Best Men’s Moisture Wicking Socks For Work Boots

If you have a challenge in handling your sweaty feet, especially if your work involves walking about all day, you don’t need to worry.

We are here to help you eliminate such issues by just considering the men’s moisture-wicking socks for work boots.

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A perfect choice for people with blister for athletic and gym trainers – ONKE Cotton Moisture Wicking Socks For Athletic

Most breathable wool socks with ankle height for hiking and hunting activities – GermaPro Men’s Hiking Moisture Wicking Socks

Super soft crew socks that you can wear with steel toe boots or other work boots – KMM Cotton Moisture Wicking Crew Cushion Sock

Most comfortable socks designed for men with odor feet or sweaty feet – Dickies Men’s Dri-tech Socks

moisture wicking socks for boots

Similarly, we have covered the necessary information that you need to know about these magical socks.

Apart from that, we have also simplified your work by reviewing the best brands to serve your needs.


Why Getting Moisture-wicking Socks Is Necessary For Work Boots?

The moisture-wicking socks do an amazing deal for you and your feet than you probably know. So, when these socks remove moisture from your feet, they offer some benefits, which includes;

The build-up of moisture on your feet usually offers a breeding ground for bacteria.

Therefore, by eliminating the moisture, these moisture-wicking socks will help you lower the number of bacteria on your feet. And from doing so, your feet won’t develop foul odors and other health complications associated with fungal growth.

If your feet are sweaty, you may have experienced blisters or sores.

This is because the moisture causes the skin to bunch together due to the build up of moisture at the bottom of your feet. As a result, it makes it appropriate for sores and blisters to form. But with moisture-wicking socks, you won’t experience such an issue since all the moisture is driven out.

They also guarantee comfort due to their design and construction, which provides a snug fit.

Apart from that, most moisture-wicking is also a compression sock, thus providing support during physical activities. Also, if you have a job involving a huge amount of leg movement, then there are moisture-wicking socks equipped with additional padding for the heels.

The materials used to manufacture these moisture-wicking socks are strong hence durable.

More importantly, having a pair that doesn’t wear out easily. The material used isn’t slippery inside the shoe and cushions against the hard or rough shoe.

They provide an easy way to control bad odors.

Moisture often causes your socks to be soaked, and hence the wet environment created will lead to fungal growth responsible for foul odors. So, regardless of how sweaty your feet are, the moisture-wicking socks can be the best way to consider when dealing with odors since it channels out any moisture present.

Quick Pick on the Proper Breathable Socks For Work Boots

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Men's Breathable Hiking...image Best For Sweaty Feet: GermaPro Men's Hiking Moisture Wicking Socks
KMM Men's Cotton...image Best For Work Boots: KMM Cotton Moisture Wicking Crew Cushion Sock
YUEDGE Men's Cushion...image Best For Sports: YUEDGE Men's Breathable Winter Cotton Socks
Dickies Men's Dri-Tech...image Best For Odor Feet: Dickies Men's Dri-tech Socks


How to Choose the Best Moisture-wicking Socks for Work Boots?

Before you buy any moisture-wicking socks for work boots, you should check some factors to avoid making a regretful decision. This is because there are many work boots socks that are available in the current market. Therefore, you will need to consider the following factors;

moisture socks for sweaty feet

Pick breathable material

Always consider the best sock material that can keep your feet dry, warm, and comfortable. You need to know that there are materials that absorb moisture, but it takes a longer time to dry, such as cotton may not be appropriate. As a result, it may cause blisters or even foul odors.

However, if consider a material that channels out the moisture and doesn’t get soaked, such as merino wool, it could be appropriate for you.


The padded design guarantees comfort

If you want a pair with better comfort, you need to consider a pair that comes with extra padding. But you need to ensure that the padding doesn’t make boots tight.

You can also consider a pair that comes with arch support to protect you against heel pain. Observe their construction well enough, and through that, you can have weighed their comfort.


A thick one can be long-lasting

When it comes to durability, the material and the construction determine the moisture-wicking socks’ lifespan for work boots. If you compare a lightweight, thin pair with a thicker one, you will realize that the lightweight, thin pair won’t last long.

Similarly, the durability of these moisture-wicking socks lies in how you take care of them; therefore, be sure to keep them clean.

Evaluate proper size before buying

Moisture-wicking socks usually come in different lengths and widths; therefore, you need to buy a pair that will offer a perfect fitting.

Generally, a perfect pair shouldn’t be too tight or loose; so, you need to pay attention to the heel side and the socks’ toe.

Consequently, the size also determines the pair’s comfort; therefore, you should be cautious, especially if you are ordering them online. However, we advise you to visit the nearest store to check and test them.

The well-padded can be expensive but well worth it

Always consider your budget’s size before deciding on which material you should go for. Generally, you won’t miss a pair that will accommodate your budget; therefore, their price should be a guiding factor before narrowing down to other features.

They are usually priced based on the material used and construction type. You will find that well-padded moisture-wicking socks with arch support will be more expensive due to their comfort.


Best Men’s Moisture-wicking Socks for Work Boots Reviews

If you still have a problem choosing the best men’s moisture-wicking socks for work boots, we have researched and tested multiple brands. Therefore, we have summarized the best brands you need to have on your wish list. These are;

1. Best For Blister: ONKE Cotton Moisture Wicking Socks For Athletic

moisture socks for athletic

ONKE managed to be among the best brands in the market due to its moisture-wicking properties, among other features. It possesses fibers that facilitate easy moisture-wicking; therefore, if you have sweaty feet, this could be your best choice.

Leave alone the sweaty feet; you are assured of zero foul odor but what you only need to do is to keep your pair clean.

Consequently, the breathable premium materials help circulate the air in your boots hence regulating the temperature, which eliminates the pooling of sweat. It is soft, thus maximum comfort due to its hugging feeling whenever you put them on. You should try this!

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2. Best For Sweaty Feet: GermaPro Men’s Hiking Moisture Wicking Socks

two pack moisture wicking socks

If you are looking for a magical pair of socks, then this brand shouldn’t miss in your list due to its unique construction.

It is constructed with a germanium fiber that releases negative ions necessary for getting rids of microbial activities. In other words, it eliminates foul odor. Similarly, if you love trekking, camping, hiking, or trail running activities, then your bag shouldn’t miss this pair.

This is because regardless of the terrain you walk on, it is designed to keep your feet comfortable such as proper blood circulation in your feet.

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3. Best For Work Boots: KMM Cotton Moisture Wicking Crew Cushion Sock

breathable moisture wicking socks for sweaty feet

KMM is designed to offer adequate comfort that everyone would want to enjoy. The soft and comfy construction provides arch support; therefore, you won’t experience any pain.

Similarly, the moisture-wicking property eliminates sweat as it keeps your feet dry and thus eliminating the bad odor. The breathability is guaranteed to ensure that your feet and shoe don’t produce bad odors.

Also, the comfort is unquestionable, all you need to do is to have a pair, and you will enjoy it to the maximum.

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4. Best For Sports: YUEDGE Men’s Breathable Winter Cotton Socks

crew socks for winter

If you are working all day, you need not worry about moisture since it has amazing moisture wicking management. They are durable; hence you won’t be replacing the pair more often.

Similarly, YUEDGE is soft and comfy to enjoy comfort as it provides support and reduces foot friction. As a result, it relieves foot fatigue.

What makes it more unique is its fast drying and breathable construction; therefore, the moisture won’t accumulate in your shoe.

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5. Best For Hiking: YUEDGE Men’s Cotton Crew Athletic Socks

breathable thick socks for winters

Since activities such as climbing, running, hiking, trekking, and snowboarding may cause your feet to sweat, therefore, with this brand, the moisture-wicking properties are there to keep you comfortable.

It comes with an amazing design that ensures your toes are well guarded. Similarly, the breathable material will enable air circulation, hence keeping your feet cool and dry.

Its softness ensures that you experience zero friction and reduces foot fatigue.

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6. Best For Odor Feet: Dickies Men’s Dri-tech Socks

moisture control socks for winter

Dickies can be your best choice due to their strong and comfortable construction. It has moisture control fibers that channel out the moisture, thus keeping your feet comfortable and free from blisters.

Uniquely, you can use your machine to wash it, and the fabric content won’t be destroyed. Similarly, the soft and comfy design offers adequate arch support and stability; therefore, you don’t have to worry about friction and heel pain.

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What Features Socks Must Have to Be Moisture Wicking?

Various features make the men’s moisture-wicking socks work the best. They include;

Breathable fabric:

the material used to construct them needs to allow free circulation of air, which in turn eliminates any possible build-up of foul odors. Similarly, it helps regulate the temperature hence the comfortability of your feet.

Arch support:

the best men’s moisture-wicking socks should offer support hence protecting your feet against heel pain. If your work involves much movement, you won’t experience discomfort caused by pressure on your feet.


most of the moisture-wicking socks for men are cushioned and added padding that keeps your feet comfortable and protected for the whole day. Other designs are constructed to provide comfort.


The moisture mostly brings about odor; therefore, the men’s moisture-wicking socks for work boots often get rids of moisture regardless of how sweaty your feet are. Similarly, a breathable material also plays a role.


the best men’s moisture-wicking socks don’t wear and tear easily. You will just need to take good care of them, such as keeping them clean, and your pair will probably last longer than you expected.


What Materials of Socks Are the Most Moisture-wicking?

If you want to know which material is the best to consider, you will probably try to keep your feet comfortable and free from moisture.

How do we evaluate suitable materials for work boots?

Therefore, we have researched and tested different materials based on features such as;

  • Moisture management and quick-drying materials.

We believe you’ve once heard that having socks that never get soaked despite having sweaty feet is a catalyst to a happy face.

  • Material construction and its weight.

As much as we are focusing on moisture-wicking socks, we have also considered the socks’ breathability. You need to have the best socks that you won’t ever regret buying them.

  • We have also considered durable materials.

We find it important to deliver the best materials that won’t let you down when it comes to their lifespan.

  • Comfort is also another feature that apart from keeping the moisture out.

You need something that can support you during lengthy excursions.

So, here are the best materials that you need to consider when looking for moisture-wicking socks.

What materials prove to be suitable?

  • Merino wool

Its magical convincing powers make it among the materials to be considered. It is soft, insulating, light, and possesses anti-microbial properties. Unlike cotton, it doesn’t trap moisture, and it’s thicker.

  • Acrylic

It is characterized by breathability, quick-drying, and durability, making it the best material for moisture-wicking socks.

  • Synthetics

They provide adequate arch support, especially the lycra and nylon. Similarly, it keeps your feet dry despite your sweaty feet.

  • Polyester

It features a durable material, quick-drying, and easy to clean; therefore, it could be your best consideration when looking for the best pair.



Do moisture-wicking socks work?

Yes, moisture-wicking socks are necessary for anyone with sweaty feet or who works in boots for long stretches of time.

The best way to satisfy our answer is by giving you information on how these moisture-wicking socks work.

They are generally designed to promote evaporation, hence preventing the build-up of moisture. This is achieved by allowing the moisture to travel along with the fabric without being absorbed.

And that is why they never get soaked and keep your feet warm, free from blisters, odor control, and offers adequate comfort that every person would want to enjoy.


How can I stop my feet from sweating in my work boots?

Many ways can help you overcome this sweaty issue. Among these ways are;

  • Always keep your feet clean.
  • Consider putting on appropriate socks. Consider the features that we have discussed, and
  • you will find a suitable pair.
  • Be sure to dry your boots every night.
  • Consider using shoe inserts to help you absorb the moisture.
  • Consider all-weather boots to avoid putting on boots suitable for winter during summer.



When it comes to the men’s moisture-wicking socks for work boots, there’s a lot that you need to understand. However, we have covered everything for you; therefore, all you have to do is to sample out the best brand from our review, and we can guarantee the best experience. Similarly, have the techniques to land on the right men’s moisture-wicking socks for work boots before visiting any store.