Steps & Tips to Organize Socks and Drawers (2022 Newly)

Many people get frustrated when they cannot find their socks, or when different socks do not match. Organizing socks can be an easy and quick task that can save you a lot of time in the future when picking out an outfit to wear.

To help you clear your sock drawer or where you store your socks from all the chaos and disorganization, it is vital to learn how to neatly arrange your sock storage place.

After reading this article you will know how to;

  • Organize socks
  • Arrange a sock drawer/container
  • Store socks in a drawer/container

how to organise socks


How to Organize Socks?

Learning how to organize socks in a drawer or basket first starts with understanding how to fold socks well. Some people roll their socks into a ball but it is essential to fold socks properly to prevent them from stretching the elastic and also to maximize their lifespan.

  • Step 1: The first thing you should do is remove all the socks from the drawer or the container that you store them in to sort them out easily.
  • Step 2: Wipe the drawer with a damp cloth to get rid of dirt and unnecessary items before placing your socks back in it.
  • Step 3: After sorting them out, remove the ones that are torn, those you do not wear anymore.
  • Step 4: Then fold the remaining ones in pairs placing them on top of each other to avoid any confusion later. This will make it easier to choose the socks that complement your outfits.


Special Tips on Organizing Socks

how to organize socks

  • For thick socks

If you have some thick socks, you can just settle to folding them in half and roll the socks into the waistband. Ensure the waistband is on the outer side. Use dividers such as cardboards in the sock drawer to store your socks in rows neatly according to their use.

  • For space-saving

Using dividers also maximizes drawer space. Separate your everyday socks from your gym socks. This way, you will have a good placement strategy. All the chaos you had before in your sock drawer is gone now and you can get the socks you want to wear easily.

  • For classification

You can also decide to use the shoe-box method whereby you make each box for a different group of socks. Gym socks in one box, everyday socks in a different box, special socks in another different box.


How to Arrange the Socks Drawer?

how to organize socks

  • Stack socks

If you own many socks, you may consider stacking them on top of each other so that they can all fit in the drawer. If you want to see all your socks, you can lay them on their sides to easily pick the socks you want to wear on a particular day.

You can stack similar socks on each other. For instance, you can place all your white socks or patterned socks on top of each other and place them directly in the drawer in neat rows. Ensure the edge of each pair of socks is visible so that you can just pick one pair of socks at a time without disarranging the other pairs.

  • Use containers

You can also buy or make baskets or containers that can fit into the drawer. Place each group of socks in their baskets or put each folded pair of socks in its section that has been divided. You can even use shoe boxes to store socks.

It is advisable to use a box, divider, or basket to store different groupings of socks if you have many pairs of socks for ease of picking the socks you need for a particular day.


How to Store Socks in a Drawer/container Neatly?

how to organize socks

By now, one should already have a good idea of how to store socks properly into the newly organized socks drawer. Having a new look at your sock drawer is not only healthy but can also inspire you to declutter your other drawers and closets.

  • Folding socks regularly

Remember that you may have to fold some pairs of socks several times, making a rectangular shape which is helpful when storing them in the drawer or container.

How you store your socks is also determined by the size of the drawer or how much space has been allocated after placing dividers. Similarly, place your socks on top of each other to avoid having a disorganized drawer.

  • Cleaning out old socks

Give out socks that you do not wear anymore to avoid having many pairs of socks in your drawer that you are not using.

You can also repurpose socks that you do not wear anymore. You can use them as rugs or other things like hand puppets. Only keep socks that you enjoy wearing and the ones you need daily.



Having read through this piece, you should have a basic idea of how to organize socks. It is up to a person to keep refining this process and after some time you will be a pro in arranging your socks be it in the drawer or basket or container.