How to Wrap Socks?

Generally, every family member is supposed to have at least sixteen to twenty-six pairs of socks. The reason is that socks are items that everyone is supposed to have for the sake of their feet’s health. Hence, one can call pairs of socks almost compulsory items.

The question now is, how do you keep your numerous pairs of socks tidy without making them lose their quality by stretching? You can maintain the quality of your socks by folding them properly. The almost mandatory importance of socks makes them a great option as gifts. However, you can not give someone socks as a present in their natural form; you will have to wrap them to appear presentable creatively.

There are various ways to wrap socks to make them a presentable gift creatively. And these creative ways of wrapping socks do not require any crafting skill.

As you continue reading this article, you will discover the various ways to wrap and make pairs of socks presentable to serve as a gift.

wrap socks as gift

How Do You Wrap Socks With Wrapping Paper As A Gift?

If your main purpose of purchasing socks is to gift them to some, it is important that you wrap them properly. And you can use wrapping paper to make this happen by following these steps;

● Using a pair of scissors, cut a piece of wrapping paper large enough to fit the socks you want to make a gift

● Place the piece of wrapping paper you cut on a flat surface and place the socks in the middle (lengthways).

● Fold the right and left end of the wrapping paper over the socks.

● Using tape, secure the ends; hence, covering the socks on the two folded sides.

● The top and the bottom part of the socks will be left open.

● Fold these two open ends and tape them over the socks.

● You can then use a tag, bows, and thick ribbons to give it a decorative appearance.


How Do You Wrap Socks Creatively?

Gifting someone socks requires creativity. This creativity comes from the way you wrap the pairs of socks you intend to use as gifts. You can creatively wrap the pairs of socks into various shapes to look like cupcakes, donuts, bouquets, and many other items. You will need various tools to wrap your pair of socks into gifts.

The things you will need are wrapping papers, sticky tape, ribbons and bows, scissors, strings and bands, and gift tags.

Wrap Socks Look Like Candy

● Place a colorful piece of wrapping paper on a flat surface
● Fold in small inches of the paper at the bottom. Then, fold the paper in half.
● Fold the paper in half again and crease it.
● Fold in the right side towards but ensure it does not get to the middle. Then do the same to the left side, and ensure both sides are even.
● Using scissors, cut some parts of the sharp edges on the left and right sides.
● After cutting the sharp edges, open the folded ends to form a candy shape.
● Unfold everything and apply a glue stick on the surface of the folded part in the second step. Then glue it to the upper part to form a long rectangular shape.
● Take a pair of socks, roll them up, and put them inside the rectangular box (in the middle).
● Finally, grab some ribbons and tie a little bow through the two opened parts formed in the sixth step. Then you will have a candy-shaped gift box with your pair of socks inside it.


Make A Sock Bouquet

● The preferable pair of socks for this are bright-colored socks. Roll each pair of socks into a flower (separately).
● Using a bamboo or wooden stick, start rolling the sock by placing the stick at one end of the cuff of the socks.
● Tie the lower end of the rolled sock with a band or string. Then, the upper end of the sock will open out like a flower.
● Repeat the previous step to form multiple flowers. Then, wrap the formed flowers in a bunch.
● Using a piece of wrapping paper, encase the stem-like part like a bouquet. Then, use a ribbon to tie and hold them together. However, you can skip this process by placing it in a vase.


Make Donuts Out Of Socks

● Turn the pair of socks inside out, and put one of the socks inside the other.

● Ensure no lump is present inside the socks by putting your hands inside the socks.

● Fold the cuffs of the pair of socks together; then fold them out until it reveals like an inch of the sock outer side from the inside.

● Continue folding out the pair of socks together in a donut shape.

● Keep rolling the pair of socks until the two toes meet at the center of the donut. You can also occupy the space at the center of the donut with the two socks toes.

● You can enhance the presentable quality of this gift by putting the donut in a large Christmas stocking.


Make Socks Cupcakes

● Prepare the pair of socks on a flat surface. Then, take one pair of socks and roll it until it reaches the toes (on the outside) from the cuff.

● Tie the sock roll circumference with a string or rubber band. But this string or rubber band should not be at the center but towards a side of the rolled sock.

● Hold the cuff of the rolled sock and pull it gently until it forms a conical-like shape, similar a cupcake’s icing top.

● Place a cupcake wrapper on the side of the conical-like shape, which will hide the sting or rubber band you used in the second step.

● You can, however, form a pair of cupcakes with each pair of socks.

● You can then place the pairs of socks cupcakes inside a box (preferably a confectionery store or bakery box). Then place a bow on the box to make a decorative gift.


Make Mason Jar with a bow

This is the easiest way to wrap socks and give them out as gifts. It involves using a mason jar, which you can find around your home. Then you will wrap the pairs of socks and jar them—finally, tye bow some inches below the jar’s cover.



Generally, socks don’t appear valuable as they come, but with your creativity, you can give them a valuable gift. You can achieve this by wrapping the pairs of socks into the shapes of cupcakes, donuts, candies and also packaging them in a mason jar with a bow.