Easy Ways and Tips on Washing Socks

Socks are vital pieces of wear in the sense that they safeguard our feet from cold and also minimize friction between the shoes and the skin of our feet. They hence have to be kept clean and dry at all times. Of course, you have to know how to wash socks if you are to achieve some success here.

Our discussions hereunder exist to help you with just that. In the following discussions, we shall belabor the following points:

  • Steps to wash socks with a washing machine or with hand?
  • Steps to air dry the socks?
  • How to deal with socks with stains?
  • Special tips on washing multiple types of socks.

how to hand wash socks


Importance of Taking Care of Your Socks

It is important to take care of your socks for the following reasons:

  • Inhibit foul smell

A pair of socks that is not washed and dried well will usually generate some foul stench. This stench is not only uncomfortable but also interferer with the inhabitants of the rooms where the pairs are put on. Only by washing and drying well can this menace be avoided.

  • Stave off fungal growth

Fungi do thrive well where there are dirt and sweat. Since socks absorb both when put on, it is not uncommon for them to encourage the growth of fungi. It hence goes that you have to clean and dry yours well regularly as a way of stemming this tide.

  • Ward off the emergence of athlete’s foot

Closely related to the above is the issue of warding off the emergence of an athlete’s foot. This is a menace that arises mainly if the fungal infections are not mitigated timely. By keeping adequate care of your pair of socks, you get to enjoy the freedom from suffering such infestations.

  • Enhance the flow and aid the circulation of air

When the socks are washed and dried well, they let the pores open. In that way, the ambient air circulates freely in the feet. This is also awesome for your feet in the sense that it dissipates sweat not to mention giving the same leeway to grow smoothly.

  • Diminish the cracking of feet

Socks that are poorly kempt will usually predispose your feet to the risks of cracking alongside other ghastly ends. You can never hence hope to maintain your feet well minus caring well for your socks too. This is even more critical if you are an active person.


How to Wash Socks with a Washing Machine?

Follow the procedures below to wash your socks with a washing machine:

Step I: Flip the socks inside out

Start it out by flipping the socks inside out. This is to maximize the exposure of the dirty portions of the pair with the detergent and water. In doing this, you are more likely to obtain cleaner outcomes compared to if you were to wash them with the right side in.

Step II: Separate the colors and fabric type

Chances are that you may be washing more than one pair at a time. If this is the case, you have to bundle the pairs as per the colors and the kinds of fabrics. This minimizes blotting and the transmission of dirt to the lightly-colored pairs.

Step III: Soak the pair in mild detergent

Now soak the pairs in mild detergents in the washing machines. By soaking these pairs, you give the detergents the chance to break the dirt down to their finest particles and make for easier rinsing at a later date. The recommended period of time is roughly 24 hours.

Step IV: Engage the machine to wash the pair

After the expiration of the 24-hour window, you have to engage the machine now. This step eliminates the dirt that is now broken down almost completely. Follow this by rinsing the pair using clean water. You may have to rinse it twice for maximum outcomes.

Step V: Dry the pair

Finish it off by drying the fabrics. If your machine lacks a dryer, you may have to use solar energy to accomplish this end. Simply hang the socks out in the open or on the grass and let the sun do the drying. Good for you now!


How to Wash Socks with Hand?

To wash your pairs of socks by hand, follow the procedures below:

Step I: Bundle the pairs by color and fabric

Start the exercise by bundling the pairs on the basis of the color and the fabric types. This of course allows you to easily tackle the dirt in each pair. It also prevents the situation in which you may have to transfer the dirt to the other cleaner pairs.

Step II: Flip each sock inside out

Now flip each sock in the pair inside out. The aim of this step is to allow maximum contacts and exposure between the hardest-hit areas and the detergents. Be slow and meticulous especially if you have many kinds of pairs to handle at any given time.

Step III: Soak the pairs

Soak the pairs of socks in some mild detergents for preferably 24 straight hours. This is to give the detergents a little bit of time to work hard to break the dirt. Remember to keep the bucket far away from the reach of small children to prevent any dangers.

Step IV: Wring by hand to eliminate the dirt

Get down now to the core business of wringing the socks by hand to eliminate the hardened dirt. You may have to make several passes to get rid of all dirt. Take some time also to smell the pair to ensure that it is completely devoid of any hard dirt.

Step V: Rinse and dry

Rinse the pair thoroughly in two stages using clean water. Follow it up by squeezing our excess water. Round it all by drying under the hot sun. Though optional, you are strongly advised to use a fabric softener at this stage. It makes the pair smoother to the skin.


How Should I Air Dry the Socks?

how to dry socks

To air-dry your pairs, you have to follow these steps:

Step I: Rinse and squeeze out all water

Rinse your pair after washing to rid the same of all detergents. Then, squeeze out all the water from the pair to make the same completely dry. You may also shake the pair to eliminate the minuscule amounts or droplets of water that may reside in it.

Step II: Hang your socks on the cloth line

Now hang this pair on a cloth’s line using pegs. Let the harsh winds blow out the waters and leave the pair completely dry. This should preferably happen overnight to give the pair ample time to shed off all the wetness and residual moisture.


How to Deal with Socks with Stains?

how to wear socks with stains

Stained socks are harder to deal with. Nonetheless, the following steps will certainly help:

Step I: Soak the pair

Stubborn stains cannot be eliminated that easily. You have to, first of all, soak the pair for a duration of 24 hours to allow all the dirt to break down completely. While at it, use some bleaching agents like the lemon juice to give the pair some sparkle.

Step II: Insert in the machine and engage the same

Insert the pair now into the machine and engage the same. The machine shall wring the fabrics to get rid of the hardened stain that has now been made loose by the process of soaking. This is the stage now that you may introduce color-restorative detergents.

Step III: Rinse and dry

Now that you are done with the wringing, you should rinse the pair to rid it of the excess detergents. At the same time, you may also use the fabric softeners to soften the fabrics and leave behind some smooth socks. You may now get the socks from the washing machine.


Dos and Don’ts on Washing Socks

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Adhere to the precautions below to do a great job:


  • Wash your pairs in cold water
  • Employ the gentle settings
  • Make use of only mild detergent
  • Flip socks inside out before washing
  • Separate the socks by color, fabrics, and style


  • Mix delicate materials with the socks in a dryer
  • Use high heat settings to take on your socks
  • Wring, twist or scrub the wet socks excessively
  • Dry clean your socks


Special Tips on Washing Multiple Types of Socks

We now take a look at the special tips on washing multiple types of socks:

– For washing wool socks

  • Never use too hot water to wash your pairs
  • Insist on gentle cycles when machine-washing
  • Make use of only mild soap
  • Avoid bleach and powerful fabric softeners


– For washing white socks

  • Use powerful bleaching agents
  • Soak thoroughly for a prolonged duration of time
  • Make use of the fabric softeners
  • Rinse thoroughly to eliminate the residual dirt


– For washing black socks

  • Utilize the liquid detergents and the cool waters
  • Wring the pair y hand to get rid of all dirt
  • Rinse thoroughly to squeeze out all the detergents
  • Use some fabric fresheners to restore the fresh smells


– For washing cabin socks

  • Machine wash on the cold waters and gentle cycles
  • Do not use any bleach as it may damage the fabrics
  • Tumble dry on the low heat
  • Rinse thoroughly to get rid of all detergents before calling it a day


– For washing baby socks

  • Pin those pairs by use of a safety pin before dipping in the machine wash
  • Use only mild detergents
  • Do not soak
  • Refrain from using powerful ingredients and fabric softeners


– For washing dress socks

  • Turn them inside out before commencing the washing exercise
  • Wash using a delicate cycle and cold water
  • Wring thoroughly by hand or by machine
  • Dry in the air or under the sun (never through a dryer)


– For washing fluffy socks

  • Use the gentle cycle of the washing machine
  • Insist on only cold water
  • Make do with the wool wash soap
  • Employ the slowest spin cycle manageable



There you have it! You now know how to wash socks inside out, don’t you? Go ahead now and tackle the matter with the utmost confidence you need. We wish you all the best. If you happen to get stuck, we are always here to help you soldier on. Feel free to reach out to us!