How to Clean Bearpaw Slippers?

Cleaning Bearpaw slippers is not necessarily meant to keep them clean but also in top shape. Therefore, it is essential to clean the Bearpaw slippers and ensure they look clean from the inside and on the outer surface.

The best way to keep the Bearpaw slippers clean is by handwashing them.

how to wash bearpaw slippers

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Requirements for Cleaning Bearpaw Slippers

One requires some items that will make the cleaning process easy, ensuring that the Bearpaw slippers are tidy and look good. Machine wash is not recommended for the Bearpaw slippers; a cleaning kit is improvised and can be bought from most shoe shops.

Therefore, one can opt to use the Bearpaw Shoe cleaning kit. The following are the main requirements that will make the cleaning process easy.

  • A cleaning brush
  • Sheepskin clothes
  • 4oz spray refresher
  • 4oZ spray water and stain repellant
  • 4oz spray cleaner and conditioner
  • Suede cleaner


How to Wash Bearpaw Slippers?

Cleaning the Bearpaw slippers will ensure they are protected and prolong their life while retaining their good look. The cleaning process and tips in each step include the following.

Step one

The first step will involve removing any dirt on the outer surface of the slippers. Use the cleaning brush to remove any visible dirt or debris that is on the outside of the slippers. Doing this will make the cleaning process a bit easier.

Step two

The second thing to do is to wet the Bearpaw slippers. Dampen it with clean water though one should avoid soaking it. To ensure no watermarks will be left on the Bearpaw slippers, make them evenly wet.

Step three

Next, use suede to clean the outer area. Put a small amount of suede cleaner and water on a soft and damp cloth. Rub the clothing altogether, ensuring a lather is built on the fabric. Work on the surface of the slippers using this lather cloth. Ensure that the whole part of the slippers is spotless. After cleaning the Bearpaw slippers, rinse them thoroughly.

However, use a soft or spongy brush. One should avoid hard or coarse brushes since they will scratch the suede. Avoid using the suede directly on the slippers or transferring the cleaner on the sheepskin while cleaning and rinsing the slippers.

Step four

The fourth step involves cleaning the sheepskin. It is almost similar to the third step. Use spray cleaner and conditioner to clean the sheep lining and trim the Bearpaw slippers gently. After cleaning, rinse the slippers carefully.

Avoid using course objects while cleaning the sheepskin. Don’t allow the suede cleaner to get into contact with sheepskin. Ensure that cleaner is not applied directly on the sheepskin.

Step five

The fifth step involves drying the Bearpaw slippers. Stuff the slippers with rolled-up towels to maintain their shape while drying. Allow them to dry naturally in a well-ventilated area.

Avoid placing the slippers on the direct heat source, especially sunlight, to ensure they are not damaged.

Step six

The sixth step involves securing the slippers. Use the stain and water repellant to protect the surface of the slippers. The repellants ensure that the slippers are protected from any form of dirt, providing an easier cleaning process during the next cleaning.


Conclusively, when cleaning their Bearpaw slipper, one should avoid machine wash. The machine will not take care of the easily damaged parts of the slippers as one can do. Therefore, handwashing is the best way to have the Bearpaw slippers clean.