Why are Thigh High Socks Attractive?

We all love when an outfit comes together nicely and thigh high socks have a way of making your outfit stand out wherever you are. Though it is true that when it comes to thigh high socks, it’s a bit of a slippery slope. If done right they look incredible but if done wrong your whole outfit will be a mess.

Another reason we all love thigh high socks is their versatility. Whether it’s to help us feel warmer as we lie in bed on a lazy day or to take our outfit to the next level. Thigh high socks will always be a go-to way to look stylish and feel comfortable. This versatility is why these socks are a fashion trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon.

how to wear thigh high socks


Why Do Guys Like Thigh High Socks?

The appeal of these socks is lost on many. They often wonder why anyone would trap themselves in something so tight and uncomfortable. But a good pair of thigh high socks can feel like you’re floating on the clouds. They are soft, airy, and comfortable. Thigh high socks can also be used as compression socks. Compression socks are used to reduce leg pains, ease swelling, and promote blood flow.

Recently guys have also taken to wearing thigh high socks. For the longest time, they were only worn by women. But today, there are so many different ways a guy can rock them and look amazing.


How to Wear Thigh High Socks Without Looking Trashy?

Thigh high socks can be worn in different ways and on different outfits so the important thing is to style them the right way. How you style your thigh high socks will be the defining point of your whole look. And if you style it wrong, you run the risk of looking like an old man or worse.

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Thigh High Socks Fashion Trend

For years thigh high socks have been referred to as provocative or suggestive. Many have gone as far as tagging those who wear them vulgar or immoral. Thankfully this mindset is slowly changing and a lot of people are beginning to see these stockings for what they truly are: a nice addition to your outfit that helps you stand out wherever you are.


What Types to Choose?

When searching for the right type of thigh high socks, you should be mindful of the color, the brand, and the outfit you have in mind. Also, check the material used for the socks before making a choice. Good quality socks are made with soft material to give you a comfortable and airy feel while you wear them.


Recommended Thigh High Socks

1. Adidas Unisex-Adult Cushioned Over the Calf Socks

This pair of thigh high Adidas socks are made with moisture-wicking fabric that keeps your legs dry and cool at all times of the day. You can wear these socks to the gym without ever having to worry about getting home to sweaty legs. These socks are breathable, soft, and secure. The cushion at the foot and ankles of these socks grant you extra comfort and protection. Created to survive on the toughest football fields in the world, these Adidas socks can definitely survive your rigorous gym day.


2. Truform Compression Stockings

The Truform compression stockings are compression socks that can also be used to spruce up your whole outfit. They work great for anyone trying to relieve themselves of leg pain and can be worn by anyone from pregnant women to people who just had surgery. These socks are the definition of versatility. It is great for increasing blood circulation and also for creating an impressive outfit. It is soft, durable, and even has a comfy toe pocket for sensitive feet.


3. SIGVARIS Men’s DYNAVEN Closed Toe Thigh High Socks

Like the Truform, this pair of socks also serves as compression socks with 20-30mmHg support. It is soft, skin-friendly, and keeps your legs dry because of its amazing moisture management feature. The material is not only extremely comfortable but is also durable. These socks were made with high-quality nylon and spandex that give your legs a soft warm hug whenever you put them on. You’ll be tempted to wear these socks every day and every night because of their skin-like comfort. It’s also super easy to put on and take off.


How to Style Your Outfit with a Pair of Thigh High Socks?

how to wear thigh high socks

Thigh high socks have become a popular fashion trend so there are many unique ways to style them that make your outfit impeccable. Some of the ways you can use your thigh high socks to create a great outfit are;

● Style your stockings with sneakers, shorts, and a baggy tee for a sporty look. You can also replace the baggy tee with a singlet and make this a gym look. Use stockings with stripes at the top to give you the complete sports guy ensemble.

● If streetwear is more your style then you can pair your socks with cargo pants and a hoodie. Tuck your cargo pants into your stockings for the full street style feel. Use black stockings, a pair of black cargo pants, and a black hoodie to achieve this aesthetic.

● Style your socks with a pair of long free shorts and a baggy tee. This will help you achieve a great streetwear look.

● Thigh high socks look great with sneakers but you could also try pairing them with a pair of boots.


What to Avoid When Styling?

If you decide to step up your style game with some thigh high socks then be sure to avoid the following so it doesn’t ruin your entire look;

Avoid loud colors: Unless your look absolutely depends on it, and chances are that it doesn’t. You should always wear thigh high socks that are dark in color, like black or navy blue. Because there might be times when you need to make a statement and you decide to go with a more vibrant color then be sure to style it with a darker or neutral outfit or colors that blend well with your stocking choice. Bright colors tend to clash with each other so take note of this when you are putting your outfit together.

Avoid pattern on pattern: Some thigh high socks are designed with patterns like polka dots, zigzags, or just regular lines. No matter the pattern, you must make sure that your outfit doesn’t have any patterns on it so your whole outfit doesn’t look mismatched.

Avoid flip-flops, slippers, and sandals: Thigh high socks with any of these will make you look three times your age. Steer clear of this combination.



Thigh high socks can bring your look together or tear it apart. When planning your outfit, be careful not to overdo the whole look with colors and patterns that might make you look a bit like a peacock, unless of course if that’s the look you’re going for. You can also check Pinterest for thigh high socks outfits to get an idea of the type of outfits you should be going for.

In the end, be sure to dress the way you feel. Take fashion advice but don’t let other people govern how you dress. Because at the end of the day, it’s your body and only you know how to make it happy.