Steps on Folding Different Types of Socks – Save Space

Prior to storing and transporting the socks, you have to fold and pack them neatly. To do this, you will need to put in place appropriate measures. Our expose here below on how to fold socks aims at giving you the tips and preparedness you need to fold your socks well.

We shall also endeavor to answer these and many more questions:

  • How to fold socks to save space or for travel?
  • Steps on folding dress socks and knee-high socks.
  • How to fold no show socks and ankle socks?

how to fold socks to save space


6 Ways of Folding Socks to Save Space or for Travel

The six ways below will help you to fold your socks to save on space or regular travels:

1. Folding over the cuffs

If yours is a casual pair of socks, you may attempt this folding over the cuff technique. It is by far the simplest and also pretty great for the children to learn. At its core is the identification of the cuff region and bending the pair to fold over that region neatly.

2. Tucking the socks neatly

This draws mainly from the method above. Nonetheless, it goes beyond that to even come up with some tighter and neater folds.

It is a technique you may want to attempt if you want to go on a long journey. The technique requires some deal of patience nonetheless.

3. Crossing the Socks

‘Crossing the socks’ is mainly suitable or relevant to knee-high or crew socks. It is employed when folding two pairs together to save on space. The technique negates the need for the pair to stretch and retract while at the same time shrinking the dimensions.

how to fold socks

4. Military-style roll-up

As its name suggests, this approach mainly draws from the military. It subsequently works well for just about any kind of pairs of socks.

Nonetheless, only men who have some masculine orientation may find it appropriately suited for their ends. The technique also saves a great deal of space and retrieval times.

5. Stacking or piling

In case you have more than one pair of socks to store, this technique might be a good one to consider. It entails stashing or piling two or more pairs atop each other to make a resultant ‘T’ shape. The shape shrinks the size of the pile and also enables smoother handling going forward.

6. Bundling

This is much like the stacking or piling above. However, it does not overlay two or more pairs atop each other. Instead, it demands that you bundle or tie the pairs with some rubber bands tightly. The technique is mainly suitable for those moments where time is scarce.


How to Fold Dress Socks?

Follow these steps to fold the dress socks:

Step 1: Place the socks flat on a surface

Step 2: Stash another one atop it

Step 3: Align the pairs perfectly to make one monolithic sock

Step 4: Point the heels up and the toes towards you

Step 5: Fold the cuff towards the toes at a third of the necessary length

Step 6: Bring the toes backward at about a third of the way

Step 7: Tuck the toes at the very top of the folded cuffs


How to Fold Knee High Socks?

The steps below will help you to fold the knee-high socks:

Step 1: Place the pair on a firm yet flat surface

Step 2: Make the socks straight using your hands

Step 3: See to it that there are no lumps

Step 4: Lay another sock atop the previous one to make a cross

Step 5: Place the heel of the bottom of the sock facing upwards

Step 6: Cross the top sock at the bottom middle part

Step 7: Hold the bottom of the sock by the toe segment to form the letter ‘T’

Step 8: Tuck the toe portion underneath the top sock

Step 9: Fold the end of the sock while holding the cuff of the bottom

Step 10: Tuck the unfolded sock by bringing its toes across to form a square

Step 11: Tuck any part that may be sticking out

Step 12: Bring over the remaining portion by the cuff region

Step 13: Turn the folded sock square

Step 14: Tuck in the two cuffs that may still be loose

Step 15: Flatten the folded square


How to Fold Low Cut Socks?

Following the steps below will certainly help out:

how to fold socksStep 1: Low cut socks have no cuffs
Step 2: Hold it at the toe region
Step 3: Fold the sock by bringing the toe and the head regions together
Step 4: Do the same to the other member of the pair
Step 5: Stash it atop the sock you preciously folded


How to Fold No Show Socks?

These steps will help you to fold your no-show socks:

Step 1: Find the two members of the pair that match up
Step 2: Insert your hand in one sock of the pair at a time
Step 3: Push this sock inside the other one
Step 4: Fold the monolithic sock in two if you so wish
Step 5: Place the merged pair in the drawer


How to Fold Ankle Socks?

Do these to fold the ankle socks:

Step 1: Place one sock atop the other
Step 2: Fold it in half
Step 3: Wrap the outer sock around the rest of the sock



We have come to the end of our peek into how to fold socks there. Many thanks for staying with us till the end. Having exhausted our part, we now pass the buck to you to implement the insight we have generously provided to you. When do you plan to set out for implementation? Kindly, let us hear from you…