How to Crochet Mary Jane Slippers for Adults?

Winters here, do you want to spice up your wearing styles with Mary Jane slippers? No matter what your concerns are, I’m here to help you make a Perfecto!

Of course, we are talking about your handmade Mary Jane slippers (a perfect gift to yourself or your friends). So, let’s get ready to know how to crochet Mary Jane slippers for adults.

crochet mary jane shoes


Oops, we forget to collect the materials;

Things You Need To Start Crocheting

For an adult woman size up to 10, we are going to take the following things;

– Two different colored yarn balls (either worsted or Aran weight)
– H-Hook
– Tapestry Needle
– Buttons or Flowers (for fancy look)

Stitches You’ll Work With

– DC (double crochet)
– SC (single crochet)
– SC 3 tog (single crochet three stitches together)
– CH (chain)
– DC 3 tog (double crochet three stitches together)

Now let’s dive into the development phase;


Step By Step Procedure To Crochet Mary Jane Slippers for Adults

DIY mary jane slippers for adults

Give a thorough read to the following steps and make your own crochet Mary Jane slippers easily:

1. Start by making 8 DC into the magic loop. You can also use the chain 4 technique, sl st to the first chain, and then make 8 DC into the circle.

2. Now, place two DC into stitches and give one slip stitch on the upper part of the first DC, making two chains (16 Double Crochet).

3. Make one Dc again and two Dcs (1 Dc for the first stitch and 2 Dc into the other). Give a slip stitch to the first DC, making another chain (24 Double Crochet).

4. Now, give 1 DC into the stitch and to the next and 2 DC for the other. For this, 1 DC into a second stitch and then two-two DC into third. Now, at the end of the round, give an sl st to the first DC (at the top), making a chain 2 (32 DC).

5. Give 1 DC to each stitch. Repeat this procedure twice.

6. Now, make 1 DC into the first 23 stitches. Turn the chain 2.

7. Again, give 1 DC into each stitch. Repeat this procedure seven times. Although it could be boring for you, making crochet slippers is all about consistency.

8. Now, after repeating the above procedure seven times, make DC to the first 10 stitches, use the DC 3 tog technique and finally, give a DC to the end. You will have a long tail of wool left behind.

9. Now, fold the slipper in half and seam up the back with sl st. You can also use hooks, tapestry needles, or whip-stitch for it.

10. Now, join the MC (main color) yarn at the center back of the heel of the slipper. Give SC into the same spot. Then, SC down the Dcs of the slipper. When reaching the toe side, give SC 3 tog.

11. Then, DC into the 5 DC of the slipper SC 3 tog the next end.

12. Towards the heels, SC into the DCs of both sides and then sl st into first SC.

13. You can also make the second round of Sc into MC (main color) yarn if you want to. In corners of the toe area, do SC 3 tog.

14. Make a third and last round of SC using CC (contrasting color) yarn. After finishing the edging and button designing, add a simple chain loop and fix the button or flower.

And here, you have a flawless and cute Mary Jane slipper.



Lastly, if you follow this detailed step-by-step guide of making a Mary Jane slipper, you can easily create and wear it in your home!

Still, have queries? Comment below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.