24 Ideas on How to Wear Loafers with Socks

Loafers are among the most classic shoes that have managed to stay in trend for a while now; they can be worn by all age groups of people, from the oldest grannies to small children. They are more practical and less stuffy, many people try each different way to wear them, and one of them is to style them with socks.

There are many options one can choose from when it comes to wearing loafers with socks; this is what you should expect at the end of this:

  • How to style loafers with socks
  • The kind of socks to wear with loafers
  • 24 ideas on how to wear socks with loafers

wear loafers with socks


Should You Wear Loafers with Socks or Not?

With or without socks, one can still wear loafers comfortably.

Some loafers, such as driving loafers, do not require one to wear socks with them because they already have a relaxing vibe that makes them comfortable and looks good.

While other loafers cannot look any good without being paired with the right color and type of socks, if you find it hard to choose, you can quickly consult your seller, and they will help you whether or not you should wear your loafers with a sock.

It also depends on what everyone prefers and feels more comfortable in.


What Kind of Socks to Wear with Loafers?

how to wear loafers womens socks

Even though not all kind of socks can be worn with loafers, most socks easily pair well with loafers; here are some socks you should wear with loafers:

  • Calf-length argyle socks.

These are classy pair of socks that one can dress in loafers; they are normally multi-colored, from the most muted colors to the brightest ones. They are mostly associated with golf, but they have been working well with dress loafers.

  • Fully pulled up socks.

When loafers are worn with socks, the socks are required to be fully pulled up in that they are visible and show the blend that brings fashion with style. It should give your trouser choice a peeping option, and when in these, color matters a lot. Moreover, fully pulled up socks reduce the overburdening that can arise from folding socks or falling off kind of socks.

  • Fully trimmed down socks.

These are the kind of socks whose length is always below the knees; here, we include ankle socks and other low high socks. They are a good suggestion because they are easily seen reducing the work of making them peep; moreover, they easily blend in most outfits worn with loafers.


24 Ideas on How to Wear Loafers with Socks in Style

Soaks and loafers are a great combo that will make you achieve a stylish look without too many efforts and easy to pair. However, some people prefer to wear loafers without socks, but they look more decent and stylish when blended with the best pair of socks. The following are thirty ideas you can easily pull and rock with your favorite pair of loafers:

1. Neutral contrasts

Try this with your socks’ color to achieve a focal point that will allow new dimensions for a neutral look. If you choose dusty brown loafers, consider blending this with a bright hue colored pair of socks so you can easily attain neutrality. You can also choose another option, beige loafers with brighter socks, fold the trouser you wear to let the socks peek.Neutral contrasts to style loafers with socks

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2. Traditionalist weekender

Suede loafers with rich colored socks are something to pull for the weekend or any fun events that need traditionalist dimensions. You need to introduce thick socks to your pair; not only will they give you warmth, but also they will bring about a unique look; the traditionalist comes along with outfits with conservative prints and colors.

Traditionalist weekender to style loafers with socks

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3. Quasi-corporate

Loafers with socks will easily make you attain a more corporate look, especially when worn with the most useful accompaniments to office or interviews. Corporate suits can be teamed with matching colors, hues or introduce stark contrasting colors, making sure the socks are more professional or resulting in one achieving a traditional look or the socks are more traditional.

Quasi corporate to style loafers with socks

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4. Color injection

One benefit people choose to pair socks with loafers is that the duo provides an opportunity to practically introduce color and spark to all outfits, even the most basic ones. Achieve this look by wearing a black pair of loafers with brighter hue colored socks to inject color to the minimal staples as possible; moreover, if you want to enhance your looks more, consider green grass or green grass brighter vermilions.

Color injection for styling loafers with socks

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5. Blue-hued suiting

Spring calls for every man to have a well-tailored three-piece blue suit; this can perfectly look trendy when accompanied with a pair of black loafers and thin socks to look more proportionate and try to bring the character out of you. If you would want to look more ground, consider wearing striped socks; for a simple look, choose the patterned emerald socks so that the blue tone of your will be complimented. Make sure the loafers you choose are in dark colors.

how to wear loafers with socks

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6. Casual annotations

Loafers with socks can be a perfect warm accompaniment with casual wear, brown or dove grey loafers worn with light hue colored socks. Make sure you choose a good casual outfit such as denim or velvet materials that can easily blend in your feet outfit, and they are known to be easily adaptable.
how to wear loafers with socks

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7. Eclectic combination

Make it look unique by introducing socks with loafers keeping in mind adding accessories to this look. Go for patterned socks with brighter colors or subtle colors. This will make you easily playoff more statement looks.
Eclectic combination for styling loafers with socks

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8. Formalist allusion

Loafers worn with socks add more creativity as they make sure one achieves formal looks in a unique way that keeps them outstanding. Choose brightly colored socks to pair them with darker suits and loafers; this idea will spotlight the personal style you have incorporated here.
Formalist allusion for styling loafers with socks

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9. Heeled logo loafers with white bobby socks

For a simple but classy combination, rock with thin white socks paired with heeled loafers instead of typical flat loafers. The look will eliminate the tedious look that might happen otherwise, make it simpler by adding elevated basics outfits such as a boxy blazer and vintage blue jeans.

how to wear loafers with socks

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10. Color-block Mocs with slouchy socks

Who would not fall in love with graphic color-block mocs and slouchy socks? Absolutely everyone who would also love to prairie dresses. It makes one look more fashionable, creative, and also outgoing as this can fit most casual events.
graphic color block mocs and slouchy socks

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11. Horsebit loafers with sport socks

Horsebit loafers are one of the most traditional pairs one can rock in; however, with sporty ankle socks, they get back to the normal trend. They perfectly fit the current athleisure-centric landscape; if you choose black, you should blend in white sporty socks.
how to wear loafers with socks

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12. Studded loafers with patterned knee socks

Boost your schoolgirl look with an irreverent makeover; choose bold patterned knee socks with a studded slip-on. Not everyone will prefer it looking kitschy for this subdue with a neutral palette; then you are good to go.

how to wear loafers with socks
Photo: Luka Rone

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13. Sleek patent loafers with black socks

Some people love to keep it sleek, mostly referred to as a black-on-black set; you will need to find loafers with modern details such as clean lines, pointed toes, and shiny patent leather the get them worn with a pair of black socks. The best and easy ensemble suit will work well here.

how to wear loafers with socks
photo by: ada oguntodu

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14. Bold-hue platform with matching socks

For the people who love new fashion and try out new styles each day, this should be the best option to complete a vintage-inspired outfit. Hue colored platform loafers matched with the same color socks will ensure that you easily play around with retro print outfits.

how to wear loafers with socks
photo by: maria bernad

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15. Sleek slippers with crew socks

Girls who love fashion automatically understand how this feels more than how it looks; sleek buckle flats and sporty crew socks easily make everything fashionable. On top of it, wear an outfit that makes you more dressed up, such as a satin or velvet dress.

how to wear loafers with socks

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16. Men’s dress shoes with low socks

You can quickly rock with the tomboy look by wearing men’s classy elements from top to bottom. Choose any loafer pair that any man would wear to the office or an interview with dark-colored socks, then put on a tailored shirt and trousers for more style.
how to wear loafers with socks

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17. Mary Jane Lug Soles with Ruffled Socks

Chunky lug-sole loafers are the new thing that everyone would love to try, especially those equipped with girlish Mary Jane-esque details. Choose a black pair and wear it with ruffle-trimmed socks. To achieve an edgy update, consider an outfit that leaves your legs bare and give you a baby doll look.
how to wear loafers with socks

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18. Blocky loafers with stripe socks

The summer season calls for breathable outfits, from shoes to what you put on the head, choose a pair of block-heeled multi-color loafers with striped ankle socks and then leave the rest look to be hyper-minimalist. You will achieve comfort and style in one.

how to wear loafers with socks
photo by: accidentalinfluencer

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19. Dark brown loafers with white socks

Low heeled dark brown loafers blended in white socks then made complete with a grey herringbone coat and a casual level dress or a long folded pair of jeans. It is one of the highly appreciated causal fashion that is easy to pull during winter.

how to wear loafers with socks

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20. Black shiny loafers with thin grey socks

If you want to look more casual any summer season, consider rocking in a shiny black leather loafer worn with thin grey socks. These go perfect with a black gilet dress white striped and a fitting black jacket; it can be the easiest to accomplish as it takes the minimum time possible; also, black, grey, and white blends perfectly.

how to wear loafers with socks

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21. Go all black

Black can also look amazing when paired with black; consider wearing a black pair of loafers with thin black socks. It will simplify your attire’s heaviness; make this blend with a black fitting leather biker jacket.
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22. Heeled loafers with thick white socks

How cool will black heeled loafers with white socks look like? I bet anyone who has a taste of fashion will love this to the fullest. Make this more appealing by wearing cropped straight leg jeans and topping it with a black trench coat, especially during winter.
how to wear loafers with socks

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23. Loafers with white ankle socks

Make it more casual and simpler; consider wearing a black pair of loafers with white socks; more style reveals itself when you wear a light-colored statement dress. This should be the best summer vibe you rock within all casual events.
how to wear loafers with socks

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24. Pair loafers with show off socks

Today many models are required to show style with creativity; a pair of black closed loafers with white socks should come first in your mind. Consider wearing cropped flares that can show off your fashion’s socks and style; it should be more neutral as for the flare colors.
how to wear loafers with socks

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What to Avoid in Wearing Loafers with Socks?

how to wear loafers with socks womens

It might seem easy to wear loafers with socks. Yes, it is easy, but you can easily ruin everything with the slightest mistake.

Therefore, it is crucial to understand some of the things you should not do when wearing loafers with socks. The following are the things to avoid:

• Wearing big coats that will add bulkiness to you with loafers and socks
• Putting on big loafers, ensure you wear well-fitting loafers even if you are planning to blend them with thicker socks



New trends call for more creativity each day; loafers and socks are among the things that show high levels of creativity. Finding the right pair of loafers and socks will make everything classier in you; the right outfit plays another important role. This duo can be worn to the office, parties, or even wedding, depending on how you want them to blend in the respective event.


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