How to Clean Slide Slippers?

Slide slippers are a modern obsession and are hitting peak comfort in today’s fashion biz. They’ve racked up massive popularity recently and are becoming a staple among athletes while imminently redefining the contemporary “swagger” in the showbiz industry.

This tremendous touting might coerce you into getting one to give yourself the pop of style, and rightly so.

But while you may be planning to wear them on end in your shopping trips, when indoors, or walking around town, it’s imperative that you know how to clean them.

This article provides tips on how to clean slide slippers.

how to clean slide slippers

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Tools That Are Needed

  • Mild detergent
  • Warm water
  • A soft cloth
  • Leather shoe conditioner


How to Wash Slide Slippers?

Once you have your complete cleaning arsenal, you can now clean your slide slippers using the following simple steps:

wash slide slippers

Step 1: Wipe Off Debris or Dirt on Your Slides

Perhaps you nicked off too much dirt during your outdoor rounds such that it’s become aggravating to continue wearing your slide slippers. Therefore, cleaning becomes your only option to restore their initial glitter.

But before getting right into it, ensure that you remove any dirt or debris by wiping it off using a dry piece of cloth or a soft brush. Be sure to clean the underside so that your water doesn’t go all grimy afterward.


Step 2: Dampen a Soft Cloth and Add Detergent

For most polyester slides, you won’t have much to worry about soaking in water. However, be incredibly careful not to dampen your leather slides since that weakens the material.

Therefore, a mildly damped cloth and some detergent patched on top can be enough to nick off the stuck dirt and dust.


Step 3: Use a Circular Motion To Clean

Cleaning using circular motion perfectly removes dirt and grime than moving laterally. However, do it gently and avoid too much pressure that will mess up with the curated, decorating patterns if your slides have some.


Step 4: Clean Off the Remaining Soap

You don’t have to rinse your slide slippers since that can be imprudent for leather. And even if your slides are made using polyester, you don’t have to rinse them using excessive water amounts. Instead, you can slightly dampen a soft cloth and wipe off excess soap in familiar rounded motions until they’re clean and glittery.

Afterward, you can leave your slides out in a shaded area outdoors for drying before using them. For cloth and leather slides, you should let them stay out in the sun for a while before putting them on again.


Essential Tips to Use

Tip 1: You can still use baking soda to clean your slide slippers if they’re overly smelly. Be sure to mix them up in a re-sealable plastic bag overnight before your cleaning regimen. Baking soda has an uncanny ability to remove bad odors so that your slides regain their initial freshness.

Tip 2: Clean white slide slippers separately from the rest, ensuring that you use a different cloth. That’ll ensure you don’t aggravate the condition by smearing on more dirt and grime.



Clean and glittery slide slippers are not only pleasing for the eye but comfortable to put on. Therefore, it’s prudent to clean them frequently to enjoy them better. However, it helps to know your way around tidying them up when dirty, and hopefully, this article will help you out with that.