How to Clean Mukluk Slippers? – Washing Guide & Tips

Mukluk slippers are cozy to wear indoors, especially during cold days. However, these fuzzy but delicate slippers can be pretty challenging to wash effectively or safely without damaging them.

After all, they aren’t designed with the usual washing methods in mind. Matter of fact, putting them in a washing machine can easily damage them.

So, how do you clean your slippers without ruining or destroying them?

Trust me, it’s pretty simple.

Today we look at how to wash mukluk slippers. But before that, let’s first pay attention to what you’ll need;

how to wash mukluk slippers

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What You’ll Need To Wash Mukluk Slippers

1. 5 cups of warm water.

2. 2-3 squirts of a dish soap of your choice. You may use Dawn soap, Ivory soap, Palmolive soap, or any other alternative that you prefer.

3. Vinegar or baking soda.

4. A small basin or medium-sized mixing bowl.

5. A spray bottle with water.

6. A hairdryer.

7. A comb.

8. A spare toothbrush(optional).


A Step By Step Guide

1. Pour 5 cups of warm water into a small basin or medium mixing bowl.

2. Add the dish soap to the water.

3. Mix the solution with your hand to create foam.

4. Use the toothbrush to work the foam into the slippers until you get them clean. You can use your fingers if you don’t have a spare toothbrush.

5. Rinse the foam off the slippers while taking care not to soak the inside. Here, you can use your bathroom or laundry tap.

6. Plug the hair dryer into the nearest source of power, turning it on and adjusting the temperatures to low.

7. Using the hairdryer, dry the slippers.

8. Thereafter, sprinkle inside the shoes with vinegar or baking soda to get rid of the unpleasant smell naturally. You can use the toothbrush(if applicable) or even your fingers to work the vinegar or soda through the inside of the slippers.

9. Dry the slippers once again with your hairdryer to have clean, nice-smelling, dry mukluk slippers.

That’s how to wash mukluk slippers. Below are a few important tips to consider to ensure your safety, avoid damaging the slippers, and you’re able to work with what you have if you don’t have all the required tools above.



1. You can use vinegar and dawn instead of baking soda and water to deodorize the shoes and free them from unpleasant odor.

2. You can also air the slippers before deodorizing them with vinegar or baking soda, if you don’t mind a few hours or days of wait, depending on the weather.

3. Make sure you are not allergic to Dawn before using the chemical as it can cause an allergic reaction in some people.

4. Do not put your mukluk slippers in a dryer to get them dry. Just like a washing machine, a dryer can damage the slippers.



That’s how to wash mukluk slippers. As you can see, the process entails very simple steps with readily available tools and chemicals.

Though it won’t return your slippers to their original pristine and pure state, it will leave them clean, soft, fluffy, and smelling pleasant once again. With this knowledge, it’s time to clean your mukluks footwear and have clean as well as fresh-smelling fuzzy slippers again.