Best Women’s Portable Folding Travel Slippers

how to choose travel slippers on the go

Many times, you have had to remove your shoes when in the plane, ship, or camp vans since your feet are hurting. The type of shoes you wear matters a lot. They dictate how much you are going to enjoy that trip. For this reason, you need the best traveling companion, apart from your better … Read more

Best Men’s Summer House Slippers and Sandals For Sweaty Feet

summer house shoes for men

Men hardly wear slippers or sandals on most occasions. They only do so when it is practical and when the climate around them commands it. Summer is one of those seasons that men go out in search of slippers. Thankfully, there are summer slippers available in the market that are ideal for men. There is … Read more

Best Women’s Slippers for Sore Feet

causes of sore feet

Have you been battling sore feet for a while now without so much success from the slippers you are using? With the many brands in the market, it is very hard to choose the best slippers that will help you with your problem. Do not worry as your long search has now ended. This article … Read more

Best Breathable Composite Toe Work Boots For Miliatary and Plantar Fasciitis

top rated composite toe work boots

Do you have work boots? Boots are significantly important in the work environment that involves working with heavy equipment. You may find inconvenience when wearing non-waterproof boots when working on wet surfaces. You need to get boots that meet safety requirements to help protect your feet. In this article, you will get to know all … Read more

Sock Sizes

plus size thigh high socks

There is nothing more distracting than having cold feet, you cannot get peace to perform daily activities. For this reason, come socks that are important. Despite warming and getting your feet comfortable, these fluffy garments absorb sweat while preventing your barefoot from rubbing shoes off bare feet. However, their size matters a lot. Just getting … Read more

Best Men’s Slippers for Sore Feet

causes of sore feet

We all have entered into a new world where we now have to work from home. When working in your house you do not need shoes or slippers, right? You will find yourself walking bare feet around the house. Tell you what. Your feet are not used to this kind of living, as a result,-the … Read more

Vibram Soles

vibram cobbler

How long do your soles last before they wear out? Vibram brand is the lead name when it comes to soles. The company has invested a lot in making superior soles that last for years. The world today is changing. Many soles have been introduced in the market but none has been able to surpass … Read more

Shoe Widths Explained

wide width sandals

You probably at one time bought a new pair of shoes and found them not to fit. The length was right. So, what is the problem? Feet come in giant varieties of sizes and shapes. The good news is that shoes come in various sizes and shapes. This article is going to help you learn … Read more

Best Compression Socks for Nurses with Multiple mmHg Choices

best reviews on nurse compression socks

Compression socks are for both men and women fit. However, some forms of compression socks are gender-based. This doesn’t mean you will lack for your kind. Compression socks for nurses are available in different sizes as for anybody else. These socks are available for purchase either online or at the pharmacy over the counter. Compression … Read more