How to Wear Smoking Slippers?

What are smoking slippers? Smoking slippers are loafer-type footwear that got wind of familiarity in the 1800s among the affluent. Pampered class wore them at home for entertainment purposes and in the 90s they were adapted into slick men’s shoes. Over the years evolution in the fashion industry has introduced myriad colors and prints for those shoes to inspire a sense of fashion among the audience. These days any blue-collar class can enjoy the comfort offered by smoking slippers.

They can be called slippers, ballet shoes, and loafers. They are being enjoyed by college students to glamourous stars. The versatile pair can be worn on any dress or attire and they would look coherent. Charlotte Olympia, Stubbs and Wootton, Aldo, Sam Edelman, and Rebecca Minkoff are some of the designers famous for introducing versatile designs of smoking slippers.

how to wear smoking slippers

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How to Wear Smoking Slippers in Style?

Perceiving the right sense or method to wear smoking slippers is a vital step in the fashion-oriented society. The fashion method of wearing these slippers can add to the appearance of men and women. An often misunderstood style, smoking slippers can indeed be worn even if you’re not lounging in an armchair, reading the newspaper, or nursing a pipe! In fact, this style of moccasin is much more versatile than most guys realize. Follow these simple steps to style smoking slippers successfully.

Almost Anywhere

Smoking slippers have a name somewhat alike to oversized Sunday slippers people usually wear on a bathrobe after taking bath. A common misunderstanding is that they are associated strictly with bathrobes which are not true. These shoes are versatile and can be where anywhere you want to. They are being worn under tuxedos as well by the women of our fashion society. Similarly, to driving moccasin this footwear can also be worn virtually anywhere. A wide range of dressing attire is suitable for smoking slippers. Most of the celebrities have used smoking slippers on the red carpet.

smoking slippers for men

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Almost Any Dress

Smoking slippers can endow the wearer with a gentlemanly look that is both sleek and chic. This charm can be achieved by donning smoking slippers with any suit, dress, and attire. Every outfit choice of the season can be picked to suit these smoking slippers. Smoking slippers can be worn on casual, fancy, skinny clothing.

wear smoking slippers for women

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Smart Dressing

Smart dressing sense can be achieved by using a suitable dress, colored handbags, nails, and sunglasses. These slippers can add to a ‘cool guy’ look and make the usual promenade an aesthetic pleasure. Smoking slippers can be used on skinny pants as they look smart and impose a sense of fashion.

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Pants Selection

For smoking slippers, pants that hang slightly above the ankles should be picked. The pair of pants that allow your ankles to breathe are suitable ones to wear on smoking slippers. A big no is considered for baggy, long, or lousy trousers. Tappered, tight, and skinny trousers are a favorite choice for smoking slippers.

wear smoking slippers with pants

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Should You Wear Socks Inside Smoking Slippers?

A big NO should be considered for socks inside smoking slippers. Smoking slippers are luxurious footwear and an easy no-socks look works out just fine. If you are to wear socks, pick the color which is not vibrant and looks almost invisible.



Smoking slippers are versatile footwear that provides luxury as well style and can be worn while you are resting in-home, walking outside, and present at any event. The combination of sunglasses, handbags, pants, and other accessories must be adopted while keeping smoking slippers in view. Furthermore, the choice of smoking slippers can be influenced by the night and the day.