose the right sock size for your feet.


6. Are tight socks bad for circulation?

The type of sock you way can cause a great impact on your leg. Wearing tight socks especially disturbs the blood circulation in your legs.

Even though wearing some loose socks is not the answer as it does not look good, tight socks leave those are still not recommended due to disturbance in blood circulation. Consequently, when the blood circulation is disturbed, it may cause swelling Avoid tight socks at all costs.



When buying these important items from the store, always ensure that you get the right size. It will save you from a health problem that can arise from wearing the wrong size while giving the most desired warmth and comfort. Now that you’re more informed, hurry and go take your favorite pair of socks.