Why Do We Wear Socks? Is It Good To Sleep With Socks?

Most people take the act of wearing socks for granted. They do not realize the significance of this wonderful piece of clothing attire. We want to help you appreciate this item deeper. That is why we have seen it necessary to draft this article entitled ‘Why do we wear socks’?

In our discussions that follow, we shall seek to provide answers or deeper insights to the following pertinent questions and sub-topics:

  • Do you really need to wear socks?
  • Why is it important to wear socks with shoes?
  • Is it good to wear socks all day?
  • Why you should sleep with socks on
  • What socks to wear (materials or types?)

benefits of socks


 #1: Do You Really Need to Wear Socks? 

Yes, you really need to wear socks. The following four main reasons explain why that is the case:

  • Maintain the feet dry

The number one role that socks play is to maintain your feet dry. This is a feat they manage principally by the reason of absorbing all the sweat that may arise while exercising. That way, they also suppress the likelihood of the foul odor from arising.

Maintain the feet dry

  • Suppress the emergence of athlete’s feet

Some conditions like the athlete’s feet do arise whenever there is direct contact between the feet and the shoes. The shocks come in to provide a cushioning between these two issues. In doing so, they suppress the likely emergence of the condition.

  • Minimize abrasions and blisters

Also stemming from the cushioning is the minimization of the blisters and the abrasions. The soft yet thick texture of the fabric that makes the socks up do dampen any vibrations and another harshness of impacts. These in turn prevent the twin issues from occurring.

  • Keep the feet warm

In winters or other cold seasons, the socks add some warmth to the feet. They trap the heat and at the same time also suppress the infiltration of the ambient cold. In doing that, they suppress hypothermia and frostbites that are common at such times.

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 #2: Why is It Important to Wear Socks with Shoes? 

Why is It Important to Wear Socks with Shoes

It is important to wear socks with shoes for the following reasons:

  • Reduce frictions and blisters

If the feet are placed in direct contact with the shoes, they tend to suffer from rubbing, abrasions, and friction. These in turn give rise to blisters and bunions. By putting on the socks alongside the shoes, you reduce these issues from arising and hence maintain your feet well.

  • Add some comfort when walking or running

Putting on shoes alone is never really a comfortable thing to do. You must supplement the shoes with the socks to add some comfort. At no point is this awesome than when running or undertaking some strenuous activities like hiking or jogging.

  • Stave off infections from arising

Some infections do arise whenever you put on only shoes. Chief of these is the athlete’s feet. One sure and perhaps the most reliable way of mitigating these infections is to put on socks. The socks act to keep at bay any germs that may be responsible for these conditions.

  • Maintain your feet sweat-free

Of course, there is no better way to maintain your feet sweat-free save for putting on the socks. In this sense, the socks absorb the sweat to maintain your feet in a perpetual state of utmost dryness. Find them useful at such moments when it is humid and hot.

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 #3: Is It Good to Wear Socks All Day? 

NOT really! A number of dangers potentially arise when the socks are put on all day long. These are:

why do we need to wear socks

  • Likelihood of the development of foul stench

When put on for too long a duration of time, these socks do develop some foul stench. This happens because the fabric components absorb all the sweat and accumulate them within their ranks. It is a great position to find yourself in especially if there are guests around.

  • Inhibition of the breathability of the feet

Feet breathe through the tiny pores that adorn the skin. Putting on the socks all day long tends to block these pores. In doing that, they prevent the smooth flow and exchange of gases as is normally supposed to be the case. The only way forward is to put them off for some time.

  • Accumulation of dirt and germs

In the course of walking around and about a room, your socks will no doubt accumulate plenty of dirt. This dirt and germs will no doubt some risks of infections to the feet and the toes. The athlete’s feet are perhaps the most common of these possible infections.

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 #4: Why You Should Sleep with Socks on? 

Why You Should Sleep with Socks on

It is important to sleep with the socks on for the following reasons:

  • Improves the flow of blood

Studies upon studies have deduced that putting on socks at night does improve the flow of blood. In the process of all these, it lets the wearer fall asleep faster. On the same note, it also helps in regulating the body temperatures and stabilizing the blood pressure on the whole.

  • Keeps the feet warmer

During the harsh cold winter months, putting on the socks at night does trap heat to maintain the feet in a perpetual state of utmost warmth. Your feet are spared from the menace of frostbites and the hypothermia that may cause irreversible damages when not kept in check.

keep your feet warmer

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 #5: What Socks to Wear? 

There are many kinds and types of socks you may wear. Below are the leading ones for your consideration:

  • Synthetic Materials

Avoid socks that are made of natural fabrics. They are poor at absorbing sweat and also tend to generate foul stench a bit too easily.

Instead, insist on those that are made of synthetic materials like acrylic, Polyester, and CoolMax, whose fibers wick away moisture efficiently.

What Socks to Wear

  • Anatomic Shape

The pairs also ought to bear the anatomic shape. This shape conforms as nearly as can be to the unique contours of your legs and feet. That way, they minimize any hassles that may arise as you run, jog, or jump around. You will find this shape handier if you intend to engage in rigorous activities.

Here are the best supportable socks for exercising:

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WOW! We conclude our exposition about why do we wear socks, there. Having exhausted our bit, we now defer the matter to you to implement it in the best way possible. Needless to say, we now urge you to consider buying at least a pair as a gesture of appreciating what we have given you.