Best Men’s Wool Socks For Cold Weather Against Sweaty Feet

Be it shoveling snow during the winter or; you participate in winter sports such as ice climbing, dog sledding, or even the weather is cold, you know how numb your feet can get when exposed to low temperatures.

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cold weather boot socks

Moreover, feet subjected to low temperatures for long periods leaves us susceptible to frostbite. Frostbite is something that may negatively impact your daily activities.

As such, this article will walk you through:

  • Expert guides on how to choose
  • Top 9 best men’s socks for cold weather reviews
  • Special tips on keeping feet warm and caring for your socks in cold weather


Why Are Cold-weather Socks So Important?

Most of the socks in people’s drawers tend to be cotton socks. However, regardless of how thick the cotton socks maybe, when it comes to winter weather, they are not suitable as they readily absorb moisture then lose their insulation properties, leaving you worse off than if you were bare feet.

Therefore, when it comes to cold weather, cold weather socks are the best because:

    • Even if they absorb moisture, cold weather socks will still retain most of their insulation properties.
    • Cold weather socks are typically thicker than cotton socks enabling your feet to be warmer.
    • Cold weather socks can use your body’s heat to dry themselves relatively quickly.


How to Choose the Best Men’s Socks for Cold Weather?

When selecting the best type of men’s socks for cold weather, you should consider the following factors:

  • Activities to be engaged in;
  • The material the socks are composed of;
  • The sock’s features.
  • The cost.

best cold weather socks for sweaty feet

a) Activities to be engaged in

The cold weather socks you settle on should fulfill your needs as below:

i) Outdoor activities

If you plan on participating in outdoor activities where you will face cold conditions, heavyweight socks with padding and extra bulk to keep your feet warm are recommendable.

ii) Indoor activities

While considering socks for indoor activities, the socks you select should be preferable mid-weight socks as they will offer the feet padding and still be sufficiently warm.


b) The material used to make the socks

Before buying any cold-weather socks, look at the type of material it is made from to help you determine the socks’ usefulness, as you will see later in the article.


c) The sock’s features.

Like various pieces of technology have distinguishing features, socks also have different features that will make them either suitable or unsuitable for you during cold weather as below:

i) Padding

While buying cold-weather socks, you should consider their padding, especially if you intend on using the socks outdoors. The padding should be sufficient enough such that it does not make your shoes too tight.

ii) Height

While considering cold weather socks, select socks that will adequately cover your feet

iii) Arch reinforcements

As with the padding, arch reinforcements will go a long way in keeping your feet comfortable using the socks for outdoor activities. Moreover, it will help keep arch pains and plantar fasciitis away.

iv) Socks size

The cold weather socks you choose should be designed for your foot size to enable them to serve you adequately. Putting on larger or smaller sized cold weather socks will not properly insulate your feet.


d) Cost

While buying cold-weather socks, ensure you check on the above issues before considering whether to get them or not. If the cold weather socks tick all the boxes, then look at the price. If you are comfortable with the price, go for the socks. Otherwise, consider another brand.


Best Men’s Socks for Cold Weather Reviews

1. Best Insulated: DG Hill Thermal Winter Crew Socks For Cold Weather

best socks for cold weather

Incorporating a bulky yarn that makes it warmer than cotton socks and a soft lining making it more comfortable than wool socks, this is the type of socks you need during cold weathers.

The socks are also padded for comfort and have a thick thermal yarn that ensures your feet remain dry. It also incorporates a ribbed stay-up top to prevent your socks from sliding.

Why We Like It:

  • It is suitable for extreme weather conditions.
  • It is softer than wool.
  • The socks are moisture-wicking.
  • The socks came in a variety of sizes.

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2. Best For Cold Weather: Debra Weitzner Merino Wool Athletic Socks

best men's socks for cold weather

With 38% merino wool, these socks come in 6 pairs, each of a different color, giving you a wide range of socks to choose from depending on your preferences. The socks also have a thick boot to keep your feet warm. Moreover, they incorporate a ribbed top to enable easier slipping in and out of the socks.

Why We Like It:

  • The socks consist of merino wool.
  • The socks are suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities.
  • The socks come in a variety of sizes.
  • Reinforced toes and heels for extra comfort

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3. Best For Sweaty Feet: Carhartt Men’s Cold Weather Boot Socks

sealskinz cold weather waterproof socks

With these socks cushioned to help protect your feet from the cold, they are suitable for cold weather. Moreover, the socks design incorporates reinforcements along the sole for extra protection in highly abrasive areas. The socks also have ankle vents to reduce bulk hence warmth, without the need to sacrifice comfort.

Why We Like It:

  • Fights odor
  • The socks have ankle vents that reduce bulk.
  • Reinforced sole
  • The socks are cushioned and are moisture-wicking.

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4. Suitable For under Zero Weather: Debra Weitzener 6 Pairs Thermo Socks for All Weather

phd run cold weather mid crew

These socks incorporate a thick boot to protect your feet from extreme cold. Inadittion, the socks design to be soft, enabling your feet to remain moisturized without being sweaty. The sock’s design also incorporates a ribbed top for easier slipping in and out of the socks.

Why We Like It:

  • 3.6to 4.7 Tog rating ensuring protection against the cold
  • The socks comprise of strong fibers giving them durability.
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Softer than wool

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5. Best For Extreme Temperatures: Loritta Store Most heat Thermal Socks For Men

men's socks for cold weather

With a Tog rating of 2.3, these socks will keep your feet warm during cold conditions. Moreover, the socks incorporate a fleece brushing process to increase the amount of air trapped in the socks to aid in thermal insulation.

Padding in the socks provide continuous comfort;

Why We Like It:

  • The socks are suitable for both indoors and outdoors.
  • The socks incorporate a fleece brushing process to increase the amount of air trapped in the socks; to aid in thermal insulation.
  • The socks are quite warm.

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6. Best For Outdoor Hunting: Carhartt Men’s A118-4 Cold Weather Crew Socks 

carhartt cold weather heavyweight wool socks

With a top length of 7.5” and reinforced toe and heel to protect against blisters, these socks suitability is with an active lifestyle.

It is 2% spandex, 9% wool, 22% nylon,44% polyester, 23% acrylic in composition, enabling it to fight odor and wick sweat away. The socks also have arch support for support and stability in full motion.

Why We Like It:

  • The socks have a full cushion footbed for extra performance and comfort.
  • The reinforced yarn in the toes and heel increase the socks’ durability.
  • The socks have arch support for support and stability in full motion.

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7. Best For All Weather Use: Loritta 2 Pack Men’s Wool Socks 

carhartt men's cold weather boot sock

Made of 80% merino wool, 5% polyester, and 15% Acrylic, these socks; design gives maximum protection against the cold. The socks come in two colors: black and navy, and various sizes. The socks have sufficient aeration enabling your feet to remain dry and odor-free.

Why We Like It:

  • The socks are suitable for both indoors and outdoors.
  • The socks are 80% merino wool.
  • Seven times warmer than typical cotton socks

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8. Best with Heavy Cushion: Smartwool Trekking Crew Performance Socks

cold weather boot socks

Comprising 80% merino wool, 1% elastane, and 19% Nylon are designed for cold weather. It incorporates a three by one ribbed cuff and an elasticized arch brace for extra comfort. The socks also have excellent support and shock absorption.

Why We Like It:

  • The socks are durable while remaining breathable.
  • The socks are 80% merino wool.
  • Seven times warmer than typical cotton socks

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9. Best For Skiing and Snowboarding: WEIERYA Winter Performance Socks

men's cold weather socks

From the international brand WEIERYA, these socks are designed specifically for skiers. The socks comprise; 1.7% spandex, 12.2% Chinlon, and 86.1% cotton enabling you to use them without skin irritation. Moreover, it comes in two pairs allowing you to change socks daily.

Why We Like It:

  • High cotton content
  • You can wear the socks comfortably all day long.
  • You buy the product directly from a trusted international brand.

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What Materials of Socks Keep Men’s Feet in Cold Weather?

As earlier stated, the material used in making your cold-weather socks speaks a lot about their insulation properties.

best socks for cold weather tips

As such, a good pair of socks should be able to:

  • Have good Tog rating ensuring protection against the cold;
  • Strong fibers giving them durability;
  • Moisture-wicking;
  • Soft;

Then what specific material meets the above requirements?

Through testing, the following materials are highly recommended:

i) Regular wool

Unlike merino wool that you will see below, regular wool is relatively affordable and will keep your feet warm. However, expect to find some synthetic materials incorporated in them to reduce their thickness and itchiness.

ii) Merino wool

Unlike its predecessors, merino wool results in itch-free socks. Moreover, the socks are temperature regulating (Thermostatic), enabling your feet to remain warm in various weather conditions.

Merino wool also absorbs moisture up to thirty percent of its weight, ensuring your feet will remain dry most of the time.

iii) Alpaca

When it comes to cold weather socks, alpaca is another material that works effectively. Moreover, alpaca is warmer, more water-resistant, and softer than the earlier mentioned types of wool.

iv) Thermolite

Made of polyester fibers that make the above material lighter than the earlier mentioned materials, thermolite is a synthetic for use in cold-weather socks. Moreover, this material dries faster than the materials mentioned earlier.


Additional Tips to Keep Your Feet Warm in Wintertime

a) Sock liners

Sock liners incorporate lightweight wool or thin polyester material to help wick sweat from your feet, enabling your feet to remain dry and warm. Therefore, while participating in outdoor activities, wearing sock liners will help keep your feet warm and dry.

b) Toe socks

These socks design enables them to encase each toe, similar to a finger and gloves. As such, your feet are effectively insulated from the cold, minimizing your chances for frostbite. Moreover, most socks have their toe socks variants. Therefore, regardless of your desired socks type, you will still be warm.


What Types of Men’s Socks Are Designed for Cold Weather?

tips to reduce sweaty on feet

Various types of men’s socks are designed for cold weather, as below:

a) Mountaineering socks

These socks are the thickest socks you can find for old weather. Moreover, the socks have extra padding and bulk to keep your feet safe.

b) Heated socks

These socks utilize battery power to provide heat to your feet.



How to Take Care of Men’s Socks During Cold Weather?

To ensure your cold-weather socks remain in good shape for as long as possible, keep the following in mind:

  • Use mild detergents to wash your cold-weather socks at thirty degrees Celsius.
  • If you hand wash the socks, never wring them. Squeeze them and hang them to dry.
  • Never dry clean the socks.
  • Never iron the socks.
  • Do not store the socks separately. Fold them and keep them in pairs.
  • Keep your feet clean and toenails trimmed.
  • Do not put your cold-weather socks in the dryer.



#1. Does wearing two pairs of socks keep your feet warmer?

Though the logic seems straightforward, wearing two pairs of socks will keep your feet warm so long as you do not wear shoes with the extra pair on because shoe design accommodates your feet and only a single pair of socks.

Therefore, if you were to put o the second pair, it will interfere with circulation resulting in your feet being colder.


#2. How do I keep my feet warm in freezing weather?

To keep your feet warm in freezing weather:

a) Select appropriate socks

Thicker socks do not necessarily mean the warmer your feet will be. Your feet may even be colder in some thick socks, as earlier mentioned in the instance of cotton socks. Therefore, follow the earlier mentioned guidelines on how to select appropriate socks for yourself.

b) Select appropriate boots

The boots you select should not be too tight. They should allow your feet to have some breathing space and be waterproof to prevent moisture from making its way to your feet.

c) Incorporate warmer inner soles

Incorporating warmer inner soles into your shoes will provide an extra layer of insulation to help keep your feet warmer. As such, consider incorporating woolen innersoles or thicker inner soles into your shoes;

d) Be active

Physical activities like jogging will increase blood flow to your feet. The blood flow will help you stay warm.

e) Do not wear wet shoes.

If your shoes are wet, do not put them on as they will drain the heat from your legs, leaving your feet cold.


#3. Why are my feet still cold even with socks?

Various things may cause your feet to be cold even when you have socks on. These include:

1. Insufficient blood circulation to your feet

The socks you have on may be restricting blood flow to your legs resulting in your feet receiving little blood hence their remaining cold.

2. Poor choice of socks

The socks you have selected may not be living up to the required task. Therefore, it may be advisable to find thicker socks.

3. Health issues

If your feet remain cold even after you have worn socks, you may need to consider visiting a doctor as it may be an iron deficiency or even type 1 or 2 diabetes.



Failure to protect yourself during cold weather may have adverse effects on your body notably, your feet. Therefore, consider putting on cold weather socks such as the types listed above to help you keep warm as you tackle issues in and around your home during cold seasons.