How to Make Homemade Slippers?

leather slippers

Slippers are comfortable footwear that serves to keep our feet warm and appropriately shielded from direct contact with the floor. You need not necessarily have purchase yours from the shelves. Instead, you may also opt to make yours in the comfort of your home. Our article here endeavors to answer the question “How do you … Read more

How to Crochet Slipper Socks or Boots?

The greatest idea that needs very affordable and highly available materials makes the winter season nothing to be scared of by crocheting warm slipper socks or boots. They can be made in different styles and patterns to suit the user’s preferences and tastes; moreover, one can use different textures of threads to come up with … Read more

How to Knit Slippers Quickly Even For Beginners?

how to learn knitting slippers for beginners

Woolen or knit slippers serve to keep our feet warm in the cold winter months. It is only a matter of fairness thus to know how to knit one for yourself. We would like to help you get started. To do this, we shall take you through the steps of how to knit slippers. Our … Read more

What are the Different Types of Slippers?

What are the best slippers to buy for home wear? This is a common question that most people ask when shopping for in house or outdoor slippers. There are multiple types of slippers on the market to choose from, and sometimes it can be not very clear when it comes to selection. Also, some slippers … Read more

Best Ugg Slippers For Women

best women slippers

We all require a little motivation, especially when you return home having been on your feet all day. Therefore, a pair of warm Ugg slippers for women are there to welcome you. Since the market is full of different types of women’s ugg slippers, choosing a suitable one can be confusing. However, we have researched … Read more

Most Comfy Slippers for Pregnant Ladies Reviews

most comfortable slippers for pregnant ladies

While being pregnant is a great and exciting time, it bears within itself great challenges with discomfort appearing amongst the most prevalent. With weight changes during pregnancy, it is quite expected that women will have their feet swell and ache due to the extra pressure on their feet as they walk. In a hurry? Get … Read more

5 Simple Ways on How to Clean and Care Slippers?

steps on how to clean slippers

From their fashionable designs and comfortable nature to the positive impacts they can have on your health like, reducing your proneness to flu and fungal infections, slippers are things you will hardly ever miss in any household. However, you will agree that once slippers become dirty, slipping into them is quite a turn-off. Moreover, dirty … Read more

Which Types of Slippers For Sweaty Feet?

best warm slippers for sweaty feet

For people with sweaty feet, an uncomfortable pair of slippers bring disaster feelings in use with a foul smell and sticky soles. That is why you need to get special slippers designed for sweaty feet. But what types of slippers for sweaty feet are the best choice? In this post, we will introduce 4 types … Read more

The 10 Best Safe Non-Slip Slippers For Elderly Women Reviews

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At times, the regular slippers to the elderly women give them a hard time due to their hardness that deteriorates pain to their swelling leg. However, there are slippers made for them, being soft, stylish, and comfortable. Below we get in-depth information about these slippers and their reviews. Getting a pair of anti-skid slippers for … Read more