20+ Podiatrist Recommended Best Shoes for Bunions

Bunions are one of the major foot health problems encountered in many shoe stores. Those who suffer from bunions can agree that it is hard to ignore the pain felt on the base of the large toe.

Wearing shoes that are too tight such that the big toe is disturbed is enough to make you limp in pain.

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Most comfortable unisex running walking or athletic available shoes for bunionsASICS Women Venture 5 Running Shoes

Breathable women dancing or party shoes with soft soles for feet with bunions – Stelle Women Dance Shoes

Durable and heavy-duty men’s work boots with steel toesCaterpillar Men’s Second Shift Work Boots

Waterproof nursing shoes with a non-slip rubber sole for bunions and flat feet – Sticky Pro Women’s Nursing Waterproof Shoes


best shoes for bunions

This guide is aimed at telling you what bunions are and the right kind of footwear to use to prevent some of the issues arising such as sores, blisters, and bursitis. Below are the subtopics covered in this article:

  • Possible causes of bunions.
  • Importance of selecting suitable shoes for bunions.
  • What type of shoes for bunions do you need?


Do Shoes Cause Bunions?

Bunions are caused by several factors. It can be inflammatory joint diseases, foot injuries, arthritis, or genetics. Shoes do not cause bunions but having the wrong pair of shoes will lead to the development of bunion-related issues such as blisters and bursitis.

According to clinicians, bunions form when the bone of the big toe moves out of place.

Irregular movements and high pressure exerted on the joint will force the big toe to bend inwards towards the other toes resulting in a lump formation on the joint area.


Importance of Selecting Suitable Shoes for Bunions

There are multiple reasons why you should select suitable shoes for bunions. They include:

comfortable shoes for bunions

– Comfort

As the saying goes “choose function over fashion”: bunion shoes are designed for function rather not fashion. These shoes are designed to fit your shoes perfectly and provide comfort to your legs and toes.

– They help in preventing further injuries

Apart from providing comfort, bunion shoes help in preventing other conditions related to bunions from occurring. For instance bursitis, metatarsalgia, hammertoes, and more.

– They help in preventing bunions

Generally, bunions occur as you grow old depending on several factors. Wearing comfortable and bunion shoes helps to prevent bunions.

– They aid in relieving pain

Bunions can be extremely painful, especially when wearing the wrong pair of shoes. Bunion shoes help in relieving pain caused by bunions, thereby providing comfort. Besides, they also help in managing bunions.


What Type of Shoes for Bunions Do You Need?

Many types of shoes are perfect for bunions. The type you need for running is different from the one you require while dressing casually.

1. Running Shoes For Bunions

Special things to consider

For your running shoes, the following factors should guide you before purchasing:

– Tread

When running the treads need to be able to grip the surface firmly to give you that extra support you need.

Avoid shoes that have little or no treads. This will help reduce the potential risk of falling and hurting yourself even more.


– Construction material

Running shoes should be made from breathable and lightweight material. This will prevent your feet from sweating or the shoes weighing you down because of heaviness.

Additionally, the shoe needs to be waterproof to keep your feet dry. The sole should be made of rubber that is a good shock absorber. Rubber soles help reduce pressure on the bunions when running.


– Weight

The shoes need to be lightweight to enable you to run with ease. Also, light shoes insert little pressure on the bunions reducing the risk of injuries.


Running Shoe For Bunions Review:

 ASICS Women Venture 5 Running Shoes 

asics women running shoes

If you are a runner with bunions then this shoe is meant to assist you.

This shoe is 100% synthetic and has additional special features that will make your runs a breeze. Its high abrasion rubber sole together with Gel cushioning system ensures your feet are well insulated.

The sole provides a perfect grip to the ground offering you that extra support you need when running.

This shoe is a great fit and assures you of everyday comfort whenever you use it. The rugged sole makes it possible to use it on any terrain.

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 Under Armour Assert 8 Men’s Running Shoes 

black mens running shoes

Are you a runner looking for a balance of flexibility and cushioning? Look no further as Under Armour has made a product fit for your needs.

This shoe has unique features. For starters, it has a lightweight mesh on the top for maximum breathability when running. You do not have to worry about sweating.

The sock liners are made using EVA technology, thus very soft and comfortable.

The rubber sole is very durable and lightweight hence will not this pair will not wear you down. The durable leather provides stability as it locks into your midfoot.

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2. Dress Shoes For Bunions

For your dress shoes, consider these factors when buying:

– Sole thickness

Thick soles are a clear indication that the tread will last long before wearing off. If you want to wear them habitually, consider shoes with thick soles as this will provide the needed cushioning for long without a need to replace the sole.


– Support and cushioning

Shoes need to offer support in the arches and well-padded to absorb shock to reduce impact and pressure on the bunions.


– Tread

The shoe should be well treaded to ensure it grips well on the ground. If you have to walk on slippery surfaces it should be well treaded to offer you support.


Dress Shoes For Bunions Review:

 Stelle Women Dance Shoes 

black dance shoes for bunions

Are you a woman who is looking for a perfect pair of dance shoes? Stelle women’s dance shoes are made to perfection.

These shoes are very comfortable and do not require break-in to fit. These shoes feature a breathable soft lining and an attached ankle strap. They are not only used for dancing but are perfect for work outfits.

Additionally, the rubber sole is light and durable to serve you for long without wearing off. They also have improved heel attachment hence spread pressure throughout your feet.

These shoes are true to size and it is advisable to order your exact size.

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 Cole Haan Men’s Shortwing Shoes 

mens leather shoes for bunions

Cole Haan Grand shortwing Oxford shoes are perfect if you are looking for office shoes. They are manufactured with soft, smooth, 100% leather material.

They feature a wider toe box hence are perfect for persons with bunions. EVA technology was used to make the insole and outsole.

This makes the shoe durable, comfortable, and supportive on any terrain. Additionally, they offer good shock absorption. The shoe is elegant with a low price point.

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3. Tennis Shoes For Bunions

All sports involve a lot of movements. You need shoes that do not disturb bunions as this will result in blisters and pain.

These features should guide you when shopping:

– Support

As a tennis player, you need enough support on your feet and reduce the pressure applied to the bunions. Consider shoes with good support in the arches to help in mechanical control.


– Tread

The outsole should be well treaded to support you when playing on the different tennis courts. Your game and footwork will change depending on the court you are using (clay, hard, or grass). To maintain optimal footing on the court, you should wear tennis shoes with the best tread.


– Weight

Tennis sports involve too much footwork. For this reason, you need lightweight shoes, as these will exert less pressure and weight on your bunions. This allows you to move around the court easily and swiftly.


Tennis Shoes For Bunions Review:

 ASICS Women’s Solution Speed Tennis Shoes 

best womens tennis shoes

ASICS Solution Speed FF tennis shoe is extra-light and provides excellent comfort and performance while playing. The upper part provides support and comfort with Flexion Fit tech. It also features a protective abrasion-resistant cover.

It has an Ortholite insole, which is safe for bunions, as it not only adds the extra cushion your feet desire but, it also keeps them dry as well. Additionally, the outsole is made from AHAR rubber.

It also comes with a herringbone tread for optimal traction. The midsole is made of FlyteFoam which is another form of EVA technology. Thus, you are assured of maximum cushioning and comfort.

The shoe is also fitted with Gel technology at the forefront and the back to absorb shock. Furthermore, it features a Twisstrust suspension system to help prevent twisting and maintain stability while doing your footwork.

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 New Balance Men’s 806 VI Shoes 

new balance tennis shoes for bunions

These tennis shoes are the best for a low arch. They provide a player with maximum comfort, support, and balance when playing on hard grounds.

New Balance 806 tennis shoes have a lot of cushioning and shock absorption to ensure you perform at your very best level without causing any harm to your bunions. They are good shock absorbers and make your landing safe.

The cushioning of the shoe is made from ABZORB foam material. EVA C-CAP material is used on the midsole to ensure your feet are comfortable.

These shoes can be used every day as they provide support, balance, and comfort. More so, the outer sole is made from blown rubber. It provides exceptional grip and traction on all playing surfaces.

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4. Walking Shoes For Bunions

These are your everyday footwear. You need a pair of shoes that will allow you optimal comfort the whole day when you are out of the house.

Features to consider

Consider the following features when going shopping for walking shoes.

– Fit

Look for shoes with a wide toe box to accommodate bunion feet. The shoes should have laces for easy adjusting for a custom fit.


– Cushion

The midsole should be well cushioned to help absorb shock and lessen the pressure on bunions. This will result in improved comfort when you walk.


– Material

Since the shoe is needed for walking, consider the one made from soft leather, breathable material. This will prevent your feet from sweating and also it will not interfere with your bunions. The sole should be made of rubber material to reduce pressure on your bunions.


Walking Shoes For Bunions Reviews:

 Women Walking Mesh Slip On Sneakers 

women sneakers for bunions

These shoes are suitable for your everyday activities including walking, gym, working, jogging, you name it. They are easy to wear since they lack laces. You just have to slide your foot in. They are true to size, so you just need to order your street pair.

The upper part is made with ultralight synthetic mesh fabric to ensure it is breathable and durable. The forefront features a toe box design to allow your feet enough room.

This will relieve pressure from your bunions allowing you to wear the shoes for a long time during the day. The insole is made using EVA foam, thus providing the cushioning your feet needs.

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 Skechers Men’s GoMax-Athletic Slip On Walking Shoes 

mesh material mens shoes for bunions

Skechers Go Max-Athletic shoes for men are cheap simple designed shoes, which can be a perfect choice if you are on a tight budget. The shoe is manufactured from textile material, thus very easy to wash and air-dry.

Moreover, it features a synthetic sole making it lightweight and flexible. It will not weigh you down or push against your bunions. The midsole is made from a 5 Gel-cushioning material making it a good shock absorber.

The midsole and outsole cushioning provide high-level cushioning and support when you walk. The upper mesh fabric is very much breathable. You do not have to worry about your feet sweating as you walk. Also, these shoes have a padded collar and soft inner lining.

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5. Evening Shoes For Bunions

You do not go for dinner dates on the work shoes you have been wearing all day, have you? If you have, then it is time to change that and wear something even more lovely and attractive.


– Construction material

The outsole should be made from rubber material since it assists in reducing pressure on your bunions. To increase the comfort level of your feet, consider light and breathable material to remove instances of sweats and push on the bunions.


– Weight

Consider lightweight shoes as these put less pressure and weight on the bunions. Therefore, you can enjoy your dinner dates without feeling uncomfortable.


– Tread

Since you might walk across a room with a slippery floor ensure the shoes are well treaded to increase the traction. Also, this will provide you with maximum support and let you be safe as you walk.


Evening Shoes For Bunions Reviews:

 Dream Pairs Women Wedding Party Shoes 

women high heel party shoes for bunions

These lovely bridal shoes have a platform in the front allowing your feet to fit comfortably without causing pain. The upper part is made using a high-quality soft, flexible leather material, so your feet will not feel constricted.

The shoes have a wide toe box, which is excellent for bunions. To add to this, the footbed is contoured and cushioned for extra comfort and support for your arches and heels.

For supreme comfort, the insole is latex padded. The outer sole is made from a synthetic rubber sole with increased treads for maximum grip on any surface.

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 ElegantPark Comfortable Women Shoes 

womens shoes for bunions

From their name, these shoes are elegant. They are perfect for evening dates, weddings, graduating, and any special occasion. Enhance your beauty with these stylish pairs of shoes.

The shoes are made from satin fabric, which is shiny and soft. The material is breathable and lightweight removing chances of sweaty feet.

The sole is manufactured from durable rubber material with increased treads, thus excellent traction on any terrain.

The midsole is latex padded to increase comfort. To make you even more comfortable the inner linings are made from soft materials.

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6. Work Shoes For Bunions

When going to your workplace you need shoes that will allow you to be comfortable during work hours without affecting your bunions.

Special features

– Flexibility

Since you are going to be in your work shoes for many hours, the shoes should be able to bend to allow you to walk normally without applying too much pressure on the bunions.


– Tread

Consider selecting a pair that is well treaded to ensure optimal grip on any surface. Your work shoes are your everyday shoes, so you need to feel safe when wearing them. Well-treaded shoes provide you with that extra support you need when working.


– Sole

The sole plays a great role in ensuring you are comfortable. Rubber soles are good shock absorbers and they provide extra cushion.


Work Shoes For Bunions Reviews

 Skechers Ghenter Womens Branaugh Work Shoes 

skechers women work shoes

These shoes are ideal for work in any environment except wet locations. The upper part is made from 100% mesh material, so it is not waterproof to be used in damp areas.

It is breathable thanks to the mesh fabric. You do not have to worry about the bad odor resulting from sweaty feet. Also, they are lightweight hence will not weigh you down.

The sole is made from a durable rubber material with increased treading to enhance traction. Additionally, it is anti-slip to provide you the extra support you need when working, jogging, or running your everyday errands.

The insole is produced using EVA technology to improve cushioning, thus making your feet comfortable.

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 Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Work Boots 

ankle boot shoes for bunions

This is one of the best products from the Caterpillar brand. It has a classic design and is brown. It is super comfortable and durable for both heavy-duty and light jobs. This steel toe work boot has a wide toe box.

This is the best work boot for bunions. It features a climasphere sock liner to control the temperatures. Moreover, it has a nylon mesh to absorb moisture and prevent your feet from sweating.

The outsole is thick to absorb shock and provide extra cushion. Besides, it increases traction and it is slip and oil resistant.

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7. Athletic Shoes For Bunions

As an athlete with bunions, you require shoes that will not upset the bunions. When triggered other problems such as blisters will arise and pain will arise.


– Insole

A well-padded insole helps absorb shock whether you are running or jumping. A shoe with a removable insole will work perfectly since you can replace these with orthotic inserts designed to help with bunions.


– Firm grip

As an athlete, you need a firm grip when performing in the field. A firm grip and good traction reduce the risk of injuries which will worsen the bunion when in the field. Additionally, they will help reduce slipping when you run.


– Lightweight

Athletes need shoes that have less weight. If you suffer from bunions, then you are suffering inflammation as well. The last thing you would want is to add extra pressure and weight on the toes. Lightweight shoes will neither stress your muscles and tissues nor exert extra pressure on the toes.


Athletic Shoes For Bunions Reviews:

 Saucony Women’s Versafoam Cohesion Running Road Shoes 

soft and comfortable women running shoes for bunions

This shoe is lightweight and will assist you to overcome any challenge. It provides you pleasure and stamina when you run.

It is fitted with Grid technology and Versafoam cushioning to provide you the comfort you yarn. The inner lining absorbs moisture preventing your feet from sweating.

The outsole is made from a robust rubber material, hence very durable for even the toughest workouts you can think of. Also, it provides extra cushioning. It is well-treaded to increase traction. Besides, it is slip-resistant.

Thus, it provides you maximum support to help you concentrate on your workout.

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 Nike Air Monarch Men’s Running Shoes 

white running shoes for bunions

These shoes are the best athletic shoes for people suffering from bunions. They have a perforated breathable upper part removing any instances of sweat.

They have a wide toe box and adequate cushioning around the toe area. Additionally, the outsole is manufactured from a durable rubber material.

Therefore, it provides great traction on any terrain. The upper part offers extra support since it has overlays for support.

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8. Cross-training Shoes For Bunions

Special features

– Comfort

You need to be comfortable in your training shoes if you suffer from bunions. This will relax your feet muscles. Lack of comfort when training results in pain and blisters. Avoid buying shoes that you do not feel comfortable in with the hope of them expanding in the future.


– Good traction

You should check for good traction in all shoes. A firm grip will reduce the chance of injuries, which might further worsen the bunions. Also, good traction will help avoid slippage when training.


– Insole

This is another important feature. Ensure the shoe has a removable insole, which you can remove and replace with an orthotic insert to help with your bunions. Insole functions to provide cushioning and absorb shock as well.


Cross-training Shoes For Bunions Review:

 Ryka Women Influence Cross-training Shoes 

best women training shoes

Ryka cross-training shoes have been designed with superior materials. It is a good option as a training shoe for women suffering from bunions.

The shoe features a durable and stylish upper part that is a pure fabric to enhance breathability. It also has a wide toe box that prevents the toes from squashing.

Moreover, it has a dual impact insole fitted with high impact N-Gage EVA technology. Thus, it has a high cushioning impact, stability, and support. Ryka women’s cross-training shoes are very comfortable and you should not be worried about fatigue.

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 New Balance Men’s Trail 410 V5 Running Shoes 

black running shoes for bunions

This pair is very comfortable, highly supportive, and well-cushioned to provide you the comfort level you need. The toe box is wide enough to accommodate your bunion feet without pressing them.

The insole is made from ACTEVA, which is another type of EVA foam. This makes it very light. Because the midsole is made from EVA and breathable lining, the shoe is moisture-free.

Thus, you will never sweat when wearing these as your training shoes. The rubber sole is very much durable, thus increased grip on all surfaces.

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9. Nursing Shoes For Bunions

There are special types of shoes that work best for nurses. These shoes have additional features that make them stand out.

Special features

– Material

Since nurses are involved in very many activities in the hospital they need shoes made from soft materials. This helps make the feet comfortable and help reduce pressure on the bumps as their work involves a lot of standing.


– Good traction

Hospital floors are known to be slippery. Nurses are always fast since they have to attend to their patients in time. The shoes need to have a firm grip on the ground to provide support and stability.


– Flexibility

Nurses’ shoes need to be flexible to allow them to move around the hospital smoothly. This job involves swift movements, thus the shoes need to bend easily to help protect bunions better.


Nursing Shoes For Bunions Reviews:

 Sticky Pro Women’s Nursing Waterproof Shoes 

comfortable women nursing shoes for bunions

Nurses have to worry about so many things, thus their shoes need to be very comfortable mostly if they suffer from bunions.

These shoes are 100% waterproof both on the upper and lower sides, so you can easily work in any environment without getting wet. It is made of 100% rubber material.

The non-slip rubber soles ensure you are always protected even on the extra slippery floors.

These shoes are made with an absorbent footbed to enhance their breathability. Your feet will be dry and comfortable the entire time.

Lastly, the shoes have a shock-absorbing system to help you be extra comfortable when running your shifts.

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 INiceslipper Nursing Working Shoes with Non-slip Design 

soft mens nursing shoes for long hour standing

This shoe is great for several places including clinics, beach, kitchen, garden, and many more wet places. It features enclosed toes and heels, thus it meets your work requirements.

The inner sole is breathable and it is also fitted with moisture-wicking liners. Therefore, your feet will remain dry.

It features a tapered fit at the back of the heel for a more secure fit. The tread is lock-in slip resistant making it safe to walk on extra wet surfaces.

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10. Gym Shoes For Bunions

You need to be comfortable when in the gym working out.

Special features

– Material

Working out involves a lot of exercises and movements. Gym shoes need to be light and moisture-free. You need to be comfortable when working out without causing too much pressure on the bunions.


– Good traction

The shoes should be well treaded to have a firm grip on the surfaces. The sole should also be slip-resistant.


– Weight

Gym shoes need to be lightweight to prevent weighing you down when working out. You are lifting very heavy equipment. Hence, you do not need your shoes to be the cause of your fatigue.


Gym Shoes For Bunions Reviews:

 Joomra Women’s Woven Athletic Sneakers 

best women gym running shoes

These shoes have an upper part that is 3D woven and features an intricate grip pattern design to assist in moving your feet freely.

It is breathable, so you do not need to worry about sweaty feet. The sole is synthetic and has been incorporated with a natural motion flex groove that changes shape with your feet movements.

It is easy to slip on the shoes and you can adjust the laces so that the shoe fits nicely.

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 Voovix Men’s Gym Shoes For Outdoor Sports 

women running shoes for bunions

This shoe is perfect for work out and gymnastics. It has a rubber sole with good traction and durability. Its toe box is large enough to prevent your feet from squashing. It features a breathable upper part, thus removing moisture from your feet.

The feet will remain dry and free from odor. The insole is thick enough to provide excellent cushioning and it also supports arches.

The insole is also removable, thus can be replaced by orthotic soles recommended for bunions feet.

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11. Yoga Shoes For Bunions

Bunions can cause a lot of discomfort and instability when in a yoga class. Therefore, you need shoes that will help you do away with this problem and let you enjoy your yoga lessons.

Features of yoga shoes

– Material

Yoga involves a lot of standing. You need shoes that allow you to be stable and comfortable when standing. The material should be light, breathable, and soft. Additionally, it provides good cushioning and support.


– Weight

You are already exerting too much weight on your bunions when standing. Your footwear should not be the main cause of pain when doing yoga. For this reason, consider purchasing lightweight yoga footwear.


– Good traction

The sole needs to have a firm grip on any terrain to support you fully. Also, a well-treaded shoe guarantees your safety. Besides, it ought to be slip-resistant too.


What Sorts of Feet Condition Do You Have Associated with Bunions?

women's running shoes for bunions

1. Wide feet

Having a wide foot can trigger bunions because of wearing the wrong size and shoe type. It irritates the bunions by causing discomfort, stress, and increased pressure on the protruding knob formed at the base of your foot, leading to further complications.

-Special things to consider in choosing

causes of bunions and flat feet

If you have naturally wide feet, you should consider purchasing a shoe with the following features to avoid triggering or upsetting the bunion. They include;

  • Velcro strap/Laced upfront

To customize the shoe fitting to allow your forefoot and big toes to move naturally to avoid putting stress and pressure on the knob formed at the base of your big toe.

  • Wearing the correct size

You should wear the right size pair of a shoe to allow your entire feet to move naturally and unrestricted without hurting the nerves and the muscle tissues cells of your big toe.

  • Memory foam insole

It is crucial to use footwear with memory foam to enhance comfort and reduce stress and pressure at your toe base.

  • Soft upper/inner lining material

Use a shoe with an upper that is crafted from soft material and quickly expand because it improves your toes’ comfort by not irritating the affected area. The interior lining should also be gentle to provide plush comfort to your feet to enhance recovery.


2. Bunions and flat feet

Flat feet people entirely lack an arch, meaning they lack spring that absorbs their body weight pressure. This causes the feet to roll inwards to enhance stability, leading to the accumulation of pressure and stress at your toe base.

-Special things to consider in choosing

causes of bunions and flat feet

  • Sole with arch support and rugged bottom

arch support helps support your footbed and enhance your foot structure’s alignment, thereby reducing the overpronation of the arch. Further, the sole should have tractions or rugged tread marks to secure your steps and improve your stability while walking.

  • Wide toe box

This will allow your foot to move naturally to allow proper blood circulation to reduce inflammation in your foot’s sensitive areas.

  • High-density memory foam insole

having a high-density insole provides support to the arch, thereby enhancing comfort and foot stability by contouring to your feet’ shape to distribute pressure weight to the entire foot structure evenly. This helps to avoid overstressing and overpronation of the arch.


3. Bunions and wide toe

This is also another issue different from having a wide foot. However, wearing shoes that is not proportional to your toes can cause a lot of stress and lead to the formation of bunions. Therefore, the guide below will help you choose the right shoe for you.

-Special things to consider in choosing

causes of bunions and wide toe

  • Round/Wide toe box

your shoes should have a wide/round toe box to allow your foot structure to move naturally and unrestricted to avoid irritating the bunion and reduce predisposing factors that may lead to the injury of your toes.

  • TPR sole

The sole of your shoe should feature tractions to help reduce forefoot resistance while walking to avoid putting much pressure and stress on your big toe.

  • Orthotic insole

Ensure the kind of insole incorporated in your shoe is an orthotic type that helps distribute the weight pressure and enhance the forefoot, heel, arch stability, and comfort.

  • Customizable

Either strap or laced up front would also be a great choice because you can adjust your shoe’s fitting to avoid putting much stress on your forefoot area and enhance your foot structure’s proper alignment.


4. Bunions and plantar fasciitis

Having a high or medium arch can also lead to the formation of a bunion because of using the wrong types of shoes that sufficiently support the plantar fascia area. Despite confirming size and soft fabric upper material, your footwear should possess the unique features mentioned below.

best shoes for bunions and plantar fasciitis

-Special things to consider in choosing

  • Sole with Arch support and rugged bottom

Arch support helps to support your footbed and enhance your foot structure’s alignment, thereby reducing overpronation of the arch. Further, the sole should have tractions or rugged tread marks to secure your steps and improve your stability while walking.

  • Memory foam insole

To contour to your footbed’s natural shape and support the entire footbed. This reduces bunions’ formation, ankle, and forefoot, reducing the plantar fascia’s stress and pronation.

How to relieve plantar fasciitis?

  • Massaging 

Massaging your entire foot helps increase blood circulation to the nerves and the affected area, reducing the inflammation of the plantar fasciae and your toe base.

  • Removable shoe insert 

you may add another layer to the footbed by using a removable shoe insert with memory foam to improve the footbed support to reduce pressure impact and pillow your footbed to enhance recovery.


5. Bunions and hammertoes

Hammertoes is the abnormal bending of your toes’ middle joint, which seriously affects the next toes leading to the formation of the bunions. This is often caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes.

causes of hammertoes

-Special things to consider in choosing

  • Flat sole with grips

the essence of using flat-soled shoes is to allow you to walk freely without experiencing constant rubbing between the upper lining and your toes’ middle joint. The grips underneath are to enhance stability by reducing forefoot resistance while walking because increased resistance increases stress on the middle joint of the toes and forefoot area.

  • Wide toe box with a memory foam insole

Since bending of the middle joint is brought by your toes’ unrestricted movement and increased resistance at the forefoot area. Therefore, you will need a shoe with a wide toe box and memory foam insole to allow your foot structure’s natural mobility and reduce stress caused by constant friction on your toes and footbed.

  • Soft and elastic upper lining

the upper lining of your shoes should be made from a soft and elastic material friendly to reduce contact friction between your toes and the upper lining.


6. Bunions and arch support

Lacking enough support at the arch area increases stress due to the uneven distribution of pressure to the entire foot structure. Hence, leading to the concentration of stress and strain on the forefoot area, especially the big toes, thereby causing the toes to move inwards and its base to move outwards.

-Special things to consider in choosing

causes of bunions and arch support

After confirming the right size and the type of your toes, your shoes should possess the following features;

  • Soles with tractions and arch support

This is vital to distribute your foot structure’s pressure and alignment evenly. Thus, improving the stability and balance while walking reduces stress and pain on your heels, arch, and forefoot area. Further, the tractions underneath also focus on improving strength and securing your steps.

  • Customizable

You should adjust your shoe’s fitting to your maximum comfort to enhance your foot structure’s stability and alignment to reduce stress on your foot’s sensitive areas like the toes, ankle, and heels.

  • Memory foam insole

Having a cushioned layer underneath your footbed, it molds to contour with your foot’s shape to distribute the pressure weight to the entire foot anatomy evenly. This helps to enhance stability, reduce stress on the arch, and for maximum comfort while walking.


7. Bunions and Morton’s neuroma

Morton’s neuroma is the thickening or clumping of the dead tissue cells on the ball of your toes, leading to bunion formation. This is caused by wearing ill-fitting and shoes with inappropriate heels.

-Special things to consider in choosing

best shoes for mortons neuroma

  • Wide Toe Box

Wearing a shoe with a toe box allows your foot’s natural mobility and reduces the contact friction between your shoe’s toes and interior lining.

  • Flat sole with grips

Walking with flat shoes reduces the risks of developing Morton’s, and it should be gripped to enhance stability and secure your foot.

  • Customizable

To allow you to adjust your shoe’s fitting to your comfort and reduce the contact friction.
Soft upper fabric/material- This reduces friction to reduce inflammation and stress on your toes.

  • Padded footbed

To reduce pressure impact on your arch, forefoot, and heels, cushions the entire foot to reduce friction and foot fatigue.

How to relieve Morton’s neuroma?

  • You wear padded socks to protect your foot from constant friction.
  • Massage the ball and the entire foot to reduce inflammation and increase circulation.
  • Ice massage the sore area.
  • Do stretch exercises to relax the tissues, muscles, ligaments, and tendons, and strengthen your toes.


8. Bunions and pronation

The overuse and overstressing of your foot structure and tissue cells causes pronation, increasing the concentration of pressure inside your foot. Hence, leading to misalignment of the foot structure, making the bunion get bigger.

-Special things to consider in choosing

causes of bunions and pronation

  • Comfort fitting

the shoes should fit you comfortably while it is proportional to your toes to comfortably allow your toe to wiggle.

  • Arch support

your footbed should be embedded with multiple layers of cushioning to increase stability, enhance pillow comfort, and reduce pressure impact on your heels, arch, and ankles.

  • TPR sole

To reduce friction and secure your step against slipping, reducing your joints, heels, and ankles’ injuries.

  • Customizable

To adjust the shoe fitting to enhance stability and alignment of your foot ligaments and tendons.


9. Bunions with high arches

High arches trigger bunions because of the excess amount of pressure placed in your heel, forefoot, and the balls of your foot, leading to excessive pressure and stress at the toes’ base.

-Special things to consider in choosing

best shoes for bunions with high arches

  • EVA Bed-Midsole

the sole should have a midsole layer to provide enough arch support to enhance flexibility, even distribution of pressure weight, and improve comfort. This helps to stress the heel, ankle, and metatarsal, and ligaments of your forefoot.

  • Customizable

To allow you to adjust the shoe fitting to improve the foot structure alignment and enhance comfort to reduce stress on the entire foot.

  • Rugged sole

The rugged texture to secure your steps to avoid unnecessary injuries may lead to injuries.


10. Bunions and corns

Corn is the formation of hard layers of dead skin due to repeated friction, stress, and pressure at your toes’ middle joint. If precautions are not taken earlier, it may lead to the formation of bunions.

-Special things to consider in choosing

best shoes for bunions and corns

  • Wide toe box

Provide enough room for your toes to freely wiggle without much friction on your toes.

  • Soft upper construction

The upper material used should be crafted from elastic or soft material to reduce friction between your shoe and the toes.

  • Should be customizable

To allow to adjust the shoe fitting for comfort and alignment of the foot structure to enhance stability to reduce the stress placed on your toes.

  • Tread mark patterned sole

The rough texture of the sole reduces friction while walking to reduce stressing the forefoot area and enhance stability.

  • Cushioned midsole

To reduce pressure impact on the entire footbed, reducing stress and friction between the sides of your toes and the interior lining.

How to relieve corns?

  • You should wear padded socks to reduce friction between your toes and the shoes.
  • Soaking your foot in soapy water to soften the corns.
  • You may use custom-made shoe inserts to prevent repeated friction on the sides of your toes and the shoes.
  • You may trim the thick layers of your skin. However, it is dangerous because you may cut a nerve leading to further foot complications.
  • Instead, it would help if you avoided ill-fitting shoes instead of shoe that is well-fitting and proportional to your foot structure and toe area.


What to Consider in Choosing a Suitable One?

best sneakers for feet with bunions

1. What do you intend to use them for?

The application or the shoe’s intended purpose determines its design and features, which contributes to its comfort, convenience, and reliability.

Therefore, it should have a durable sole with tractions to secure your step; the midsole should be layered with high-density memory foam with breathable interior lining to allow you to walk for a prolonged period without feeling fatigued.

In contrast, for indoor, the shoe should have a sole that is friendly to different floors and guarantees your steps’ safety.

Besides, the interior should be cushioned and lined with breathable for comfort, warmth, and stability.


2. For summer or winter use?

-What to consider if for summer use?

Due to the high temperature in summer, people prefer footwear that will not generate excess heat in their feet. Therefore, the ideal shoe for summer should possess the following features;

  • The upper and the interior should have a high-moisture wicking ability, breathable and skin-friendly to keep your feet cool, dry, and odor-free.
  • The midsole should be padded with memory foam to distribute pressure, flexibility and enhance comfort.
  • The sole should feature tractions to secure your foot on all types of floors, improve your stability and withstand all the outdoor conditions.

-What to consider if for winter use?

  • The upper and the interior lining should be made from materials that insulate heat and skin-friendly to keep your feet warm for a prolonged period without losing heat.
  • The sole should be waterproof with tread marks to prevent moisture from escaping through the shoe and improve your stability even on a wet/delicate floor.
  • The midsole should be embedded with multiple layers of cushion to insulate the heat, enhance your foot stability, promote proper alignment of the foot anatomy and provide pillow comfort to your footbed to reduce risks of developing bunions.


3. Is it comfortable?

Your shoe’s comfort is determined by many factors depending on the shape, bone density and the size of the foot, and the type of shoe you intended to use.

But, all these factors are mainly attributed to the features incorporated in its designation and engineering. Therefore, below are some of the features you should consider when seeking comfort in the shoe you are buying;

  • The upper lining should be made from a soft and elastic material.
  • The sole should be durable, flexible with grips to secure your steps and improve your stability.
  • Thickly padded insole to enhance pillow comfort, improve foot structure alignment and reduce stress and pressure build-up in your heel, ankle, heels, and forefoot area.


4. What style do you prefer?

The shoe’s design and style determine its convenience, flexibility, and reliability for either indoor or outdoor use. Hence you can choose from the following design and style.

-Slip-on or with lacing?

Slip-on design shoes are ideal for indoor and summer because of their free-style fitting design that allows you to be always on the go, and their flexibility makes it convenient when you want to collect emails outdoor and hang out with friends indoors.

However, Slip-on shoes are not convenient to walk in them for prolonged hours. This is due to increased resistance when it starts losing its shape making it difficult to use, and you may start feeling foot fatigue.

In contrast, shoes laced upfront is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The laces allow you to adjust to your desirable fitting, improving your foot stability, foot anatomy alignment, and walking for prolonged with zero to minimal stress.


-Causal style or official style

Casual shoes are reliable and flexible to use for all occasions except for official use. However, they are versatile to match up with any outfit, provided you have blended them with an outfit.

The official style is limiting because it cannot suit all occasions but only for official use, making it unreliable and flexible.


5. What brands to choose from?


ASICS is one the best shoe brand that will help you recover from bunions and other foot inflammation conditions.

Asics shoes are outstanding due to their lightweight designation to eliminate fatigue, offer stability, and improve alignment.

Most of their shoes feature meshed upper lining for breathability and are cushioned at the toe-box, shaft, and heel for shock absorption and added support.


Sketchers are well known for producing wide varieties of shoes. However, what makes them unique is their u-shape design soles that are great for walking, and they vary from thick to thin type of sole to meet up your needs, style, and taste.

Besides, their midsole is designed with either memory foam footbed or air-cooled memory foam that provides all the comfort you desire.

In comparison, their uppers are usually crafted from neoprene, soft leather, and polyester materials that are flexible and a bit elastic to allow your foot to wiggle comfortably.


What makes Nike shoes the best and reliable shoes is that they are crafted from soft leather material, which makes them ideal for people or people suffering from the bunion.

Besides, they continuously invested in different midsole technologies like the Air soles that are lightweight and highly responsive to allows you to walk for long hours with less impact to your foot structure.

Further, most of their shoes are strap or laced, designed to customize it to your desired fitting.


How to Relieve Bunion Pain?

A bunion is very painful, but you can take precautions earlier to help you relieve the pain before the situation moves out of hand. Below are some of the home remedies and medicinal ideas that you may use to relieve the pain.

  • Use over-the-counter orthotic inserts to help position the foot structure correctly, thereby reducing stress and pain.
  • Ice massage or physically massage the affected area to improve the blood circulation to reduce inflammation and improve recovery.
  • You may use over-the-counter painkillers like ibuprofen.
  • You may do stretch exercises to stretch the feet and realign the toes using toe spacers.
  • Wear socks to reduce friction and overstimulation due to repetitive motion on the affected area to enhance healing.
  • Use bunion pads to eliminate constant friction on the bunions.
  • Avoid wearing heeled, tight-fitting, and sharp-pointed shoes because they increase the risk of wearing and tearing the forefoot bones and structure. Instead, wear wide shoes with a flat and soft sole.
  • Elevate the affected area for like 15 minutes every hour to alleviate the pain and reduce inflammation.


Special Techniques and Products You Will Need on Relieving Bunion Pain Effectively?

1. Special techniques

>Gap Lacing Technique

This is the skipping of the eyelets around the affected area, especially those with bunions related to wide feet, high arches, corns, etc. This technique works by relieving pressure and reduces physical risk factors that may lead to bunions.

>Straight Lacing Technique

This kind of lacing technique is done by utilizing all the eyelets without skipping any hole/eyelet. Using all the eyelets helps relieve pressure on your foot’s upper areas and evenly distribute pressure across the foot’s upper regions.


2. Special products

– Insoles for bunions

Insoles for bunions are effective in alleviating the pain and enhancing the recovery of the affected area. The insole works by correcting the foot anatomy alignment to evenly distribute the pressure weight impact across the entire anatomy, thereby stabilizing your steps and improving your comfort while walking.

– Toe separators

As the name suggests, soft cushioning is used to realign your toes to correct the joint deformity to its normal position. It works by preventing constant contact friction, prevents overlapping of your toes, and relieving pressure and stress on the affected area.


Can Shoes Correct Bunions?

No. bunions are permanent foot deformity that develops slowly and can worsen with time which cannot prevent by wearing shoes.

Instead, what the shoes do is to reduces the growth of the bunion and relieve the pain. The only possible way to correct bunion permanently is through surgery.

However, using a shoe would be a great relief against bunion by considering using the correct type of shoe that appropriately and proportionally fits your foot according to its anatomical structure and comfort with maximum stability and support.


Are Flip Flops Bad for Bunions?

Yes. Flip flops can trigger or cause bunions because they are flat and their insole is not long-lasting; thereby, they tear and wear very fast, leaving your footbed lacking enough support.

This could be dangerous since your arch is not fully supported, leading to pressure weight in the internal foot structure and poor balancing, putting more pressure and stress on gripping the flip flop with your toes.



Now that you know which shoes are good if you are suffering from bunion feet, you can comfortably walk into that store and select one that is the best fit. Bunions should not hinder you from enjoying your daily activities.

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