How to Crochet Slipper Socks or Boots?

The greatest idea that needs very affordable and highly available materials makes the winter season nothing to be scared of by crocheting warm slipper socks or boots. They can be made in different styles and patterns to suit the user’s preferences and tastes; moreover, one can use different textures of threads to come up with the best slipper socks or boots. Then how to crochet slipper socks or boots?

steps on crocheting slipper socks

At the end of this article, you should be able to know the following:

• Different socks crochet patterns
• Crochet slipper boots for adults
• Crochet slipper boots for kids
• The type of yarns you can use to crochet sock


Is It Better to Knit or Crochet Socks?

Crochet is considered easier and faster; you can crochet your socks, especially when you want to have them thick and achieve the right pattern.


Crochet Slipper Boots For Adults

When adults are lounging around their homes during winter, they need to have warm and thick slipper boots; wearing crochet slipper boots brings more comfort than any other indoor footwear.

They are the easiest thing to customize for both men and women, made with a heavily stitched pattern to ensure that they last longer as they will be exposed to too much friction.

Their sizes range from 3-4, the smallest, and 7-8 the largest.

The detailed crochet steps are as follow:


Crochet Slippers Boots For Kids

Small kids always have sensitive and fragile skin; therefore, they need to wear smooth and well-crocheted pairs that cannot damage their skin and toes.

They can be made in many various styles and patterns, and textures; this should ensure that they are kept warm and comfortable at all angles.

They are among the easiest crochet slipper as they need few yarns and take little time to work on.

Here we offer simple instructions that you can follow to crochet slipper boots for your little kids:


What is the Best Yarn for Crocheting Socks?

Acrylic is the best yarn that one can use to crochet socks; it is ranked as the best because it can give the required stretch to put the socks pattern together with much stiffness to keep the socks in place. Only high-quality acrylic can do this; the following are seven acrylic yarns one can use:

1. Mira handcrafts Acrylic Yarn

soft acrylic yarn

It is available in forty different assorted colors, 100% acrylic; the colors are a sure thing to make your socks choices what you need. It is not only meant for socks for also other crocheting projects, giving soft socks that are easy to wash in a machine and dry.


• Soft
• High-quality yarn
• Can make many small items that need multiple colors


• All the skeins are not of the same size


2. TYH supplies acrylic yarn

acrylic yarn for slipper boots

Small projects such as socks need mini skeins, and this yarn comes in twenty assorted colors that will help you make beautiful multicolored pairs of socks. Each skein is purely acrylic, measures 20.1 meters and weighs about ten grams; it is highly durable and machine washable.


• Durable
• Good colors


• Inconsistent skeins


3. Mind My Thread Acrylic Yarn

mind my thread yarn

It is a craft kit that provides you with everything you need to make your crochet socks project a success; you can easily take your art crafts to a better level with this. It comes with twenty colorful skeins, two crochet hooks, stitch markers, two pom pom makers, two tapestry needles and two e-books that will give you ideas about particular projects.


• Soft and high quality
• Non-scratchy
• Ideal for beginners


• Chances of running out of color are possible if you are working on full projects.


4. LIHAO Mini Acrylic Yarn

mini acrylic yarn

It is a high-quality pure acrylic yarn; it is available in twelve different colors and weighs 15 grams each; it has small skeins, highly recommendable for beginners.


• Comes in multiple vibrant colors
• Soft and easy to use
• Does not fade off


• The appearance of knots on the line
• Shrinks after washing


5. Red Heart Jumbo Acrylic Yarn

yarn for crocheting slipper boots

It is made with pure acrylic fibers making it easy to use and last for an extended period; it works well with both the washing machine and the dryer. However, they should not be bleached or ironed; they need some instructions; when you want to get the socks soft, you run the yarn underwater and then tumble dry.


• Vibrant colors
• Full-sized skeins
• Best for socks crocheting


• Expensive


6. Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn

soft baby yarn

However, it was designed with kids’ ideas being the priority; however, even adults can make socks out of them; it is made from 100% polyester, a soft and perfect pair for babies’ skin. They are machine washable and completely certified; the skeins weigh 300grams each.


• Super soft and thick
• Durable
• Easy to wash
• Comes in multiple colors


• Some spots have bumps



20 Patterns on Crocheting Slipper Socks or Boots

Crochet slipper socks or boots can be done in many different patterns to fit your preferences, and the patterns can be a representation of nature or a certain shoe brand.

The following are among the easiest patterns one could crochet and keep warm, achieving uniqueness in your style:


1. Dragon slippers pattern

dragon slipper socks

They can be done in larger crochet stitches, and this is a perfect piece for any family that enjoys the look of little cute dragon slipper socks.

They are more fun and enable one to feel confident, secure and warm, easy to stitch as you only need thick threads and crochet, then you are good to set. They can be done in various colors that bring up the dragon features or illusion.

2. Elf shoe pattern

slipper socks with elf design

The elf shoe pattern can be a great thing to add to their holiday decorations and wear; they are unique and incorporate the Elf feeling. Most people love to use this pattern to add more joy during the early Christmas mornings.

However, not any person can crochet this; they need more experience to develop the exact piece.

3. Hadley booties pattern

women hadley bootie socks

These are adult-sized booties pattern that is warm and fun to wear indoors without any supplements, and they are made and equipped with an accent belt on its ankle, which is meant to ensure that the wearer gets comfortable and fits well.

Any crocheted can easily make this pattern; it is also a high recommendation for the beginner as it does not require many skills.

4. Air Jordan baby crochet booties pattern

crochet air jordan slippers boots

For the lovers of air Jordan or any close to this brand, you will love this; it is the perfect pattern you can create for your baby to give them the feeling of real Air Jordan.

Moreover, they are made from simple crochet and various colors, adding more fun and making them look like the exact famous sneakers.


5. Baby Crocodile Stitch Crochet Booties Patterns

cute baby crocodile slipper socks

The crocodile crochet patterns are an adorable thing one can easily make; some refer to them as the dragon styles.

They are layered to make them achieve the crocodile-like style, need attention and experience.

In this, you can spend more, but the best thing is; you will be enticed by the final product you will achieve.

6. Sneaker Style Crochet Slippers Pattern

crochet sneaker booties

This pattern will give you a look of real sneakers, not only the look but also when you wear them you will feel comfortable the way you would feel in your normal sneakers.

The pattern uses multiple colored stitches to bring out a unique and sturdy slipper that will give you warmth, comfort, and anything you want to achieve.


7. Crochet chucks pattern

delicate slipper socks

A greater percentage of us grew up wearing the chucks; therefore, it is something not new to everyone; though it is not new, it some great pattern that you would love to try.

They can be made with multiple classic colors such as red, pink, white or even black, depending on what the wearer prefers and matches their wardrobe.


8. Meadow slipper pattern with furry accent

meadow slippers

These are among the fantastic patterns you can give a trial, and it is made more advanced and unique with a furry accent along the ankle.

It is easy to crochet Sit, requires no time, and enables you to feel comfortable, warm, and classy.

Anyone with crocheting skills can make this; therefore, a good kick starts for beginners.

9. Monster truck crochet booties

how to crochet slipper socks for baby boy

They are an amazing pattern idea that one would recommend for their kids; most kids love toy trucks and anything that looks like them; gifting them this pair of monster truck crochet booties will be nothing more than special.

Use various colors and tuck into the stocking to make them complete and gift them to your baby.

10. Lacy slipper tutorial

cute lacy slippers

A basic slipper pattern should easily make a fantastic lacy pattern, which can beautifully be added to any other outfit and make you achieve the best.

One can easily wear them indoors or even with other wide shoes while outdoors in the snow.

Stitching them with leather at the bottom brings in more comfort and originality, and you might end up wearing them daily.


11. Newborn baby booties pattern

bootie patterns for newborns

They are the simplest slipper boot patterns anyone would ever make; therefore, if you plan to venture into the crocheting industry, this is the first thing you should make.

They need few threads, and you can spend little of your time making them; they give your baby comfort and cause zero damages to their small and fragile feet.


12. Crochet Rudolph slipper socks

christmas socks

They are the perfect wear for winter holidays, and they are fun to wear for both small children and adults.

Made with about three colors that improve the appearance and feel, incorporated with a yarn pom-pom on the top front adds more flare on holidays.


13. Rainbow striped slippers pattern

rainbow socks pattern

Rainbow striped patterns are one way of making any basic slipper more beautiful and pretty; they are easy to make since they do not need any styling technique except the basic ones.

However, they can only be worn around the house when going about any daily duties.

14. Men’s quick and easy slippers

quick and easy slippers

If you are looking for very simple and quick men’s slippers, this is the right pattern to work with; this is a perfect choice for people of all ages and foot sizes.

You can choose to crochet a single color or mix several colors to get the pattern you prefer.

15. Crochet slipper booties with ruffle

cute slipper socks for women

You will hear some referring this to crocodile patterns or dragon scales pattern; however, the right name for this is the ruffle.

They are high enough to the ankle and are incorporated with double repeated patterns making them look like the crocodile.


16. Basic crochet booties pattern

basic slipper boots for women and men

It is a crochet sock pair made from the basic patterns anyone who does crocheting can work on.

They are made in this pattern in that they can easily color block; it is highly recommendable for beginners who want to get more experience and specialize in bigger projects.

17. Starlight slippers crochet pattern

how to crochet starlight slippers

This is a simple crochet slipper meant for adults; they should be made with brighter colors, especially at the ankle accents or made with a single colored thread.

They are simple to make, and they can function in many different ways. It is a greater start-up for beginners.


18. Not your grandma’s crochet slippers

not your grandma slippers boots

They are adorable and beautiful pair of slippers one would wear; they are easy to make and give total comfort to the wearer.

Women mostly wear them; on top, a little flower is incorporated, making them look real flats.

You can use multiple colors or even a single color to make the project complete and more unique.

19. Women’s unicorn slippers

crochet women slipper boots with unicorn design

The people who love unicorns understand what it feels like to have a pair of these; they always look cute, especially with pink ears.

However, they need more effort, but they are perfect and worth the effort you put into it.


20. Crochet baby booties, grandpa slippers

crocheting slipper boots for grandpa

Up to now, no one has found out why this pair is called grandpa slippers.

However, they are adorable in everything; they look good in babies and keep them warm, preventing cold-related diseases from invading them.

A side button accent makes them better for your kid.


Sock crocheting is an art that incorporates the use of readily available materials to make perfect and classy socks and booties that keeps both kids and adults warm. Let not winter harass you; you can stay warm and classy at the same time.

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