How to Wear Hey Dude Shoes with Socks In Style?

Thanks to Hey Dude shoes’ massive comeback, the options in comfortable footwear now are more than ever before. As one of the most comfortable footwear, the shoes stand out for their excellent comfort, durability, and performance.

Since Hey Dude shoes come in a standard black color without heels, choosing the best socks that don’t kill the overall look can be hard. If you’re in the same boat and looking for a one-size-fits-all solution, this article is a must-read. The suggestions mentioned in this article will save you from the last-minute fuss before stepping out of the door.

Quick pick on classic Hey Dude shoes to match any style of socks:


Do You Wear Socks With Hey Dude?

Be it Hey Dude or any closed footwear, wearing socks can help you prevent a number of shoe problems. Not only does it offer optimum comfort, flexibility, and warmness deep down there, but it also makes sure you walk comfortably down the aisle.

With a good pair of socks, you can walk in style as well as increase the lifespan of the shoes, so tHey last longer than the average.


What Kind of Socks Should You Wear With Hey Dude?

If you’re wondering what kind of socks would go best with Hey Dude shoes, it depends on a handful of factors to decide.

1. No-Show Socks

If you’ve got a short height and dark complexion, wearing no-show socks would be the best option for you to enhance the overall silhouette.

With a low-cut style, these socks are the most stylish option while offering optimum comfort to the wearer.

Paired with dark jeans, wearing no-show socks can help you have a perfect balance between style and functionality, ideal for an everyday look.


2. Ankle-length cotton socks

When looking for a stylish pair of socks, you can never go wrong with your decision to choose anti-slip neutral-colored socks to spruce up your style.

With a short dark-colored skirt, wearing a good pair of ankle-length breathable, slip-proof socks is the best thing you can go with.


3. Low-cut ankle length socks

While if you’re looking for something funky, you can also go with bright or multi-colored low-cut ankle socks. Whether you choose light or dark color bottom wear, any light color would help you complement the overall look.

However, you can also consider a low-cut, no-show sock design that hides skin as well as remains comfortable throughout.


4. Wearing black loafer socks

When we say loafer shoes, we mean socks that fit perfectly into your Hey Dude Loafer shoes without ruining the overall look. The most impressive thing about the no-show loafer socks is that tHey are completely invisible and don’t sneak out of the shoes.

Whichever socks you choose for your Hey Dude shoes, make sure it is made up of soft material to soak sweat all day long.


How to Wear Hey Dude Shoes With Socks in Style?

Now that you know why socks are a must-to-wear with your Hey Dude shoes, it’s time to level up your style game. By making the right decision, you can get the best of both worlds in your style.

People wear Hey Dude shoes for different reasons and in unique styles as per their taste and preference. Some wear it as an alternative to slippery beach sandals, while others consider Hey Dude as their go-to footwear because of the comfort Hey Dude shoes offer.

Here is a quick breakdown of ways to match Hey Dude Shoes with socks in style:

1. Wear black leather Hey Dude shoes with no-show skin-colored socks with tight blue denim jeans.

no show socks

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2. Invisible no-show socks with stylish gray Hey Dude laced shoes

wear hey dude shoes with socks

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3. Low-cut, ankle-length socks with white Hey Dude shoes and straight pants

wear ankle socks with hey dude shoes

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4. Ankle length light blue colored socks with Hey side shoes and low-skirt

what color socks to wear with hey dude shoes

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5. Black ankle-length Hey Dude shoes with tie and dye style laced Hey Dude shoes

how to wear hey dude shoes with socks

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6. Stretch and sox style Hey Dude shoes with low cut no show cotton socks

how to wear hey dude shoes

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Launched in 2010, Hey Dude is the only comfort fashion footwear brand with a massive customer base from all around the world.

Whether it’s a little cold outside or you don’t want naked feet under the skirt, wearing socks with Hey Dude shoes won’t hurt. The best part? It won’t take decades to decide on the matching pair of socks to complete your Hey Dude shoe style look.

If you’re someone who sweats a lot and suffers from bad foot odor, wearing socks with Hey Dude shoes becomes a must. Not only will it allow air circulation around the feet but also kick off the unpleasant smell.

Although everyone has a different taste when it comes to choosing socks, a golden rule is to try multiple options and choose one that suits you the best and makes you look good anytime, anywhere.