How to Wear Suspenders?

Today, suspenders are the current thing every gender wears in the fashion industry; they are worn with different outfits and styles.

men suspenders in styleHowever popular they are, most people know nothing about suspenders, read through this article to understand several things you never knew about suspenders that will make it easy for you to rock in suspenders, including the following:

  • Suspender trends and types
  • Basic knowledge of suspenders
  • How to wear different sorts of suspenders in style?


Suspenders Trends

Suspenders are found to be among the most attractive and sexy pieces of outfit that anyone would wear with any type of outfit. Many celebrities choose to wear suspenders on different occasions to showcase their fashion styles.

Suspenders can be worn anytime with any outfit, it might seem impossible, but leather suspenders can be worn with denim or jeans shirts to give you a hot and classy look. Sleeveless or sleeve shirts both look hot with suspenders, bare chest or closed-chest still achieve the best look.


What Are Suspenders?

Suspenders, also known as braces are leather or fabric straps that people fashionably wear over the shoulders to keep their trousers held up. They might be elastic, on the attachment ends only, or entirely elastic, most of them are made from woven cloths in that they form an X or a Y shape at the back.

The major types of suspenders are clip-on suspenders and button suspenders, then what are the differences, and how to choose between them?


Clip-on Suspenders or Button Suspenders?

There are two types of suspenders people choose from, that is; clip-on suspenders and button suspenders. The two have raised a big debate on when and why clip-on and button suspenders should be worn as each of them indicates some crucial things like your personality and style, that is true, you wear either of them to achieve a particular style.

how to wear suspenders

Benefits of Clip-on Suspenders

Wearing clip-on suspenders has the following benefits:

• You can quickly achieve a slick and official look
• Can be worn for a night out and a house party
• They can turn oversized trousers into protective and sporting workwear.

Benefits of Button Suspenders

Here are the benefits that arise from wearing button suspenders:

• They show that you are refined and more attentive to even the smallest details
• Button suspenders reveals your style and creativity
• They enable you to source and wear quality clothing

How to wear clip-on suspenders?

how to wear clip on suspenders

The best thing about clip-on suspenders is that they can be attached to any trousers and pants, making them versatile. They are comfortable to wear as they bring out the casual look you are trying to achieve, here is how to wear them:

• First, clip the suspenders by clipping them at the middle of your trouser waistband which is at the back.
• Put on your trousers
• Pull the suspenders over the shoulders to the front
• Attach the remaining clips to the waistband at the front of your trousers.

How to wear button suspenders?

Learning how to wear suspenders is crucial to anyone who loves them, with a few simple steps, you can wear button suspenders. Follow the following steps:

button suspenders with belt
• Lay down your trousers to be flat
• Attach the back ends of your suspenders to the back buttons on the center of your trouser
• Attach the left loops and fasten them
• Attach the right loops too as you fasten them
• Put your trouser on
• Adjust the length that will be comfortable for you

How to decide?

Slip-on and button suspenders cannot be worn for the same occasion or activity, deciding on which to go with depends on your current situation.

Button suspenders make you look refined and cleaner, making them the best option for an official and business look.

In contrast, the clip-on suspenders can make you quickly achieve a fashion novelty look as they are fun and trendy.

If you want to show your style for fun, then go for the clip-on suspenders but if you are an official person button suspenders should be your thing.

Suspenders or Belt?

Suspenders or belt?

Yes, this is the most confusing question most people always have in their heads before wearing either of these, here is what you have to know about wearing suspenders or a belt.

match suspenders with belt

Comparison between the suspenders and belts

When comparing the two, suspenders weigh more on the positive side than belts, and the following are some reasons why suspenders are found to be better than belts:

• Suspenders are more comfortable than belts while belts tend to cinch at your waist, causing some discomfort like someone who has eaten a lot.
• Suspenders give one various choices, while belts come in one typical style, ever since their introduction they are just belts. Suspenders are available in different types, lengths, widths, colors and patterns.


Can I wear both?

Never try wearing suspenders with belts simultaneously, because it makes you look redundant; it is awkward. Therefore you should choose to wear one of them at a time depending on your trousers type and the occasion ahead of you.

what to know on wear suspenders with belt

How to decide which to choose?

Both of the two are classic accessories, which can be challenging for choosing which one to wear and leave.

  • Suspenders

Suspenders happen to be typically more formal than the belts, and therefore they perfectly go well with suits.

They make you achieve an official or formal look that is of high style making them differ from belts; moreover, they are available in various styles that can make you achieve your style with ease as one can wear them with any type of pant without loops.

  • Belts

Belts have a fixed strap meant for wrapping over the waist to support your trousers from falling; currently, almost every woman and man has a belt.

The main aim of wearing belts is to prevent trousers or pants from falling, a few of them are meant to show fashion and style but if you are in a hurry and wants something to hold your pant go for belts.

However, you cannot wear a belt if your pants or trousers do not have belt loops, making suspenders the best option in any situation.


How to Properly Wear Suspenders?

Suspenders can be worn on almost every occasion; however, how you wear them determines how your final look will be. Here is the various event in which you can properly wear suspenders to make meaning and bring out your creativity and fashion:

For wedding

how to wear suspenders on wedding ceremony

Suspenders are one of the funniest ways you can use to make your wedding more stylistic and unique. Therefore you need to properly wear them to bring out their exact meaning on your wedding.

The following guidelines should help you properly wear them:

  • Do not wear your suspenders with a belt as they both serve the same purpose but the suspenders are more for style and fashion
  • Avoid wearing suspenders with vests, as suspenders are meant to be shown off, and you won’t achieve this if you wear them with a vest.

For a date

wear suspenders for a date

The best thing with suspenders is their versatility, and different styles can be worn on all occasions and bring about the desired meaning.

Wearing suspenders for a date can be very simple here are some things you need to consider first:

• The type of suspenders
• The color of the suspenders

What to Do

For a date, you need to look more casual, and with style, therefore there are several things you need to stick on and do while wearing suspenders for a date. That is;

  • Choose slip-on suspenders to achieve a casual stylistic look
  • Go for block colors suspenders or patterned as you highly match or contrast your outfit
  • For a date, choose slim suspenders that easily fall from the shoulders straight to your waist.

What to Avoid

It looks easy and perfect, but one small mess can change everything, here are some things you need to avoid when wearing suspenders for a date:

  • Do not wear suspenders with belts
  • Avoid wide width suspenders

For business

business way on wearing suspenders

Business means formal, suspenders make perfect formal or business look, but this depends on the type of suspender you choose to wear, here is how it should be:

What to do

There are several things you should have in mind before wearing suspenders for business; they include:

  • Choose a classic hue color for your suit
  • Consider a hue tie or contrasting one
  • Choose button suspenders as they bring out the official look

What to avoid

As much as you want to achieve the best formal look some things you can and they can easily ruin everything, consider avoiding the following:

  • Avoid wearing belts at the same time with suspenders
  • Avoid slim width suspender


On the town

suspenders on the town

When you want to be out on the town doing walks or shopping you need to look useful and fashionable; suspenders can make you simply achieve this.

Choose a skinnier pair of suspenders that will give you the on-town fashion style and look, consider rocking in full denim from head to toe; however, wider suspenders can work here.

Make your look unique too with a checked shirt and a pair of polo shorts complete it with rubbers and your color of choice suspenders.


For casual hanging out

how to wear suspenders for hanging out

Everyone loves hanging out in fashion and style; suspenders can make it simpler, consider this great look, a polo jungle green trouser worn with a navy-blue sweater, on top of that consider fixing your suspenders.

It looks great; it is wearing suspenders on top of sweaters; you can also achieve this with denim trousers and your favorite sweater.


On women

for women how to wear suspenders

If you are keen enough, you will realize that the most stylish women in this world try incorporating one or two men’s wear to bring about fashion, oomph, and an extra edge. Women who rock in suspenders always look, beautiful, sexy, and creative in the fashion industry.

A woman can wear suspenders with a hue-tailored hipster and an official shirt, finalizing it with a hat. One can also consider wearing shorts, an official shirt, a sweater, and a suspender on top of the sweater.


How to Choose the Suitable Size of Suspenders?

Choosing the right suspenders width is determined by how you want to look, the outfit you are planning to wear with your suspenders matters a lot.

If you choose to wear thin suspenders, consider going for the width that ranges from half an inch to one, this is mostly worn for fashion and style but not formal functions.


What Essential Factors to Consider on Choosing Suitable Suspenders

Once you have decided that you are rocking in suspenders, you have to choose the right one to suit your occasion and outfit. The following factors should help you get the correct suspender for any of the above:

how to choose suspenders

• Length

Choosing the right length of suspenders can be very simple. It can be challenging too; however, there are many different lengths available, but most of them are 46 inches long, and the best part about it is they can be adjusted quickly.


• Width

The typical width for suspenders is always 13/8 inches since the width suit most people and various occasions; however, if you are bigger, you will need to wear wider suspenders of about two inches wide.

Where you are thin and skinny, consider going for the thinner suspenders as they will enable you to achieve a trendy and edgy look.


• Leather

If you plan to wear leather suspenders, ensure that your suspenders’ leather ends match your shoes. If you are wearing suspenders with brown leather ends then your shoes should be of the same color; actually, this is the first rule of wearing a leather suspender.


How Should Suspenders Match Your Suits?

how to wear suspenders with suit in style

It is something many people don’t understand, should suspenders match your suit? The answer to this might seem to be simple, but it is not. You can choose to contrast or match the colors; this will depend on what you are up to for the day.


How to Match Suspenders with a Shirt?

suspenders with shirt

Matching suspenders with shirts can be challenging for anyone, as there are many various colors of shirts and suspenders you will need to be keen on here.

Navy blue suspenders can be worn with almost all colors of shirts such as light blue, pale pink, white among other famous colors. When matching your shirts with the suspenders, consider contrasting rather than matching.


Matching Suspenders with the Tie

how to wear suspenders with tie

Regular ties and bowties go well with suspenders, one thing you should consider when matching suspenders with ties is; you should not match the two instead consider contrasting your tie and the color of suspenders you are wearing.


How to Wear Colored Suspenders?

Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose and wear hue suspenders; it is challenging to match or contrast the colored suspenders. Here is what should guide you all through:

What to do

  • For bold-colored suspenders consider wearing the neutral-colored outfit, ensure that your desired occasion complement the given outfit for your colored.
  • Solid colors go well with formal events rather than neutral colors.

What to avoid

  • Avoid wearing bold-colored suspenders with bold colored outfits, and this makes one look more redundancy in all-bold.
  • Avoid wearing untucked shirts while in your suspenders to make you look simpler and up to date.


Disadvantages of Suspenders You Should Know.

However suitable they might seem to be there are a few disadvantages attached to suspenders that everyone should know:

• Suspenders are not as versatile as they cannot go well with everything
• They can easily damage your pants If they catch anything and snag
• When suspenders age they lose elasticity and can make your pants look sagging



Suspenders are currently trending and can be worn in any outfit on all occasions, from weddings, dates to offices, and job interviews. Your preference and the style you have in mind will determine how you will end up looking like. It is simple, concentrate on matching and contrasting colors, with this you will achieve the best.