What are the Different Types of Slippers?

What are the best slippers to buy for home wear? This is a common question that most people ask when shopping for in house or outdoor slippers. There are multiple types of slippers on the market to choose from, and sometimes it can be not very clear when it comes to selection.

Also, some slippers are crafted to fit in all seasons such that you don’t necessarily need to buy slippers for cold and warm seasons.

If you have a difficult moment choosing the best slippers, we are here for you. This article has all the crucial information you need to know about the different types of slippers on the market.

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What Are the Different Types of Slippers? – 5 Common Types


This type of slippers is not just suitable to wear while indoors.

The moccasin slippers are crafted in a shoe style such that you can also rock them on outdoors. These types of slippers are made in varying styles to fit different seasons. For the cold seasons, moccasin slippers are lined with cotton and fur material to provide warmth to the feet.

Some models are made with leather and suede materials for safety while outdoors.

So, if you need moccasin slippers to rock with your jeans or leggings when going out with girls, choose the models made with leather or suede materials as they are more outdoorsy.

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Scuff slippers

As the name states, these slippers are more suitable for the cold seasons.

They are fitted with comfortable and warm materials that will keep the feet warm and toasty throughout. The scuff slippers are crafted with cotton or fur interiors for warmth purposes.

You can comfortably walk on any floor using these slippers since they have anti-slip soles.

So, rock your favorite warm pajamas with these slippers during the winter seasons.

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Bootie slippers

These slippers are made in a more raised style where they cover the feet slightly above or below the ankle section.

The bootie slippers are way much preferred during the winter seasons since they are warmer and cover larger parts of the feet.

Some bootie slippers are crafted with larger soles such that you can also wear them outdoors, maybe when going to the grocery shops.

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Clog slippers

These types of slippers are pretty much the most famous and preferred by most people.

Clog slippers are comfortable as they are made in lightweight designs and different styles. These slippers are good to wear both indoors and outdoors areas, depending on the style and design.

Some of the types of clog slippers you will find on the market include those made with knit upper materials to add warmth, and others are made with plan materials for much warmer seasons.

Some clog slippers are made with cut-out back areas, and others have straps running across the feet for good fitting.

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Slipper socks

These are the types of slippers that you can go to bed while wearing.

They are crafted to snuggle around your feet to give enough warmth and enough comfort to your feet.

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Factors to Consider on Picking Suitable Types

The size

The first thing you need to consider when buying a pair of slippers is the size.

A good slipper should fit perfectly on the feet to provide good snuggle and comfort as well.

If you have sweaty feet, avoid slippers that are too tight, especially if they are made of warm materials for comfort, and prevent heat build-up.


The materials

The materials that the slippers are made to determine when and where to wear them.

For example, if you are looking for a pair that you can rock during the winter seasons, check out the models made with warm materials like cotton lining and fur to provide warmth.

If you need slippers that you can also wear outdoors, make sure they are weather friendly models.

For example, slippers made of suede and leather materials with thick soles are perfect for the outdoors.


The floor type

It is crucial to consider your home’s flooring when buying a pair of slippers for safety purposes.

If you have hard floors, choose slippers with thick soles and are warm to keep the feet comfortable throughout.

If the floor is somewhat slippery, you may need to consider slippers made with anti-skid soles for safety when walking on the floors.


The use

Again, your needs should be at the forefront when choosing a pair of slippers.

Do you need slippers that you can wear for an entire day or a pair you can wear when accessing various rooms such as the toilet?

This is a crucial consideration since some slippers are safe and comfortable to rock for an entire day, while others are only good for occasional use.

So, always take your user needs to consider when buying your slippers.


The style

The slippers come in varying styles where some have open-toe style, cut out back areas, and others are made in sock style.

The open toe and cut-out backs designed slippers are suitable for people with sweaty feet since they allow breathability around the feet.

These slippers are also comfortable to wear even during the warm seasons. However, for those who need to keep their feet warm throughout, sock or bootie slippers are better choices.


Feet health

Sometimes your physical health will determine the kind of slippers you can wear, something your doctor can advise you.

If you have feet issues like sweaty feet, you will need to buy slippers with absorbent materials, allowing breathability around the feet.

If you need support on some parts of your feet, make sure the slippers that you choose offers that support in return.

Choose slippers that have to cushion and comfortable lining on the interior.


The price

Again the cost may determine the type of slipper you can buy from the market.

A pair of slippers with memory cushioning and that has breathable lining will cost more as opposed to crocs that are made with basic materials. Also, quality and reliability will determine the price.



These are the top best slipper types you can find on the market. The slippers are made with quality and comfortable materials and designs to fit different users. If you need slippers that you can wear throughout the year, make sure they are made warm and breathable. For new buyers, use the above buying guide to help you choose your preferred type of slippers for home or outdoor use.