Top 9 Best Prevail Alpaca Wool Socks For Men and Women

Last Updated on February 23, 2021

Socks are great accessories in our wardrobes, mostly during the winter season. This is the time you go deep to look for those socks you have neglected for a while to keep you toasty and warm.

From when you were young to being an adult, you might only have known about woolen socks. What if I tell you there are better substitutes that will keep you warm while making you leap more benefits.

The substitute is alpaca socks that will give you the most amazing experience, you will wish you found them sooner.

Below we look for in-depth information about alpaca socks.

alpaca compression socks

Is Alpaca Wool Good for Socks?

Alpaca wool made from alpacas is highly valued and its features make it qualify to make socks. The fiber has some microscopic pockets of air inside that enable retaining body warmth even in cold weather. It wicks away moisture, the silkiness prevents corns and blisters on socks, and smooth hair will not retain soils, stains, or odors.


In A Hurry? Pick the Best Alpaca Wool Socks Here

Photo Title Buy
Best with Knee High: Peruvian Link Alpaca Boots Socks 
Best For Winter: Williamson Warm Alpaca Socks  
Best with Classic Alpaca: Pure Athlete Alpaca Socks For Women and Men
Best with Crew Height: Wildside Wool Alpaca Full Cushion Hiking Socks
Best For Hunting: American Mammoth 2 PAIRS Alpaca Wool Socks  
Most Durable Choice: Comfortable Alpaca Wool Dress Socks 
Best with Alpaca Wool: Warrior Men's Socks with Comfort Band 


Benefits of Alpaca Socks

The alpaca socks since discovery are drawing on people’s attention due to the unique and amazing features. They have been more preferred over woolen socks and are becoming even trendier.

Below are the benefits of having alpaca socks.

Naturally hypoallergenic.

alpaca dress socks

The socks are made from alpaca wool where they contain dander, no lanolin. Lanolin is an element that some people are allergic to that makes them itch hence causing rashes. Unlike wool socks that have high lanolin, the alpaca socks have none of it thus suitable for everyone.

Naturally insulative.

The wool made from it has microscopic pockets of air where in case of being in a cold environment or winter, the heat emitted from the body is retained on the socks making them warm.

Stays cleaner longer.

The characteristic of being smooth makes it unable to retain soils and stains. This keeps it cleaner a little longer unlike wool socks that stain very fast.

Wicks away moisture.

The alpaca wool making these socks hold up to 8% moisture thus waterproof. Wearing them for any of the activity that requires sweating, they will not hold on to the sock which keeps your feet dry and warmer at all times.

Warmer and softer and not itchy.

In comparison to a sheep’s wool, this kind is warmer and softer and has a cashmere feel. For those who have diabetes and skin sensitivity, alpaca socks will make leave comfortable and at peace.


How to Choose the Best Alpaca Socks?

The market offers many varied options when it comes to alpaca socks that can be a little confusing. There are tips you need to consider so that you may end up choosing the best alpaca socks. Below are tips to consider for the best.

handmade alpaca socks


When walking into the market there are many styles and patterns you are about to come across. Ensure you choose the design and colors preferable to you to fit your needs. You should note these socks are made with a certain composition of other materials to make them durable and last longer.

Thus when buying determine the percentage of those materials to know the best for you. Although 100% alpaca materials seem appealing, blended socks have better quality. Pure alpaca can wear fast, shrink thus a waste of money.



The main function of the socks is bought due to different activities undertaken. Therefore, the quality of those socks would matter, however, some inexperienced manufacturers do not consider quality for sake of end-use.

For instance, making a hiking sock from grade 1 or 2 would end up spilling or wear fast while grade 4 or 5 would cause foot irritation. There according to your needs, be keen on the grade making them and their suitability to get the right quality.


The comfort of fabric.

A fabric made from alpaca wool is hypoallergenic, soft, and warm thus comfortable and inviting to wear. Ensure that you get a pair with a fabric you are comfortable with.


Alpaca Vs. Merino Wool

Besides the alpaca and merino wool being used to make socks, they have great differences.

  • The alpaca fleece is softer just like cashmere and it seems to be warmer than merino wool. The merino wool can hold up to 30% of moisture while alpaca holds 8% at most. This way it can wick away moisture while merino will absorb moisture and retain it even for an extended period.
  • Alpaca wool is stronger and less irritating than merino. Merino is itchy and contains lanolin that makes people allergic and can itch to a point of producing rashes. However, merino wool has no lanolin thus hypoallergenic.
  • Also, alpaca is smooth and lighter than merino wool. The smoothness enables it to be stain-resistant. Alpaca is windproof and odor resistant, unlike merino wool.


Best Alpaca Socks Reviews

1. The Warmest: Peruvian Link Alpaca Boots Socks with Knee High


alpaca hiking socks

The Peruvian Link Alpaca Socks brings comforting your house due to how comfortable and soft they are for the all-weather season. These socks are made with 50% Alpaca, 35 Acrylic, 7% Spandex, and Nylon to ensure you get the most experience in them. It’s made with the softest fibers which make sure that it makes you enjoy having them while lasting for long.

Your feet are kept away from moisture all day due to features enabling the wicking of moisture. Due to manufacturing from genuine Peruvian alpaca fiber you are guaranteed to have socks with warmth and breathability.

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2. The Softest: Williamson Winter Warm Alpaca Socks  

alpaca boot socks


These socks from the USA are made with your satisfaction as a customer in mind. The socks are characterized by 78% Alpaca, 20% Nylon, and 2% Lycra to make sure you enjoy wearing them.

The socks are made from Alpaca fiber which is super soft and durable thus guaranteeing you not only have the best time of your life in them but have it for a long time. The socks are easy to clean thus eliminating the hassle of spending time on the cleaning.

From wearing these socks, you will surely see the worth of your money.

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3. Best For Women: Warrior Alpaca Socks with Comfort Band


men's alpaca socks


The Warrior Alpaca Socks are your best option for excellent quality and comfortable choices for the summer and winter season. The men’s ultimate’s socks with a comfort band are here to give you a warm feeling in that cold season.

They are made of 100% wool, soft and padded with appropriate thickness to ensure you enjoy every bit of the sock. They will give you a long-deserved service while they are not itchy thus having them will feel like heaven.

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4. Best with Classic Alpaca: Pure Athlete Novelty Alpaca Socks For Women and Men


softest alpaca socks


If you are wondering where to get the best socks for skiing and snowboarding and keeping you warm, the Pure Athlete Alpaca Ski Socks is the perfect solution.

These socks are designed for your all-day comfort as they are moisture-wicking hence preventing the build-up of sweat. Also, they are breathable and thermal regulating.

They are stylish and of mid-weight, thickness to ensure that they have the best fit for your ski boot. The socks are made of 60% Alpaca wool, 30% Nylon and 10 % Spandex to keep you warm from cold feet.

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5. Best with Crew Height: Wildside Thick Wool Alpaca Full Cushion Hiking Socks

alpaca print socks


With the Alpaca wool being sourced from a family-owned farm in the USA, the Wildside Wool Alpaca Hiking Socks are a great deal. The hiking socks are used by all ages and gender to ensure no one is left behind based on US shoe size.

It is characterized by 78% alpaca, 20% recycled nylon, and 2 lycra for a great quality product. When you need them in the variety you got is as they have crew height, mid-weight, full cushion terry loop comfort, reinforced toe, and heel.

Its cleaning is made easy due to washing warm or cold, tumble dry low or air dry

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6. Best with Thick Alpaca: Warrior Women Direct Outdoor Boot Socks 


men's alpaca socks


As a woman, where you are looking for the perfect socks for your outdoor activities like skiing, fishing, and hunting, the Warrior Alpaca Socks has got you. These high-quality socks are made of 47$ alpaca, 38% acrylic, and 15% nylon.

The socks are designed to keep your feet warm, allow your feet to breathe and hypoallergenic. They are easy to clean as is machine washable cold or cool while tumbling dry and air dry.

They are made with unique thermal composition for keeping you warm in a cold climate and cool in a warm climate. Also, they have durable construction, wicking away moisture and repelling odor.

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7. Best For Hunting: American Mammoth 2 PAIRS Fur Survival Alpaca Wool Socks  


alpaca diabetic socks


The Wool Socks for Men & Women are socks that are made with modern technology with great quality to ensure you can keep on with all activities all seasons.

The socks have premier waterproof fibers that make them more durable for a better hiking, hunting, and keeping you warm. Is made with similarity to cashmere softness and has to grade A elevation wool that is more long-lasting, durable, and comfortable.

They wick away sweat keeping you warm or repeated uses.

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8. Most Durable Choice: Best Price Comfortable Alpaca Wool Dress Ankle Socks For Ladies


alpaca slipper socks


Don’t just go for any socks as the best should provide comfort and long-lasting versatile wear and the Alpaca Wool Socks Nordic are just right. The alpaca wool made from this sock offers cashmere quality softness that is eco-friendly and good for all weather.

The socks have breathability and moisture-wicking features to keep the wool from absorbing foot odors even after long use.

The socks keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer while having a composition of 35% Alpaca 30% Acrylic 35% Nylon.

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9. Best with Alpaca Wool: Warrior Men’s Socks with Comfort Band 


warrior alpaca wool socks


The Warrior Alpaca Socks is characterized by great features to ensure that you keep warm and comfortable during outdoor activities. These socks which are made with men in mind are fully lined with heavy-duty construction to ensure that you keep warm all day.

Having thermal composition enables coping in both climates, repelling odor while wicking moisture away. They are made 100% wool-free, hypoallergenic, and lanolin-free to keep you from itching and allergenic reaction.

Attend hunting, fishing, and other activities with no worries with these socks.

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Using Them for Different Usages

kids alpaca socks


With odor resistance and anti-microbial odor, these are among the features that make alpaca socks liked for hiking. Despite sometimes getting cold on the course, they retain warmth in long walking while being cool during summer.

Besides, it does not contain lanolin or irritating oils and is naturally hypoallergenic thus a great accessory to hikes as they don’t itch.



Alpaca socks are widely known for their usages in sports like running. They are used to how well they keep one warm. Besides, the ability to wick away moisture helps them to get rid of sweat and resist the odor.

Blending of alpaca wool with other fibers like acrylic, nylon and makes the sock durable.


Special Tips on Washing and Caring For Alpaca Socks

After buying an item, everyone desires to have it last longer. Similarly, you would not want to buy classy comfortable socks only to wear them and get ruined so fast. That is why you need to know some tips on how to wash and care for them. Below are the tips:

  • When washing while using a machine or hands, use cool or cold water. Usage of hot and warm water on them will cause them to shrink and lose their shape. Increased friction will also make them lose shape.
  • Always turn the socks inside out when washing to retain their finish.
  • Don’t use bleach with either hand or machine washing.
  • Hang them to dry or lay them flat.
  • Never use heat if you take them in the dryer.
  • If possible, avoid tumble dryers to make them last longer.



1. Are alpaca socks warm?vicuna alpaca socks

Yes, alpaca sock is warm as it’s made from the warmest all-weather-friendly fiber. The microscopic air pockets aid in great insulation hence warmth will not be lost while keeping the warmth produced by the body at bay even when it’s cold.


2. Can your machine wash alpaca socks?

It is possible to wash the alpaca socks with your washing machine. Ensure that the socks are turned inside out as it retains their finish and through them in. with adjustable settings that wash even the delicate items and wash with lowest settings that can imitate handwashing just a little much agitating of water. With machine wash use cool or cold water and never hot water.



Without a doubt, taking care of your feet is paramount. On winter days, you would not want to wear the wrong choice of socks which will have you getting blisters and rashes on your feet. Alpaca sock is here to solve all those issues for you. From the above information, we’d agree these socks should have been our priority. Go, grab those socks and wave cold feet bye