What are Smoking Slippers?

What are smoking slippers? While smoking slippers might have been used more by the rich to smoke cigars in the evenings at the rich parties, smoking slippers have a different meaning in relation to their modern use.

Before we get deep into learning more about these fantastic shoes, it is worth looking back at their origin. Smoking slippers first got popular in the years the 1800s. In this period, these slippers were synonymous with the affluent.

Their popularity faded out until the 1990s when Gucci began popularizing them. Today, smoking slippers are indispensable in the market, with designers incorporating various twists to their historic design.

what are smoking slippers

What Are Smoking Slippers?

Smoking slippers are comfortable slip-on shoes one can use for lounging in a formal setting or at home or for a casual fit. Due to their resemblance with loafers, some people refer to them as smoking loafers.

In the modern era, smoking slippers’ looks have been improved and revived to give them a sophisticated touch. Most of them have been incorporated with bright colors, embroidery, crystals, spikes, playful spikes, and other attractive elements.

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Fashion Trend of Smoking Slipper

smoking slippers

Forget about Prince Albert, Sir Winston Churchill, or Hugh Hefner wearing their favorite smoking slippers in the past centuries. Jade Williams, Meghan Markle, Willa Holland, lady gaga, Ryan Reynolds, among others, are proof that smoking slippers are top shoes in our modern era. Besides, renowned stylists are embracing these comfortable and fun shoes.

One of the top celebrities who has been seen with smoking slippers on more than one occasion is Alexa Chung. In her scenario, you may learn to wear slippers, from using them with those skinny jeans to comfortable shorts down the streets.

There is no doubt that the smoking slippers that began as “men’s thing” are now the favorite of both sexes. If you want to try out a trendy shoe, you may check out the best smoking slippers in your local store. A few top picks include the Marc Jacobs Embroidered Velvet, Paul Smith Dover Norman Sea, and the Matiko Lana Smoking Slippers.


What to Consider When Choosing Smoking Slippers?

Before going for your best smoking slippers, it’s wise you got the picture of what you want. Next time you go shopping, remember the following considerations.


Are you going to use your smoking slippers indoors or outdoors? If you want slippers to use with your bathrobe in the evenings or on the weekends, choose the softer material to give you maximum comfort. Slippers for outdoor use will require a water-resistant and wear-resistant outsole.


It might be hard to get the best smoking slippers not because they are few but because of their diversity. On the minimalist end, you can find plain color slippers with simple designs. On the other hand, you can find more detailed smoking slippers with different color patterns and some with crystal details.

You may also consider going for hand-crafted smoking slippers. These slippers will guarantee a stylish look and high quality with their keen and into detail crafting. In addition, you can find slippers with various patterns that offer a subtle yet advanced look. You can even order personalized slippers with your initials or some pattern laid according to your wishes.


Before buying your favorite shoes, you will likely consider their comfort. Smoking slippers are not an exception. Manufacturers offer flats or slight heel options. If you use your shoes for long walks, you might consider flat slippers to minimize foot and leg strain. However, if you need that arch support, you will prefer slippers featuring a slight heel.

Another thing that determines comfort is the insole and the material used. Choose slippers with adequate padding for superior comfort. Also, you may need breathable material to prevent sweating. If you need water-resistant slippers, you may need to go for leather smoking slippers.


How to Wear Smoking Slippers?

It is vital for smoking slippers lovers to understand how to wear these shoes in their fashion journey. Initially used for lounging alone, you might feel awkward going out with these fantastic shoes. However, that should not be the case. Check out how to wear your pair of favorite smoking slippers below.

Embrace the traditional black

You might want to get that favorite Hugh Hefner’s Alberts with a smoking jacket or with a dressing gown for lounging. Alternatively, you can wear your black smoking slippers with a pair of jeans and a diner jacket or cotton sports coat and enjoy your time while out lightly. You may choose to avoid socks or use very thin socks.

If you have no time to try various outfits in front of your mirror to go with your shoes, grab those black smoking slippers. They will definitely give you a streamlined look and offer a hint of edge with little effort.

slippers for formal occasion

Pair masculine slippers with a menswear-inspired ensemble

Don’t fear to show your femininity in a menswear-inspired. You can go for that tuxedo jacket and black trousers with red or burgundy smoking slippers. To add that ladylike elegance, add a thin red or burgundy belt and any other accessories.

wear smoking slippers with jacket

Leather smoking slippers with a funky dress

This is another lady’s style. If you got a textured black minidress, don’t be shy about showing it off with these black smoking slippers. Add a pink blazer or any blazer of your favorite color to add structure.

Try formal look

Smoking slippers are unique due to their casual look yet pairing well with tailored suits. Next time a friend invites you to a classy event, remember to get on your smoking slippers. Instead of pairing them with a suit, you may prefer a dapper dress shirt with a bow tie and tailored black trousers.

Do away with socks

These are not the type of shoes you will want to get on with those thick gym socks. Let the famous luxurious style flow. If you can’t skip socks, consider getting a fun pattern that much well, very thin socks or socks that sit below the ankle.

Decide what people think of you.

Smoking slippers offer a great deal of making a statement. If you want that larger-than-life look, you might like those flashy designs, animal patterns, and bright-colored slippers. For the minimalists, choose simple patterns and colors.



Now that you have a good picture of what are smoking slippers, why not get one pair and try it out on your next outing with friends? You can also enjoy your favorite slippers on weekends at home or lounging out at your favorite spot in town.