Professional Clothier – What Do They Do and How It Works

A clothier is generally used to refer to any person who makes and sells clothing.

professional clothier job description

However, more skills are required to become a professional clothier besides making and selling clothing. Skills of a professional clothier include; ability to tailor, design, construction, psychology, and mathematics.

In construction, a clothier is involved in building a well-tailored wardrobe to the best quality for clients. For a clear insight on a professional clothier, the following have been discussed.

  • Know the basic job description of a professional clothier
  • The difference between a professional clothier and a personal stylist
  • How you can hire a professional clothier and their salary range


Job Description for a Professional Clothier

Knowing a client in person is the first thing a clothier should always focus on. Although it seems insignificant, it helps a clothier to know a client’s lifestyle to some extent via simple consultation.

salary of being professional clothier

Some questions involving where you are going to use the specific design are necessary for the clothier to work to your satisfaction. The following are some of the crucial things a professional clothier does.

  • Designing various cloth garments. A clothier should be able to come up with newly designed garments that suit a client’s occasion such as travel or meeting.
  • Constructing a well-tailored wardrobe. This is a process requires a clothier to accurately design and build a wardrobe that is appealing to the client.
  • Tailoring; this is one of the hard skill that a professional clothier often uses, it involves making new clothing and even repairing.
  • Marketing and selling; to maximize sales, a clothier must have marketing skills, such as advertising, that will help draw more customers.

Difference Between a Professional Clothier and a Personal Stylist

Before looking at the difference it’s crucial to understand that different levels of custom clothing exist. For this reason, only a few professional clothiers are created equal since it depends on the type, ready-made or custom, you are looking for.

In case you have been confusing a personal stylist with a professional clothier, here is a difference that will help you understand.

A professional clothier often has a designated place of work or brand and is only specialized for a particular brand’s apparel.

On another hand, a personal stylist is working as a freelancer and can take you to various shopping stores in an attempt to help you shop both casual and tailored apparel.

Amazingly, a personal stylist and a professional clothier can work at the same store as they try to help you.

Another distinct difference is that professional clothier’s designer clothes that dress you exactly better than ready-mades while personal stylist can only offer style advice or custom-tailored clothes.


How It works for Most Companies?

1. Consult with one clothier

professional clothier job description

Most companies often conduct consultations with clients by asking various questions to help them understand your lifestyle. This helps companies to work hard towards satisfying the needs of the demand of their clients.

When you get to these companies, questions like what industry you are in? How often you wear a suit? How many suits do you own? What occasion will you be using the suit for?

By understanding you in person and the circumstances you will be wearing any garment for, the company can improve services for a good clothing experience.


2. Styling your garment

This is the most interesting stage in the clothing business, once the consultation has ended a clothier has to design a cloth that meets a client’s needs.

Design concepts are put down on paper or screen information of a sketch.

Once a professional clothier is done with sketching, the sketches are transformed into digital sketches through programs like Adobe illustrator.

After everything concerning sketches is done, clothiers have to think of a ‘tech pack’, information issued to manufacturers. This information needs to have the product’s details and any technical specifications from materials, measurements to design, and any other features.

Now, it’s good to get started on pattern making and grading.


3. Tailoring your clothing

When it comes to tailoring, companies have two different paths to take.

Some companies may decide on tailoring their designs or by involving a manufacturer. Manufacturing is a crucial part of any clothing business, no matter the size, invest time and resources in finding a dependable manufacturer or by equipping your clothiers.

In a case where you choose a manufacturer, ensure you investigate their capability in terms of speed and quality of their products. Tailoring your clients’ clothing is the best way to prevent your clients from being alienated by manufacturers.


4.Personal delivery

Delivery is crucial for any clothing business that wishes to continue running for long.

Some clients prefer to have their clothes delivered to them after the tailoring has been made. Most companies integrated an interface that enables them to receive orders online and have them delivered to their clients.

Personal delivery involves the company’s ability to deliver to clients by its means. This can help a business to grow because clients prefer delivery services over visiting a shop or store to pick themselves.

In case your store doesn’t have a personal delivery unit, ensure it’s started and working.


Amount of Money a Professional Clothier Makes

A professional clothier who decides to set up a clothing business is likely to make more money depending on the location the business has been set.

Location plays a major role in determining the profits earned, some clothing stores charge more money compared to others, annually.

Another crucial thing that can necessitate a clothier to charge more is a brand, a good can help in generating profits averaging to over 13500 dollars a month. For a clothier career, it’s good to slowly start your brand as you steadily grow.


Salary for a Professional Clothier

An average salary of a professional clothier is around 40000 dollars.

However, professionals who are eligible to earn wages are the ones employed by various companies. These clothiers have to go to work daily with an exception of weekends. Luckily, they can enjoy overtime earning in a situation where there are many orders to work on.

Salaries may differ from one company to another or depending on the level of your skill. Professional clothiers with high sales skills often earn more compared to those with low skills.



In short, a professional clothier must be equipped with various skills for various tasks in the line of duty. This is a career that is more interesting because it always requires some creativity to come up with unique designs for a specific group of people. Clothiers can earn good money depending on their strategy of work. In case you have been wondering whether to start a career in clothing but you having setbacks, don’t worry. This is the best career if you are passionate about clothing and everything involved with it.